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I Will Be Here: Cleveland’s Policy and Amy Jo Scott make the most of the hours with ‘Past The Upset’ (Remix)

Taken off the full length sophomore album ‘The Abby Rose‘ which is due for release in 2022, Policy and Amy Jo Scott help us to understand that there will be changes so we need to quickly set ourselves fully free on the piano-filled new single that is named ‘Past The Upset’ (Remix).

Mark Buchwald aka Policy, is an indie-pop multi-instrumentalist, music producer, DJ, composer, engineer, and drum doctor, who is based in Cleveland, Ohio. He is joined by the lovely fellow Cleveland native and vocalist Amy Jo Scott, on this inspiring track all about holding on tight to your morals and dreams no matter what.

This is a soothingly melodic track of substance that features calming vocals and a sweetly toned background that helps us to forgive and forget all the worries that have been circulating unhealthily in our hearts. Her vocals are smoothly tipped and sung with such pure intentions, that has you feeling so much more hopeful than before.

Past The Upset’ (Remix) from the Cleveland-based indie-pop artists Policy and Amy Jo Scott, is the story about showing strength when there is so much confusion around in the world. Things can seem hard-to-face, but as long as you have people there to help you through it all, you can survive any devastating flood that comes your way. After all, we are soldiers that can get past anything we set our minds to conquer courageously.

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Feel Like I’m Flying: Stazia never grows tired of that special person on the RnB-fused ‘I Choose You’

After recently signing to Global Exec Records through CEO Daniel Rucker which followed her days in The Unit Band, Stazia is here to entertain us with the smoothly textured loving single about being with someone who makes your heart beat faster named ‘I Choose You‘.

Stazia is an authentic RnB artist from Cleveland, Ohio-based artist who sings with so much love and tender care. She makes that peacefully inspiring music that is crisply tendered, and sung with an exquisite aura of candle-lit energy.

With a sensually classy style that has you smiling deeply, her style is smoothly tipped and you feel her passion on each lyric, as she tells you her inner emotions. This is the type of song that you feel intensely smitten – her love is so evident and she wants the world to know – that he is completely hers and wants to spend as much time possible together.

I Choose You‘ from the sumptuously elegant Cleveland RnB solo artist Stazia, shows us a confident woman who knows what he wants and feels like she is floating in the sky. She wants them all to herself – as her eyes shine in happiness – the heart is happy and totally content. Love can really be so simple, if you let it.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She Said She Miss Me: Cleveland rapper Visq doesn’t know who to trust on ‘Shade’

With a darkly-lit ominous beat and street-filled vocals mixed with straight up lyrical heat, Visq tells us all about keeping his eyes fully open no matter what the temptation on ‘Shade‘.

Visq is a ferocious underground Cleveland, Ohio-based rapper. He makes that real music that is all about stories from his life and features emotionally charged music, that is all about the different feelings that he experiences.

Visq is a DVISION of characters based on emotions, moods, and experiences. Each song that is created is based on the emotion and mood of that particular feeling.” – Visq

Shade‘ from the Cleveland, Ohio-based rapper Visq, pulls up the umbrella on those who dare to cause him issues, whether it be friends or lovers. He refuses to let them get him down in the slightest – and swarms bee-like on the mic to shred through the noise and get to the star-lit road – where he is ultimately headed. This is a head-strong musician who will put his shades on, no matter the climate.

We are thrown into is a street-laced track full of intrigue that will please the emerging underground hip-hop fan out there, who celebrates the underdog mentality.

Stream this new single here on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

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All My Life: Cleveland’s Trusoul Davis brings that old school RnB back on ‘Waiting’ (feat. Cedrina)

Released off his latest eleven-track album called ‘Soul Fiyah‘, Trusoul Davis is done ‘Waiting‘ (feat. Cedrina) and wants to fly as far as possible high above all the small-mindedness in the world, with that special one who sweetly shares the same vision as he.

Trusoul Davis is a passionate Cleveland, Ohio-based indie RnB/soul artist born from the Morris Black housing projects. He was brought up in school choirs and has evolved into a singer with so much love for his chosen craft. He makes that clear soundscape that breathes new life into a stale genre that has somehow become the underdog, a far way from its former prime back in the 90’s.

This is the story about how his heart beats a bit faster when he sees her, his eyes are locked in and he wants to be with her so badly. His voice shows his self-confidence that she could indeed be what he is looking for, his strong vocals and forthright lyrics mesh beautifully with her captivating soundscape, that has you turning the lights down low.

Waiting‘ (feat. Cedrina) from Cleveland RnB singer-songwriter Trusoul Davis, shows you into his world as he believes that he is the one for her, as he has seen all the fake players mess the game up. He sings with truth and class, bringing back that special sound that has been missing for quite some in this diluted genre, that has just found that missing spark.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see his story develop on FB.

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Feelings Lost: Kyle Sirk brings us the thoughtful track about those memories that faded away on ‘Heavy On’ (feat. Noah Marr)

With a deeply lit tone that has you feeling extra introspective, Kyle Sirk is back with the bass on low with the new single all about those relationships that have run their course on ‘Heavy On(feat. Noah Marr).

