No Mission: West Lothian band The Tropicanas are at their honest best on ‘Your Man on the Moon’

With their minds up in the skies as they look for brighter and more exciting days ahead, The Tropicanas avoid the lonely times with the new single which has you thinking deeply called ‘Your Man on the Moon‘.

The Tropicanas is an experienced West Lothian, Scotland-based indie-rock band that are named ironically due to their areas tough climate that hardly has much sunshine, as they dream of those holidays away from the doom and dull gloom.

With a chilled vibe that shows us their likable style of music, you get lost in his gritty vocals and the mellow soundtrack blossoms throughout, which certainly feels like it belongs in a movie. The riffs are so soul-healing and the story about drifting away from peculiar times is a welcome addition, to a time that needs all the goodness it can get.

Your Man on the Moon‘ from lovable Scottish indie-rock band The Tropicanas, shows us into a mindset that has your spirit up above in space — as you think about leaving this strange planet for a while — to see what else is up there.

This is a nap-takers dream song, as the imagination takes you for another spin upwards, which is such a pleasant thought as you drift off into a whole new exciting dream.

Stream this new single on Spotify and follow their music mission on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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