On My Rooftop: Graztopia is the underrated storyteller the world needs to hear on Nocturnal Lullaby

Nocturnal Lullaby-Single by Graztopia

Looking deeply at the moon and showing us a mesmerizing vibe which is rather soothing on our creaking bones, Graztopia performs with so much love on this sleepless night conquering wonder called Nocturnal Lullaby.

Graztopia is an experienced and proudly original New York, USA-based 1-man-band/looper that loves to fuse alternative psychedelic folk, rock and jazz.

Drawing from a large repertoire of original songs mixed with unique renditions of cover songs, no setlist is ever the same, making every Graztopia show its own unique live experience. As a live-looping artist songs are often segued together creating a seamless improvisation/jams/soundscapes in between songs.” ~ Graztopia

Surging through with a natural sound which is totally authentic, Graztopia is one of the most spiritually aware musicians in the world. With lyrics to learn from and stories to enjoy for all ages, this is a truly top-tier release for the soulful who are looking for a new hero to believe in.

Nocturnal Lullaby from New York, USA-based 1-man-band Graztopia is one of those join-with-me anthems which are usually hidden in the underground. Showing us why he is so highly regarded, we find a simply exceptional single to delve deeply into as our hearts flutter in excitement.

With a delightful melody and wondering where the sleep is coming from, we find a cruising song which will make many tap their feet in unison.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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