Cleveland, Tennessee-based indie hip-hop artist Kyle Sirk makes that supremely motivated music as he is only focused on growing and succeeding. Its this extra fire that sees him wanting to see his hard work to the finish line, that drives him to push as hard as he can go.

Their music flow has you sparked up, your eyes are alight with thoughts on what went wrong and how to fix things. Life is a crazy game and you just want to win once in a while after all.

We are enterprisingly wrapped into the relevant message of once wanting someone so bad, as then it all faded away like the winds of change, as you just knew that you needed something more. You were together just the other day but its not the same now, as you wish they were the vaccine but they just make you feel all empty and lost inside.

Heavy On(feat. Noah Marr) from the hard working Tennessee hip-hop artist Kyle Sirk, is a track that has you feeling super reflective, as you gaze into the sky and wonder about past love and what it was all supposed to teach you in the end. With a mellow style, this is a perfect track for those rainy days when you just want to be by yourself so that you can replenish your energies, as you work out what to do better next time you fall in love.

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Cleveland band Hollin Kings power in with brilliant ”Hold On”

Hollin Kings are a riff-fusing Rock n’ Roll band from cozy Cleveland in Ohio. Their solos, strong lyrics and powerful vocals impress mightily here with the new track ”Hold On’‘.

Hold On” is all about holding onto what is important to you in life and never ever letting go. You know what you want so why not just work hard to keep it? This is a vital message in these days of flakiness and ghosting each other. I like the passion and energy here as the vocals show the hunger of the band. They have only been around for two years and show such an incredible cohesion together.

Hollin Kings flip the switch on during the ”Hold On” and the light is burning brightly. This is a band with a huge future as they make terrific music with a magnificent message. After meeting in the same town and through a shared passion of music, they are a band headed in the right direction.

Get this song in your ears now to rev you up for the day on Spotify.

Find out when this fantastic band are back on the gig circuit via Facebook.

Head to Insta to find out more about the band.

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Cleveland born singer Corry Michaels pulls on our heartstrings with ”Bridges”

You want to be with that special one in your life. You are so in love but you feel like it is so far away right now. Trying hard to get over them is so tough and you don’t know what to do. You build bridges to try and get as far away from them but you are still in love.

Corry Michaels is here with his new single and this guy can really sing. His huge voice is on full display with the powerful pop ballad ”Bridges”. This song is all about building that barrier from heartbreak and he sings with such passion. The US singer has a strong voice and impresses highly here.

Formally known as Phoenix Ashes, Corry is a future International star with widespread appeal for all ages. Lots of tissues and hugs are going to needed while playing his music as it is so real.

Bridges” is an impressive single as the vocals are spectacular and the lyrics strike a chord. A lot of us have gone through this feeling before and can relate to the pain. We await more quality songs from the soulful Corry Michaels.

Click on Corry’s Spotify channel to hear this new song and more excellent music.

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Cleveland’s The Vumms impress with groovy debut ”Count The Roses”

Count your blessings no matter what they are. You never know how long it’s going to last for as life has a way of smacking you on the bum from time to time.

Using the gifts that you have to make you blessed is vital too, otherwise you just never know what you could achieve. This is the message from the newcomers on the US Garage Rock scene. Their name is The Vumms and oh my goodness, they are an awesome band. With a great sound, positive lyrics and fantastic vocals, they have it all. After stumbling through some detours while recording, they have blessed us with the groovy-filled gem ”Count The Roses”. This is also the name of their debut 5 track EP that is a terrific listen. The boys sparkle brightly and I feel like their sound is timeless. They could be from the 60’s. I love the solos and feel like I have bright shades on, my hair is still long and I’m jamming to them at a dusty festival in the middle of nowhere.

Stream this awesome new band from Cleveland in Ohio right here on their Soundcloud channel and get into the groove.

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77 Nxrth (LZ Lenny Hall ft TXCKA, ColeMane and Saint Tom drop impressive visuals for ‘’Italy’’

‘77 Nxrth’ aka ‘LZ Lenny Hall’ has just shared his latest video and it’s a biggie. His new crew are in attendance and this is an exciting chapter for Cleveland Hip Hop.

‘’Italy’’ is the debut single for the new collective from Cleveland, Ohio in the USA. Home of the long-suffering NFL team, the Cleveland Browns, the crew throw a touchdown for this effort. This is a fun song to listen to and full of Mama’s pasta.

With a few of the guys of Italian- American descent, ‘’Italy’’ is a shout out to their natural home. My favorite verse on this track is definitely ‘TXCKA’. He rips it with a doomy raw style that shreds through the beat. Out of the whole crew, he shows the most potential. There are no weak links in the crew however, you can tell that the guys picked up their game for this one. 

A new crew in the making, there is bound to be more released real soon and the progression will be exciting to see. 

Tune in here and see the visuals for this bouncing track on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen