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Talk To Me Nice: New York rapper Rush Tyg shows us his intentions with bouncy new single ‘Top Opp’ (feat. Problems)

With the enthusiastic team ready to show us their moves and the video steaming with that late night party atmosphere, Rush Tyg opens the door for us to see the new school New York style, on the hard-hitting new track called ‘Top Opp(feat. Problems).

Rush Tyg is a fast-rising and highly motivated Long Island, New York rapper who flows with that street swag that is full of inner confidence and stories of doing what’s necessary to stay relevant in this fickle world.

This hot new video is full of that vest for success in his wild climate of confusion that can take your life real quick if you look at the wrong person in an undesirable way. They spark the fuse in your mind, as the energy is electric and with the confident attitude of just going for it, as life is short and you need to enjoy it too with your true friends close by.

Top Opp‘ (feat. Problems) from Long Island, NY rap artist Rush Tyg, is a rush of blood to the head that excites and fascinates through this rugged track of intriguing melodies. He raps with such gusto and belief in his abilities, as you get the feeling that he could be rising the ranks of this bloated genre that requires lots of patience to truly make it.

Check out the style on YouTube and follow his journey upwards on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Get on the grind of Swim’s high-vibe hustler hip hop track, ‘90s Baby’.

Up and coming artist Swim has been making waves in the New York hip hop scene with their organically high vibe tracks; after dropping his official debut single, ‘90s Baby, he is set to stake a permeant claim.

The energy brought to ‘90s Baby is instantly infectious; you’ll be hooked right into the gritty hustler hip hop track where Swim wasn’t afraid to let his true colours shine through in the kaleidoscopically bright production. The trippy grinding mix almost lulls you into a hypnotic state as you start to appreciate the ease of the flow, the playful wit in the lyrics and the magnetism in Swim’s effortless charisma

‘90s Baby is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

See it through her eyes: Long Island producer FlyKai swoops in with grace and love on ‘Mutt’

With a supremely catchy beat and breathless vibrations for the soul to feast on, FlyKai dazzles our minds with his epic new single with lots of fascination attached called ‘Mutt‘.

FlyKai is a multi-skilled creative Long Island, New York-based singer, producer, engineer and music video director. He fantastically blends hip-hop, reggae, dance, and rock, all into one tasty treat for us to devour gloriously.

This is the story of looking into her eyes and seeing the whole universe so brightly within. The love is there and you just want to spend as much time as possible with this princess sent through time to make you happy, and to teach you new things about life and love.

The beat is wonderfully orchestrated and bends your earlobes to send us a signal of thoughtfulness and appreciation. There are so many genres in one here and the skill level is so captivating, as you nod your head in approval and turn it on again just to make sure.

Mutt‘ from the illuminatingly talented Long Island, New York artist FlyKai, is that special sauce you have been missing in you soul food, as he has the rare ability to catch your breath and attention at the same time.

Hear this top track from a skilled cat on Spotify and see his IG for more content.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding Peace Within: NYC’s Sadbxylee courageously shows us into his healing mind on ‘Let Me Go’ (feat. Michelle Dawning)

With a sensationally creative mind flowing through his veins, Sadbxylee gives us an intimate story of how powerful the mind can be, with his excellent fourth single release called ‘Let Me Go‘ (feat. Michelle Dawning).

SadBxyLee is an inspirational Long-Island, New York City-based audio engineer/producer who makes sad lofi hip-hop songs for those who are dealing with drug abuse, mental illnesses and tough times in their lives. He has risen upwards through the dark clouds inside his head from previous experiences to assist others just like him, who need a caring voice to show them where the light is.

Made from his cozy basement in NYC, you feel his thoughtful energies emanate through the vocals, as the lyrics are hard to hear at first, as soon we are flown into the story of wanting to be left alone. Your mind races quicker than a F1 car, you feel like this is a calling out for help as those long cold nights can cause you to overthink and take remedies that aren’t really meant to help at all.

Let Me Go‘ (feat. Michelle Dawning) from the superb New York-based lofi hip-hop artist Sadbxylee, is a real story that sends shivers down your spine. He packages a song together that has a bow of enlightenment for those that have never dealt with that painful feeling of resentment inside their deepest blood flow.

This is that song to lead you in and teach you to try and help those that might not want assistance, but are calling out in silence. Love and care no matter how simple, always needs to win throughout all sadness, no matter what else is going on in the world.

Stream this incredible track on Spotify and see his story develop on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Remembering simpler times: Long Island’s Memory Set sends us back the the 80’s on the spectacular ‘Swimming’

Memory Set glides effortlessly into the crystal clean pool, with the lead single from his upcoming EP called ‘As The Tides‘. and helps us put behind the darkness of 2020 on ‘Swimming‘.

Formerly known as Zephyr, Long Island, New York writer, producer, mixing/mastering engineer extraordinaire Jacob Eifert aka Memory Set, flows through the water of life and ends up floating high above the water, with his head held up high.

That 80’s feel is in such happy abundance at the start and you feel like letting your hair down and getting onto that dance floor in your kitchen, swinging your partner around and being free.

The satisfying beat gets you to smile again and think that this is going to be your year, no matter what the news or anyone says. With a slower beat in the middle to tease us tightly and plenty of sensational saxophone simmering, this is a track that only improves throughout.

Swimming‘ is the type of song you put on and place on repeat. The pureness is heavenly and you feel like reminiscing and only good memories come out. Being in the pool with friends and splashing about, going underwater and feeling so free inside your heart, like there were no worries in the world.

