Ohio-based underground legend Mr. 44 punches away the fake hype on ‘RAP MY AZZ OFF’

Taken off his new ‘License to Rhyme‘ EP and with the assistance of 44 Records and Prhymal Rage, Mr. 44 smashes the self-doubt away from anyone who has felt the wrath of soul-sucking negativity with ‘RAP MY AZZ OFF‘.

Mr. 44 is a Cleveland, Ohio-based veteran Hip hop artist and proud father that makes a rugged blend of top-notch soundtracks to remember forever.

With years of experience and a fan base spanning several cities, states and countries. Mr. 44 brings much experience, passion and authenticity to the game.” ~ Mr. 44

Mailing the world a sharp reminder of his superior rap mastery that has been formed over many years of practice while others were catnapping, Mr. 44 launches a wake-up call to those who were in a state of stagnant slumber, with a knockout display that urges us to never listen to those who have placed their restrictive limitations on you.

With a rugged style that is uncompromising and crammed full of family energy to warm the heart of those who have forgotten what actually matters, this is a fiercely independent track from an important voice that shines a glow on what is essential in life.

RAP MY AZZ OFF‘ from the experienced Cleveland, Ohio-based Hip hop artist Mr. 44, is a welcome track from an OG of the local scene. He puts his city on his back and brings his family with him, to show us that it’s all about that real connection. With so many flash-in-the-pans showing off with their easy-to-spot jewels and ostentatious chains, this is a return to what the world needs to hear. It’s all about the lyrics and the beat after all, not anything fake that has zero soul-healing powers to learn from and be inspired by.

Unity in music is what we all need more of.

Check out this new music video on YouTube and see more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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