Love yourself first: Petra Jasmiina is back with a message of self-worth on ‘YCHM’ (ft. Wind Meets West)

With a lovely message about learning to be free with yourself and moving on emotionally, the classy soul Petra Jasmiina, is back with a stunning new single called ‘YCHM‘ (ft. Wind Meets West).

Petra Haapamaki aka Petra Jasmiina is a Finland-born, New York-based, indie-pop/folk/rock solo singer-songwriter, visual dreamer and real storyteller, who has that magnetic natural poetic energy flowing into her veins, who performs that organically-made music, that is all about self-reflection, awareness of yourself and fills you up with hope, to be kinder to yourself and to untie those strings holding you back from greatness.

After dealing with a tough breakup recently, she has flipped her attitude around and with the soul-searching now over, she sings with a confident tone that shows she has let go of the past. Her gorgeous voice reflects the emotional ride that consumed her, but she broke free of the handcuffs from a toxic relationship, to be happy again.

With sumptuous vocals that echo into your mind, you close your eyes and imagine being okay with being on your own for a while, as you know that you will find someone that loves you, for who you really are and nothing less.

YCHM‘ (ft. Wind Meets West) from New York’s Petra Jasmiina, shows us where the key is to self-love and sensually gives us clues on where the lock is, so you can unshackle yourself and finally be truly happy with being satisfied, when you look into that mirror each morning.

Learning to be fine with your imperfections isn’t an easy road, but being hard on yourself is such an undesirably bumpy detour-filled journey to nowhere good, why would you want that for yourself anyway?

Hear this fine new song on Spotify and see more news on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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