My Smile Is Here To Stay: Reading-based pop artist Sam Handy moves on with his head held high on ‘Done’

With profoundly illuminating vocals and a candid narrative that so many of us will correlate to, Sam Handy knows that he fell for the incorrect person and isn’t wasting any further time with the finger-clicking new single about breaking up with a selfish human on ‘Done‘.

Sam Handy is a Reading, UK-based indie alt-pop singer-songwriter who has a vocal ability that has you grooving along joyously to his wonderful energy.

With a background carved out of soulful American dance music and rock, Sam has established a blend of passionate vocals and driven guitar sounds reminiscent of his childhood heroes.” ~ Sam Handy

As he projects his voice to such mightily enjoyable levels of pure world-class skill, Sam Handy shows us why he is so favourably rated by so many. His introspective nature is so unpretentious and likeable, as he smartly didn’t stick around for his precious soul to be crushed by someone so greedy. Sung with a real sense of purpose, this is a musician who you would definitely pay to watch live as his excellent essence is indisputable.

Done‘ from the Reading, UK-based indie alt-pop singer-songwriter Sam Handy is a smile-inducing effort from an artist who is clearly on the rise. He sings with such a quality style that has you reaching for the volume button and turning the dial upwards. This is the story of brushing off your ex’s bad vibes that they tried to transfer onto you, as they didn’t really care about anything besides their own best interests. Moving on from such a soul-less character is the only way forward so that you may truly be happy.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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