On-yame leads the way on the inspiring singles anthem, ‘Will I ever’

After being single for so long and working on herself to make sure that she was in that content place, On-yame has dropped a passionate new single that will resonate with many humans who feel the same way with, ‘Will I ever‘.

On-yame is a Hebrew/English-speaking Toronto, Canada-born, Israel-raised indie RnB singer-songwriter who continues to raise awareness of domestic violence against children after her own traumatic experiences.

I wrote it two years ago at the start of the pandemic, the first quarantine. Thoughts about love, relationships and loneliness.” ~ On-yame

As a strong young woman who uplifts many to share their story and to reach their goals no matter what the challenges that can threaten to break you down into tiny pieces, On-yame is the voice of a generation that refuses to be caged by anything or anybody. She is a fearless warrior who uses art to express herself and this movement is further magnified in this fiery new single, that should wake you up if you have been sleeping from what is right in front of you.

Will I ever‘ from Toronto, Canada-born, Israel-raised indie RnB artist On-yame is an ear-pleasing single that sends you into a romantic place that is ready to be opened again. Sung with massive exuberance and a featuring really strong vocal performance, this is a singles anthem to let you know that everything is going to be okay. Being by yourself for a while to learn to love everything you see in the mirror is the mission, and finding that true human who loves you for you will happen. Life is all about timing right?

See this dance-filled music video on her YouTube page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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