ROLF – WTMW: Wavy Jazz-Laced Trap

“WTMW” is the latest mix dropped by up and coming Hip Hop artist ROLF whose sound is right on the contemporary wavy Trap curve. Mixing up the archetypal soundscape are the Jazz & R&B fusions which blend into the reverb-heavy, emotively wrought single.

While I can appreciate what ROLF tried to do with the continual use of spatial effect which stops the beat dead in regular intervals from the prelude to midway through the track, it was impossible to get immersed in the beat and really feel the melody which he had cooked up for WTMW. If anything, it almost sounded like you were streaming with a terrible internet connection. Yet, to conclude the track, Rolf allowed Jazz to dominate the mix and run independently to the Trap mix before abruptly coming to a close. Even though some of the aspects of the single were a little hit and miss, the prodigal vision possessed by ROLF is still perceptible through WTMW.

You can check out ROLF’s latest single WTMW for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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