MMUpClan put melodicism behind the old school hip hop with their latest single, Chico Calabasas.

For their latest single, Chico Calabasas, the breaking 4-piece rap outfit MMUpClan went back to the roots of old school hip hop but took a dark turn along the way. When the beat kicks in, your rhythmic pulses will be powerless to surrender to the minimalist instrumentals that give the rap bars plenty of room to breathe in the intrinsically melodic track that will stick with you long after the fade out.

Everything about Chico Calabasas feels clever, witty, and nothing short of infectious. The magnetism of their vibe is only matched by their talent as wordsmiths. We shouldn’t need to tell you to put them on your radar.

Check out the latest track from MMUPCLAN via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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