A&R Factory Present: Lost Stars


If Coldplay, X Ambassadors, Maroon 5, and OneRepublic somehow managed the miracle of creating a musical love child, Lost Stars would be it. The members of the five-piece band came together at Belmont University in Nashville, TN, and formed officially on February 29, 2016. Damian Malnar (vocals and keys), writes and composes all of the music with the help of his bandmates Trey Warner (guitar), Charley Holden (guitar), Thomas Altman (bass), and Brad Covington (drums).

Damian and Charley formed their first musical bond at Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, and both found themselves at Belmont years later. As fate would have it, Damian and Charley met Brad, Trey, and Thomas on campus. Initially, Damian pursued a solo career for himself, with the rest of the group serving as his support band. The aspiring solo artist quickly realized that his friends had been bringing his music to life, and the five decided to become a band. It was then that Lost Stars officially established their existence in the galaxy (and yes there was a bright, fiery explosion involved).

Lost Stars has a wide range of musical influences and draw elements of pop, rock, and electronic music into their songs while still maintaining meaningful and emotional lyrics. Lost Stars comforting and familiar sound, variety of influences, and Damian’s ear for composition all set the band apart from their peers.

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