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Finland’s Magic Ear drops instrumental single to reflect with on ‘Metamorphosis’

With a mellow vibe that gets your feet tapping in thoughtful intrigue, Magic Ear sends us into a more placid state with his instrumental release that might have you looking deeper when you are in nature again with, ‘Metamorphosis‘.

Magic Ear is a Finland-based indie alternative solo singer-songwriter who has just started this new project with huge plans to take his music to a whole new level.

I was travelling and I came across this butterfly place. There were also cocoons and some of them were moving a little. Seemed like a struggle.” ~ Magic Ear

Showing us his extraordinary inventiveness that seems to be flowing freely and away from any restrictions, Magic Ear has created something rather unique here that shall take you into a better place of wonder. With intricate harmonies and genuine love, this is a sweet single that is perfect for when you just need to get away from the stresses of the modern world.

Metamorphosis‘ from Finland-based indie alternative solo singer-songwriter Magic Ear, is one of those nostalgic melodies that will take you into a thoughtful place that might cause you to pause what you are doing. After sitting in front of our phones and computers for too long, the call of nature is rather loud here as you contemplate life as you know it. With so many beautiful things to see and to feel up close, this is a well-intentioned reminder to open up our eyes and souls, to feel the outdoors like they were intended.

Check out the YouTube video and see more on the Twitter music page.

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The Dark Sky: Finnish rock band Antivalent knows that there is nothing left on ‘Heavy’

As the infuriating quarrels become too much to handle and the love wanes away like a broken boat sinking into the cold sea below and capsizing dramatically, Antivalent navigates us into an all-too-familiar sad story about how that close bond can shatter into half on ‘Heavy‘.

Antivalent is a pulsating Seinäjoki, Finland-based indie alt-rock act that burns a fiery fuel all over your inquisitive speakers that lights up your imagination on each one of their ear-piercing releases.

Slicing the rampaging riffs with so much skill and preciseness, there is also brilliant vocal electricity on offer to relish from your new favourite band Antivalent. Bringing us a track that is so enjoyable to listen to despite the harrowing story of a breakup that probably had to transpire, there is so much spark-filled exuberance on offer here from an outfit that is quite outstanding on this weighty track.

Heavy‘ from the splendid Seinäjoki, Finland-based alt-rock band Antivalent, is a high-powered performance that is quite unforgettable. Featuring visuals that leads you into the whole story to maximum effect, there is an aspect of sadness but also a relief when it’s all over that is certainly realistic. Sometimes we all just need a break from the constant soulless heartbreak, that can destroy the minds of even the strongest.

See their new music video on YouTube and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sick Of This Town: Groovy Finnish band Daggerplay can’t wait to be around true friends again on ‘Castaway’

As they get tossed out from bar to bar, whilst trying to find the right place to call home, Daggerplay stroll around this angry town in hopes of finding that friendly face on ‘Castaway‘.

Daggerplay is a free-spirited indie Punk-Rock band who are based in Helsinki, Finland, and they bring us a tasty ska-flavoured treat to munch on famishedly.

With lyrics based on own experiences quite dark at times about growing up in a small town in Finland and the crazy years living London, but at the same time not forgetting the hope and humour of it all.” ~ Daggerplay

There is so much to like about a song with a real spunk of energy, the rip-roaring riffs have you feeling so energized like you have just been charged, with honest vocals that lets you into this sad story of feeling so alone.

Guided by the storytelling outsider, the fellow walker meets some real life characters like pushers, lowlifes, homeless and of course High street Jesus who´s carrying a huge cross in the middle of the busy streets where passers-by rush away from the inner city back to safe of the suburbs.” ~ Daggerplay

Castaway‘ from the Helsinki, Finland-based indie Punk-Rock act Daggerplay, is a fine effort from a top quality band who certainly pack a lot of heat in their armor. Their perfect-for-festival-sound is a delightful experience to jump happily into, as they take us on a story that is so familar, as we have all seem that person who can’t seem to fit in no matter how hard they try.

Finding your tribe is so hard, yet so vital in this click-quick world.

See this cleverly-made video on YouTube and see their movements via the IG music page.

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Space For Only One: Finland-based pop act Vogue Abyss head into the unknown with debut track ‘Universal Solitude’

Featuring crystal clear vocals that might leave your whole body shivering in admiration for its pureness, Vogue Abyss float into the sky above alone, to remind of us of the tragic story of Laika the Space Dog called ‘Universal Solitude‘.

Vogue Abyss is a fast-rising Finland-based indie pop band. With a sound that has your mind wondering the earth to seek out that true happy place, this is a new act that brings a cinematic experience to our transfixed minds.

The pilot behind the wheel is the songwriter/producer Harri Kangas who works with different artists on a song-by-song basis to complete his inner soul missions. On board is the US vocal talent Lakes whose peaceful and warm tone brings a touch of hope to the song’s melancholic theme.” ~ Vogue Abyss

This is the sad story that has been given a fitting tribute, with glorious vocals and a rather somber story which is still so heartbreaking even after all these years. The message is mixed in with what we are all experiencing right now, as so many struggle with being locked inside and feeling afraid whilst looking outside the window, with the world still struggling to open up again.

Laika, a stray mongrel from the streets of Moscow, was selected to be the occupant of the Soviet spacecraft Sputnik 2 that was launched into low orbit on 3 November 1957. No capacity for her recovery and survival was planned, and she died of overheating or asphyxiation shortly before she was to be poisoned.” ~ Wikipedia

Universal Solitude‘ from the Finland-based indie pop act Vogue Abyss, is the story from a band who perform with that extra class which is so rare. The movie-like ambiance brings a small tear to your eye – as you can only imagine the unnecessary trauma ensured – by an innocent creature on a mission that was set to fail, before it had even started.

Sung with a true grace and backed up with such a peaceful sound, this is a debut to truly remember as we all grit our teeth and find the courage to join hands, with those who we love again.

Hear this excellently performed new single via Spotify and find out more on the IG fan page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding The True Peace: Tuomo Karjalainen soars above to give us that pure feeling again with ‘The Moon Over La Gabriella’

Despite being limited with a sore tendon injury, Tuomo Karjalainen has fought through the pain to make a wonderful new single that will have you feeling romantic on ‘The Moon Over La Gabriella’.

Tuomo Karjalainen is a soulfully aware Finnish guitarist based in London, UK. He loves to make that ‘Cinematic Dream Guitar’ sound that pulsates purely in your mind, so that we can all reflect a bit better and make moves that actually help us learn and grow.

”I got the name from the movie An Affair To Remember (1957), and it refers to a yacht that the main character had ‘three unforgettable evenings’ on.” – Tuomo Karjalainen

You feel the stunning backdrop against your tired body and you let the music take you to a place that you haven’t felt for a while. His skills with the guitar are placed to the fore, his mind and body all transferring such a warm and kind feel, in the often cold and dark world.

The Moon Over La Gabriella‘ from the humble London-based guitarist Tuomo Karjalainen, shows us the way into that true peaceful feeling when you learn to love yourself and are finally at one with your surroundings. With all of the hustle of bustle of the world, you need to have some time to look at something truly beautiful, so you can find your path to true enlightenment which means everything to your journey of life.

Stream this new single on YouTube and see more on his IG.

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Don’t Like My Reflection: Selina Laubert leads us into her complex emotions on debut single ‘Most Days’

As she fights her inner demons to smile again despite the sadness deep inside, Selina Laubert puts on her cozy warm coat to avoid the coldness of this often-chilly world on ‘Most Days’.

Finnish-born singer-songwriter/pianist Selina Laubert, is a young and talented musician that fuses her own experiences from life into her deeply personal storytelling, to bring us something special that is emotional and made with honest truth.

This is the story about searching for that inner love, that is currently swamped by your distracted thoughts that need to turn positive quickly. Some days are okay but some are not, each time you know you should be looking upwards to the future, but the past memories still drag you closer to despair each time.

She sings with such sad energy, as she fights to lift herself up while looking for those to help take her hand, so she can feel that she isn’t alone anymore.

Most Days’ from the wonderfully elegant London-based, Finland-born singer Selina Laubert, shows you into the mind of a traumatized woman who is still finding herself, as she deals with her deepest feelings that are so relevant.

Sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves when there is so much light within our heart — as the struggles with your own mind blocks the path to ever-lasting happiness — with who you really are. Those small-minded bullies must never win, as they were only hiding their own faults, by being selfishly harsh on others.

Stream this video on YouTube and see more news of upcoming releases on IG.

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Love yourself first: Petra Jasmiina is back with a message of self-worth on ‘YCHM’ (ft. Wind Meets West)

With a lovely message about learning to be free with yourself and moving on emotionally, the classy soul Petra Jasmiina, is back with a stunning new single called ‘YCHM‘ (ft. Wind Meets West).

Petra Haapamaki aka Petra Jasmiina is a Finland-born, New York-based, indie-pop/folk/rock solo singer-songwriter, visual dreamer and real storyteller, who has that magnetic natural poetic energy flowing into her veins, who performs that organically-made music, that is all about self-reflection, awareness of yourself and fills you up with hope, to be kinder to yourself and to untie those strings holding you back from greatness.

After dealing with a tough breakup recently, she has flipped her attitude around and with the soul-searching now over, she sings with a confident tone that shows she has let go of the past. Her gorgeous voice reflects the emotional ride that consumed her, but she broke free of the handcuffs from a toxic relationship, to be happy again.

With sumptuous vocals that echo into your mind, you close your eyes and imagine being okay with being on your own for a while, as you know that you will find someone that loves you, for who you really are and nothing less.

YCHM‘ (ft. Wind Meets West) from New York’s Petra Jasmiina, shows us where the key is to self-love and sensually gives us clues on where the lock is, so you can unshackle yourself and finally be truly happy with being satisfied, when you look into that mirror each morning.

Learning to be fine with your imperfections isn’t an easy road, but being hard on yourself is such an undesirably bumpy detour-filled journey to nowhere good, why would you want that for yourself anyway?

Hear this fine new song on Spotify and see more news on her IG.

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Saying goodbye to bad energy: Bæm drop indie-pop realness on ‘bleach your hair and write songs about me’

Bæm are back with an intriguing song dropped on New Years Day, that will get you in a thoughtful mood on ‘bleach your hair and write songs about me‘.

Bæm are a flourishing Finnish-American alt-pop girl duo formed by Emilia Lahtela and Bailey Krawczyk. They met in Sydney, Australia and their creative journey has lasted for three years as they aim to make music that triggers authentic aesthetic responses, to hug their listeners souls.

With the recording process made possible with a terrific small and loyal team, Bailey was able to add her vocals just before she unfortunately had to leave to head back to the USA for a while.

Their illuminating style slides gracefully in a real song that speaks about a breakup that hurts so bad. The story of being so young as you kissed them in your car and then just like that, it was all over and you felt like your time was wasted,

Sometimes things happen so fast you barely have time to take a breath. You have moved onto feeling upset about this whole experience as you realized that they were so controlling and now you feel like they are good riddance as you wouldn’t want to ever see them again.

Their fascinating energy is raw and genuine, the lyrics are well-made and the vocals stream through your emotions as you recall being around narcissists before and how you do your best to ignore and avoid them now.

bleach your hair and write songs about me‘ from Bæm is a top track that shows that it is okay to be single for a while, rather than being with someone that is so unhealthy for you.

Sometimes you need to break free and let everything that happened soak in, so you can wash off all the self-doubt that was thrown at you unfairly.

Hear this uniquely good single on Spotify and see what the girls get up to next on IG.

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Petra Jasmiina releases single ‘Hours’: A creative and mesmerising story

Finland songwriter Petra Jasmiina has released her single ‘Hours’ with a combination of Indie Pop, Folk and Rock they all interlace with one another to create something poetic and sincere.

The track Hours comes from her four-track debut album ‘Cygnet’. It shares this story of love, nostalgia and loneliness in a storytelling essence. Emphasising how she feels about the beautiful scenery in Finland to the manic life in New York.

A song that describes the way in which time ticks too fast, Petra has a very soothing voice, it has it’s high-pitched tones but it’s mellow and a perfect voice to share a journey through lyrics and instrumentals.

Throughout you hear this chant with the powerful thumps of the Native American drums as it begins to pick up in speed and the suspense begins to take place.

It gives off this feeling as if Petra is running through the forest at a fast pace, this whole track makes you feel like you’re in some sort of fantasy story and it’s amazing how it can do that with mesmerising vocals and calming instrumentals.

You can listen to the new single for yourself by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Karley Myall

Finnish Artist Aino Elina Releases Video For “Rukous”

Aino Elina’s type of music is exceptionally beautiful and unique to her to start with. Aino delivered nothing short of class in this song. This music genre is like those therapeutic song that’s rooted in the celestial archive of the electro pop sound.

There was total voice control throughout the duration of this song. With an amazing pitch and vocal power, Aino further made it clear that she’s really the star to watch out for in the music industry. I wish I understood the language she sang the song in, but nonetheless I absolutely enjoyed the music from start to its finish.

This song naturally came with that surreal power of its own. When you listen to the instrument and beat of the song at start you would think it’s Garry Jones rendition of Mad World. If you enjoy listening to New age music then this song might just be the next favourite song on your playlist irrespective of the fact that she sang her song not in English language.

Generally, I really would like to see what Aino next song will sound like because I can’t really say if she’s more of a new age or electro pop singer yet.

This is a nice song and y’all I trust you guys will agree with with on this that this song is just perfectly produced.

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