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On My Rooftop: Graztopia is the underrated storyteller the world needs to hear on Nocturnal Lullaby

Nocturnal Lullaby-Single by Graztopia

Looking deeply at the moon and showing us a mesmerizing vibe which is rather soothing on our creaking bones, Graztopia performs with so much love on this sleepless night conquering wonder called Nocturnal Lullaby.

Graztopia is an experienced and proudly original New York, USA-based 1-man-band/looper that loves to fuse alternative psychedelic folk, rock and jazz.

Drawing from a large repertoire of original songs mixed with unique renditions of cover songs, no setlist is ever the same, making every Graztopia show its own unique live experience. As a live-looping artist songs are often segued together creating a seamless improvisation/jams/soundscapes in between songs.” ~ Graztopia

Surging through with a natural sound which is totally authentic, Graztopia is one of the most spiritually aware musicians in the world. With lyrics to learn from and stories to enjoy for all ages, this is a truly top-tier release for the soulful who are looking for a new hero to believe in.

Nocturnal Lullaby from New York, USA-based 1-man-band Graztopia is one of those join-with-me anthems which are usually hidden in the underground. Showing us why he is so highly regarded, we find a simply exceptional single to delve deeply into as our hearts flutter in excitement.

With a delightful melody and wondering where the sleep is coming from, we find a cruising song which will make many tap their feet in unison.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Love Is A Lie: Eka Laki wants to move on forever with I Give, You Take

Taken from her bilingual looper-filled 9-track debut album In my reality and with eight music videos on the way, Eka Laki shows us that splendidly real Pharrell Williams, James Blake, and Rosalia-inspired energy on I Give, You Take.

Eka Laki is a Cologne, Germany alt-pop singer-songwriter who performs in both English and Georgian with RnB, afrobeat and EDM all wonderfully fused together.

Eka relaunched her career in 2018. Over the next four years, she released seven singles, created covers on Twitch, and directed her music videos. In 2019 she participated in a contest for female songwriters and won a trip to a songwriting school at Musikmakarna in Sweden.” ~ Eka Laki

After feeling her buttons pushed and fed up with the toxic situation, the barefooted angel Eka Laki wonders if the ex-lover actually gave a damn. Sensing the denial and fake love showered in like a bee sting, she looks for that reinvigorated liveliness to wrap around her cold heart like a hot shower after being stuck in a freezing lake.

I Give, You Take from Cologne, Germany alt-pop artist Eka Laki is a reborn single for anyone who needs to move on from the past. Produced with raw frankness and projected as a light away from the dark corner of doom, we find a tremendously insightful single to embrace for its genuineness.

When you feel like your body has been used for all its previous compassion, it’s best to move on.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Keeping Things Alive: Childhood friends Shyness Boy defeat the odds on ‘Featsteps’

After never giving up on their purpose to make music together, no matter what stones life threw at them, Shyness Boy bravely shows us the track that has been brewing contently for many years with ‘Featsteps‘.

Shyness Boy is an indie experimental shywave/funk/pop/looper duo from San Fernando, California, who despite facing many glitches in the Matrix have made it through unscathed.

Work on Shyness Boy’s debut began all the way back in the autumn of 2013. Dennis and Ron held a series of writing and demoing sessions that resulted in an initial slate of over 10 songs. In early 2015 the duo was ready to record their album in earnest when one was seriously injured in an accident. The subsequent years were largely devoted to the recovery, but the two still strived to continue their work.” ~ Shyness Boy

After first meeting in the eighth grade back at school, Shyness Boy shows us their utterly in-sync chemistry from start to finish on this underground track that helps you feel so much better than before. There is contemplative summer energy here and the vocals urge you to come a little bit closer, with a sunglasses-type beat that has you looking around with a slight smile on your face.

Featsteps‘ from the experimental funk/pop duo Shyness Boy, is a true story all about knowing that some things can’t be bought and you need to be careful otherwise soon, you might be lost. Like so many who lose themselves rather easily in this vortex-filled world of temptation, this is a warning of staying with the good souls and seeing where you land. After many detours in the road that threatened to derail this catchy duo, we get to see what all this hard word is all about. It was certainly worth the wait.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and see more of the all-conquering journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Appreciating each other: Jonny Tarr’s ‘If I Didn’t Need You’ (ft. Licha) is a true love story to calm the mind

Taken off his latest 11-track album called ‘Tough Stuff‘, Jonny Tarr impresses with his wide range of incredible skills on ‘If I Didn’t Need You‘ (ft. Licha).

Jonny Tarr is a multi-talented Wales-born, Southern California-based singer-songwriter, Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts graduate, saxophone player and more. Here is a man that can loop sax, guitar, keyboard, flute, harmony, and beat-box tracks to fuse a song together like a true master.

A true musician, he can’t wait until covid is over so he can play with his band again and thrill audiences with his array of mind-blowing music experiences.

This is the story of how you so deeply appreciate her as you need her so much to provide support and by just being there, she has done more than most. When nobody else gave you a shot, she did and you care about her so much due to her sweet nature and authenticity. The kind and true genuine energy in this song between the two singers, is a touching reminder that love can be simple if you want it to be.

With vibrant vocals that are never over the top, this is a peaceful song full of hope and appreciation between two humans that just want things to be as they are and never change.

If I Didn’t Need You‘ (ft. Licha) from the supremely skilled music maestro Jonny Tarr is a magnitude of sounds and layers that consume your mind when you listen closely, and you know really early that this is truly special.

With a world that feels like it is breaking sometimes, this is a welcome reminder of true love that conquers all.

Stream this excellent new single on Spotify and see what he gets up to when gigs come back on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen