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She Burns Red delivered a solicitous paradox of euphoric ennui with their latest single, Out of Darkness

She Burns Red

When the lyrics hit harder than the hard-rock riffs and cacophonic percussive immensity, you know you have just discovered a band that cuts above the one-dimensional fray. West Lothian’s high-octane remedy to assimilated monotony, She Burns Red, stormed through the shallow puddles left behind by other acts on the scene with their latest single, Out of Darkness.

The juggernautical grungy melodicism which leaves you with bated breath until you get the sweet relief from the paradoxical choruses where euphoric ennui awaits is one thing. The intensity of the vindicating candour amplified by the solicitous reprise of “don’t you wait for me” in the lyrics that capture the hindrance of darkness and the compulsion to push others from the sidelines of despair is another entirely.

We’ve got nothing left to say but so much goes untold, white walls filled with silent sorrow” captures the alienation of disconnected despondency to such a degree that the resonance burns red hot through this breakneck ride of riff-driven rancour.

Out of Darkness will officially release on February 24th; pre-save it here.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Beautiful Place: Joe Montgomery and The Evolvers change the path for many inside the Revolutionise

Urging us to look deeper and find more than what is currently being offered on our palates, Joe Montgomery and The Evolvers might take our attention away from pointless tasks on Revolutionise.

Joe Montgomery and The Evolvers is a 6-piece Livingston, West Lothian-born Glasgow-based indie rock band that sends our minds back to the classic days.

Our band members are aged 58 to 21 and we aim to appeal to all generations.” ~ Joe Montgomery and The Evolvers

With each vocal bellowing from the rafters and proudly representing their hometown, Joe Montgomery and The Evolvers are in supreme form and lead us through the darkness with a truly excellent song to rejoice inside. This rather foot-tapping stuff not be taken lightly. With shades-happy Joe as the lead, this is an outfit to dance with.

Revolutionise from the experienced Glasgow-based indie rock band Joe Montgomery and The Evolvers is a rather marvellous effort and shall change moods around. With a rather outstanding track to learn from, we find a rather memorable single that needs to be loved for its heartfelt genuineness.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No Mission: West Lothian band The Tropicanas are at their honest best on ‘Your Man on the Moon’

With their minds up in the skies as they look for brighter and more exciting days ahead, The Tropicanas avoid the lonely times with the new single which has you thinking deeply called ‘Your Man on the Moon‘.

The Tropicanas is an experienced West Lothian, Scotland-based indie-rock band that are named ironically due to their areas tough climate that hardly has much sunshine, as they dream of those holidays away from the doom and dull gloom.

With a chilled vibe that shows us their likable style of music, you get lost in his gritty vocals and the mellow soundtrack blossoms throughout, which certainly feels like it belongs in a movie. The riffs are so soul-healing and the story about drifting away from peculiar times is a welcome addition, to a time that needs all the goodness it can get.

Your Man on the Moon‘ from lovable Scottish indie-rock band The Tropicanas, shows us into a mindset that has your spirit up above in space — as you think about leaving this strange planet for a while — to see what else is up there.

This is a nap-takers dream song, as the imagination takes you for another spin upwards, which is such a pleasant thought as you drift off into a whole new exciting dream.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen