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Shading the fakes: Jeorge II rolls in with the ferocious ‘Egomanic Flow’ (ft. EeDdAaYy)

Jeorge II is in no mood to mess around on this latest hard-hitting single called ‘Egomanic Flow‘ (ft. EeDdAaYy).

Dublin, Ireland-based emcee’s Jeorge II and EeDdAaYy pack a powerful punch on this gritty Hip Hop single that speaks about how fake some people are and the frustration behind in. They are both on a mission to get their music out there globally and don’t have time to screw around to appease phony frauds, that do a lot of talking but are absent with actual results.

The big ego can your brain from opening up and so many people have a problem with this issue. Luckily, this is a rapper who has no such issues. He is self-aware and whilst frustrated with certain folks, is smart enough to realize that he needs to stay in his own lane and stay focused on the bigger picture.

Egomanic Flow‘ (ft. EeDdAaYy) from Ireland-based Jeorge II is a storming Hip Hop single that is a powerful song with such substance and constant energy. This feels like a cipher and one of the best underground rap tracks from any country so far in 2021. The flow is real and performed hard as they two mean business. They are aware that we all have egos and keeping your own in check, is the way to truly succeed.

Turn up this fresh new track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mentoring youth and making beats: Atlanta based Hip Hop artist One Deuce urges us all to ‘Neva Leave Empty Handed’

Atlanta’s multi-skilled producer and Hip Hop artist One Deuce rips the door open with the truthful new single named ‘Neva Leave Empty Handed‘.

One Deuce is always looking to evolve, innovate, help the youth, and get his music out to as many ears as possible. With this kind of constant self-motivation, its easy to see why he is a well-respected creative, and a strong pillar of hope in his local community.

With the shaker start that reminds you of Christmas, to a rap delivery that is so unlike many of his contemplates these days. His style is old school and reminds us of the 80’s and 90’s era where arguably the genre was at its peak and loved the world over. The smooth rap technique is highly impressive, and the consistency adds a welcome distraction from the gloomy nature of 2020.

This is a musician who feels like he is at the top of the food chain and has so much confidence in his ability. He slings a rhythm that is full of gun shots in the sample and a thumping beat that busts through the speaker, to make a cup full of ear-ringing swag for our hearts.

His Mama told him to never leave without what you came for and this is quality advice. If you set your goals high enough you can certainly achieve them but it won’t be a piece of cake. In a reactionary and ‘want it quick’ world, this is a song that is simple and smart in execution.

Neva Leave Empty Handed‘ from Atlanta’s One Deuce is a street banger that is all about taking that one chance. You might not get too many opportunities in this Walking Dead kind of world so getting your cheese when you can, is the key to life’s refrigerator.

Support his music journey on Soundcloud and see more about his story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Living one day at a time: Memphis artist Imsorryzach drops rap track ‘Gemini’ to bring some flavour to 2020

The highly motivated Pop/Rap artist, producer, and engineer Imsorryzach from Memphis, Tennessee enters our galaxy on the party song with a regret filled tone added to twist the story on ‘Gemini’.

This is the adventure about having fun and doing what you want with your best friend as the night is still young. It’s been a wack year so keeping the circle small and tight has been necessary. The raps are new school and have the popular Post Malone type of delivery and beat to it. This is a fresh track that shows off the lucid skills of a rapper who has big goals. He wants to be up there with the best and feels like he can get there.

The music picture goes into small detail about knowing that you want to be with that special human but things are up and down for that relationship at the moment. One day they want you and the next they don’t. This is a common theme at the moment unfortunately as social media and dating apps have distorted our brains into the worrying compare mentality syndrome.

With a riveting beat and plenty of swag in the video, Imsorryzach shows us what he is made of on the quality ‘Gemini’. Life is full of ups and downs but he is a rapper on the rise who flows so smoothly and keeps it fresh like his stylish coat. Gemini’s are bright, quick-witted, and the proverbial life of the party after all.

Hear this party track via Spotify, see the music video on YouTube and see his adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Love that tastes good: Polo Candana drops pasta-dripped debut Hip Hop cook-fest ‘Macaroni’

With a likable style and a flow that is unmistakably exuberant, we are introduced to a new Hip Hop artist that oozes charm and global appeal. Polo Candana and his chefs drop the debut music video for ‘Macaroni‘ and this track will certainly make you lick your lips in delight.

His lyrics about how he admires her for making money with a real hustle is a refreshing formula in a genre that often comes across as highly misogynistic. Hopefully this signals a change to how Hip Hop is made and portrayed to the world. With femicide and abusive relationships at a seemly all-time high, this is a way to make sure that young men and woman all over the globe know how to treat a woman. With respect and support, not a reckless and disrespectful style that rubs the wrong way and creates a perception that females are second best- a narrative that is completely wrong.

Macaroni‘ from Polo Candana shows a rap style that is cutting edge and the music video shows a fresh face in the game, who is keen to make his mark in the music scene real quick. His bars are consistently presented and the chorus with the boys in a smoke-filled room, is a real 2020 anthem of swimming against the wave of this crazy year. This is an excellent debut track and the visuals make this a memorable song.

Hear this catchy new Hip Hop track on YouTube and find out more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Shadows of a Kid’: The story of how life can take the innocence from you so quickly from young rapper Joseph Milton

When a new rapper hits the scene it can either go three ways. Either they crash and burn early, they have one good song and disappear or there is long-lasting success. ‘Shadows of a Kid‘, the lead single from the self-tilted EP of the same name from new emcee Joseph Milton, seems to fall in the latter category.

With an honest depiction of his life and how things are now in a soul-searching mode, this is a new Hip Hop track with plenty of bite and grit- just what the genre was invented for. To take real stories and make them real to listeners all over the world, is the American dream.

Shadows of a Kid‘ from the young and supremely gifted rapper Joseph Milton delves deep into memories from his youth, remembering when life was a lot simpler. This is a Hip Hop track with so much potential, the lyrical ability is quite phenomenally put together and delivered like a real professional who has so much hunger.

With this type of sword-like cutting edge to his arsenal, this is an exciting time for a genre that seems to be losing its previous dominance of music fans worldwide. A new hero has just made his cape and we are here to be saved.

Here is the Spotify link to hear this Hip Hop gemstone.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Debut track ‘One of Them Days’ from Gwa-La is a hard-hitting truth single of substance

Gwa-La is US rapper and also a former member of Gwap Boys in Colonial Beach. He is back with a bang on the inspirational ‘One of Them Days‘ which is a true story about real life experiences that hit home.

Gwa-La is now fully focused on his solo career with the support of record label Don’t Lose it Records which was started by his cousin, Miquan Johnson. This family bond has enabled Gwa-La to fully flourish and the results are for all to see.

This is an emcee with substance. He doesn’t want to get wrapped up in pain and suffering anymore. Dealing with petty beef is becoming tiresome, this young musician just want to make music, get rich and live far away from toxic people. This is a fair call and sounds good to this writer.

With a passionate flow, the beat is crisply formulated to bring across such a quality Hip Hop track that is quite steaming hot. This is a debut song that will uplift anyone listening, this is that rare kind of music that is truly felt. The struggle is 2020 is real.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘What Now Freestyle’ from Newark emcee Shabazz Talib is one of the best flows of 2020

Taken off the new EP from 2020 ‘Cheers to the Past‘, this is a formidable freestyle-type song that is such a bouncy listen.

What Now Freestyle‘ from emcee Shabazz Talib is one of the best flows of 2020 without doubt. This is a real story that is portrayed through a man who now knows what he wants. He is done over thinking about the world and just wants to make music and be happy.

The Newark, NJ native is in full form here. His flows are tight and the wordsmith is in an imperious mood here. He is sick and tired of dusting off those cobwebs off the past and doesn’t want to get bitten by those pesky spiders. He wants to be in a clear mind so that he can project his best work now. The past is in the past. The future is here.

What Now Freestyle‘ from the Newark emcee Shabazz Talib has one of the best beats and flows of the year on this one. In such a saturated market full of rappers, this is something fresh and real. It’s made for those true fans who appreciate a proper song for once and no mumbling garbage. This is what Hip Hop in 2020 should sound like.

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BagDadLean & Slutty Jordie rip the mic on the new Hip Hop single ‘Jackwoods’

BagDadLean & Slutty Jordie give us a life lesson about ladies and 420 here on their new Hip Hop track called ‘Jackwoods‘.

BagDadLean is a young Midwest artist that is very versatile as he can rap and switch it up to an R&B number all in the same song. This is a rare skill that is often not done well. He does however impress on this new track that is only his 2nd even release on Spotify. With lots of hunger and aspirations to be as massive as Drake, this is an ambitious emcee and singer with big dreams. I love this confidence, going for the top is the way forward.

This is all about being careful with the ladies. You need to find a loyal lady otherwise if you end up with the wrong one, she will suck your bank account dry and then vanish like the cleaning product. The beat is so laid back and stoner style, with the deep voices and you feel the smoke filled energy in the air.

BagDadLean & Slutty Jordie show us their skill set on the new ‘Jackwoods‘ single that is a winner in the Hip Hop playlists all over the world. If they can keep consistent and focus on getting their music out there, there is a chance they could make it massive.

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Gotti 100 sends a message with raw and rugged ”Hood Credit”

Atlantic City rapper Gotti 100 has just got out of jail and he is keen to send out a message. Tired of selling drugs and getting into trouble this young emcee wants to get in the Hip Hop game and ever get out. This is a clear message of his intent and has already made moves by announcing that he is going to be on New York legend Jadakiss’s next mix-tape. This is a great move and one that will help him reach the next level in the crazy Hip Hop world.

Hood Credit” is a statement message from Gotti 100. He is tired of jumping in and out of jail. He knows that hood credit is vital but he wants more. He wants the respect of the whole music scene so he can show what he’s got now. A strong move and this is very honest and self-aware. With a raw flow on this track made from home due to corona this track comes off like a freestyle which is very memorable.

Gotti 100 is a name to watch as he raps his way to the top. With a way in now there is no telling what level he rises to.

Stream this new street banger via his Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Texas born Rapper Riff Raff and OMG Ronny speed in with ”Hop Out The Lamb”

New school Hip Hop artist Riff Raff returns with his swaggy and bouncy track called ”Hop Out The Lamb”. Here is a musician in full form here with this summer rap track that is sure to get pulses racing as much as his flashy Lamborghini.

Riff Raff aka Jody Highroller aka Dale Dan Tony is an American rapper who’s family is of Swedish, German, Russian & Israeli heritage. His music is cutting edge and makes its known here that he is feeling in full form. This track is all about the swag and hopping in and out of his Lamborghini, is how he is rolling now. After a tough life, Riff is enjoying the full fruits of his labor. With a sharp flow, he is fully in tune to what the new school Hip Hop fans crave. Quickfire music that makes you dance and slide at the party. This is a high-flying artist who is on the way up the ranks of the world scene.

Check out Riff Raff on his Facebook to find out more about shows.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen