Musical brothers with old school values: Evil Twin release gritty 2nd single ‘Dumb Me Down’

Evil Twin take us on a classic journey to the underworld basement where proper bands reside, via the full-blooded single with plenty of fire called ‘Dumb Me Down‘.

The UK-based indie-grunge/garage duo Evil Twin consisting of band brothers Adam Moore and Wayne Deegan, are a new creative force who have that old school sweaty club, authentic kind of sound that makes you remember going out and watching live music at those corner bars down the road from your trusty local. The type of venue where the bar staff know your name and the security guard shakes your hand. This is that real live music feel and an ode to what it used to be like before electronic music distracted most folks away to their dingy dark den of vampires.

Throughout this eclectic underground soundscape, the follow-up to ‘Devil You Know‘ is a worthy 2nd single that is full of rugged electric guitar finger-bleeding, that gets to the bottom of your hungry soul. The slithering snake sound element is ominous at times and you understand that you don’t want to be brain-washed by all the nonsense in the world. You would instead rather free your mind with scintillating music like this instead- such is the quality and thudding power on offer here.

Dumb Me Down‘ from UK-based filthy-grunge duo Evil Twin expertly fuses elements of mysterious psychedelic intrigue on this excellent new single that will have you listening intently to this classic sound. They have that cigar-filled genuine rhythm of two friends that truly enjoying making music together and aren’t worried about what is currently sounding cool. They are on this world to make that timeless music that will be grow dusty on real fans shelves, as they show it off to good friends every now and again- to last forever and ever.

See and hear this fine new single on YouTube, Spotify and follow their new band story via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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