Up and coming artist MXXRE kills it in his latest release Lotto (Never Had) – Remix

Up and coming artist MXXRE, literally picks up the mic and kills it in his latest release Lotto (Never Had) – Remix.

Posing as a hip hop skilled manifestation of rap music, the song develops around fast and broad rap bars that stand mighty upon violin loops and deep bass sounds in a mix of electronica and hip hop in its minimalistic form.

Moderate beats model a magnetic harmony that becomes progressively catchier as you keep listening. The vocals are energising and make themselves appreciated for a pure aggressiveness diluted by ample reverbs, especially in the choruses. Undoubtedly, this is a production that stands out for the groove it generates – probably added by the remix.

Head over to Spotify and listen to Lotto (Never Had) – Remix for yourself.

Review by Jim Esposito.

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