Mel Fine wonders if this lover really means those words on ‘Alone Together’

Urging this dreamy lover to say the words that have been yearned for so long while they are far away from each other, Mel Fine sends an honest message to those who understand this feeling that is lodged deep inside the soul with ‘Alone Together‘.

Mel Fine is a Boston, USA-based, Sharon, Massachusetts-born non-binary indie-pop/folk singer-songwriter and Berklee College of Music student.

Mel grew up singing jazz standards and admiring Etta James’ soulful vocals, and later fell in love with the storytelling lyrical stylings of folk singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell.” ~ Mel Fine

Showing us why this excellent song is so highly regarded with so much excellent lyrical ability and beautifully-lipped vocals, Mel Fine sends the world a captivating single with so much to embrace and hold tightly.

Alone Together‘ from the Boston, USA-based non-binary indie-pop/folk artist Mel Fine, is a gorgeously-sung single by a romantic soul who wants to be more than a fleeting lover. Mel projects these kind emotions in such a stunning way, showing us into this special moment that will take our awakened consciousness to a happy place of contentment. This is the type of single that will have you wondering if this romantic partner will take the next step – to move those words into action – to prove that they are for real and not just a fleeting summer crush.

Hear this lovely new track on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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