Long Island producer Memory Set clearly has that special soul inside of him and sends a reminder that life can be simple and pure, just like it was intended. Through his stunning music, it lives on.

Stream this wonderful new single that will have your body is raptures via Spotify and check out the visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lexically blessed left-field Long Island Rapper AllOne has released their latest single ‘Anodyne as Oblivion’

Lexically blessed left-field Long Island-based Rapper and slam poet, AllOne, dropped their latest feat of conscious Hip Hop, Anodyne as Oblivion on November 6th.

The fast-paced feverishly ardent release puts emotion at the heart of the production using the lyrics to conjure meta imagery while the atmospherically complex and quiescent instrumentals amp up the evocative intensity even further.

With jazzy old school Hip Hop elements melding with hints of New Wave Trap, AllOne discernibly succeeded in creating a fresh but indulgently accessible-from-the-first-hit sound. The mix of sniping visceral lyricism and mellifluous vignette melodies allowed pure Hip Hop alchemy to ooze from Anodyne as Oblivion.

You can check out Anodyne as Oblivion via Bandcamp or YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Seeking that decision: New York’s Sky Spirals bring their uniquely brilliant Alt-Rock flavor on ‘Don’t Say Maybe’

Long Island, New York cosmic creators Sky Spirals dazzle the galaxies up above with the mind-bending experience that is called ‘Don’t Say Maybe‘.

This is the 2nd Alt-Rock single from the brand new ‘Underneath A Tie-Dye Sky‘ album. The stunning start is filled with a lovely piano-filled intro that is like a calming wave that has come to the shore, after the horrible storm that caused so much damage.

You don’t hear such creative music like this everyday and the intricate layers here are calming and makes you think deeply about people you have met before, that hate to make a proper decision. You like to know what is going on but some others like to hide their true feelings.

”We are interested in exploring the sonic relationships between analog and digital media.”- Sky Spirals

This is the story of wanting an answer and not a middling maybe that doesn’t do anything but cause confusion. It can set you free to say yes or no, the middle is like being stuck in an elevator; you can’t go up, down or get out unless you are Jason Bourne.

Indecision is such a normal thing these days as this frustrates the poetically astute singer-songwriter. The background beat are almost TV-game like at times an this flowing energy field is perfectly constructed and the lyrics are so honest.

New York galaxy travelers Sky Spirals have created a niche style and this is the kind of forward-thinking music that is often ignored. They deserve heaps of credit for making such a gem and ‘Don’t Say Maybe‘ will have you feeling thoughtful and that grumpy 2020 mood will definitely improve.

Hear this top track on Soundcloud, see the incredible poetry and head more via Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Long Island native Alix Perti takes us on trippy journey on ‘Quarantea’

Alix Perti brings us an acoustic wonderland with the catchy indie rock journey of ‘Quarantea’.

Alix Perti is an alternative artist from Long Island New York. He is dedicated to bending genres and taking his audience on a trippy experience somewhere in the galaxy they’ve never been before. Originally producing hip hop beats, he was swept up by the psychedelic and punk rock scene. Alix has found a way to weaponize his passion, heartbreak and revolutionary attitude, into explosive tracks and storytelling. His promise is to always bring out pure music no matter what.

‘Quarantea’ from Alix Perti is a psychedelic journey that bends through different genres as promised. The sound is real and authentic that it filters through the feelings that we have now in the world. The NYC artist is splendid on this brand new single that is a radical gem that has sparked up in the sands to lead us to better times.

Stream here on Spotify to hear this gem.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Reborn Rockers The Provisioners smash through the speakers with ”Bottle Up”

The Provisioners are a Rock Band based out of sunny Long Island, New York in the USA. After almost splitting up in 2018, they have since made a movie-type comeback in the scene. They push hard here with their latest track and it’s a memorable effort indeed.

Bottle Up’‘ is all about holding in your true feelings until you can’t anymore. You want to speak up but keep that love inside until you are ready to explode. You want this so bad are are willing to do whatever you can to make this work. This is surely true love.

I love the vocals on this song especially and the sound is old school 70’s rock. This is a vibrant band with a lot to offer us and would be amazing live I’m sure. This is a great indie rock song with plenty of heart and passion. The Provisioners are a must-see when gigs are back on again and I hope they stick around for many more years to come.

Stream this smashing tune right here on Soundcloud.

Catch the boys on Facebook to see when they are live again.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Elwood: A Journey Through the Mind of the Magnanimous

When you listen to lyrics, you want to be moved, for an artist to do that, they have to have true soul. Which is exactly what I found when I listened to Elwood’s latest hauntingly powerful track ‘Alive’ off his debut release Here for Later Pt 1.

Living in Long Island, New York Elwood is a dreamer, and a true visionary in the modern R&B Rap scene, a lot of young artists have a lot to learn from his music and musings. With lyrics void of aggression, fake mentality and media spin his words are a welcome to a scene that often perpetuates hatred, materialistic vanity and misogyny. With such a vision he isn’t going to wait around on the underground for long.

Here for Later which was brought out this October was created to tell Elwood’s story of his vision of peace, he makes apologies for the rawness of the material, is there anything that’s more beautiful than that? He’s a lyrical visionary that is truly a pleasure to listen to through its steady tempo, packed full of touching, tireless energy.

The harmonious track is thoroughly deserving of a 5 star review, and Elwood will undoubtedly receive the notoriety he deserves after the painstaking production of this carefully crafted EP.