Carolina pop punk band A Life Worth Taking drops powerful debut single ‘God Save The Scene’

Demonstrating their raw and tenacious technique in full flight like a band on a mission to play on those massive stages, A Life Worth Taking explodes like a firecracker ready for the night’s adventures on their debut track, ‘God Save The Scene‘.

A Life Worth Taking is an indie Carolina-based pop punk band who makes music all about the emotional aspects of love, loss, heartbreak, and mental health.

Created in late 2020 after the pandemic ended several bands, we came together to create new music.” ~ A Life Worth Taking

Knocking down the door and taking names while at it, A Life Worth Taking shows us deep inside the Carolina underground with a barraging performance that shows us that undiscovered music is always ready to be detected by those who care about the local legends of the game.

God Save The Scene‘ from the Carolina based pop punk band A Life Worth Taking shows us they are chasing those stars but asks that the true supporters come out in force before it’s too late. Shredding their guitar strings in fierce unison and singing with total intensity and sword-like precision, this is a sizzling single to heat any mood up from the damp confines of yesterday.

Music with a purpose is always best when the message is real.

Turn up the volume on Spotify and see more info on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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