Surfs Up in DM Street’s 60s Pop Rock Sonic Serotonin Supply, Taxi Ride

Providing a soundtrack you will want to twist and jive to, the first single, Taxi Ride, from the forthcoming LP Summer Songs for the Mustard Ear, from the 60s-inspired indie artist DM Street is a surf-rock-meets-psych-pop dream.

No fans of the Beach Boys, The Kinks, The Monkees and The Beatles will be immune to the disarming charm of Taxi Ride, which comes with an optimal pinch of roguish tongue-in-cheek swagger around the serious talent that contorted the colourful sun-soaked melodies.

If you’ve had your fill of ego and pretence-driven rock, Taki Ride will all too gladly transport you to a more altruistic aural destination; with this hit on your playlists, your uber trips will never be the same again.

Taxi Ride is available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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