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Not Dreaming: Ramener slice through the demons on the fiery metal experience inside House of Wolves

Following on from their recent 4-track EP, Ramener sees the blood streaming and waits for it to be over again on the mighty song to turn on all night long when the walls need to crack, House of Wolves.

Ramener is a fairly new Long Island, USA-based indie metal band that makes teeth-shattering songs which shall awaken the spirit within us all which is clawing to get out.

Turning our moods around from the swamps and into the burning smoke of our imagination, Ramener takes us all into deep places on this one. This is a hardcore metal track which doesn’t hold back for a nanosecond.

House of Wolves from Long Island, USA-based indie metal band Ramener is a stunning single which will take all souls away from the doom and into a more enlightened place. Skyrocketing with hefty energy to shake ringing eardrums, this is a fantastic single to roar with when the time to escape clicks into place rather suddenly.

If you love it loud and with no apologies, this is the perfect tonic.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Couldn’t Let You Go: Benevolent and DIvine follows his soul on Hyacinth

Taken from his upcoming debut album The Bouquet, Benevolent and DIvine searches bravely for that happy place to thrive on the heart-shining new single to glide away with on the 1st single Hyacinth.

Benevolent and DIvine is a Long Island, USA indie project led by the enigmatic Branden Andrade who has a hugely loyal following due to his honest ways and memorable performances.

Impressing from all corners and taking us for an exhilarating ride with vocally breathtaking technique, Benevolent and DIvine steam in and take us on a voyage that is unlikely to be forgotten quickly. This is a song which has exponential meaning and kind force, which shall take many into a hugely reflective place.

Hyacinth from Long Island-born indie solo project Benevolent and DIvine is a shining example of how well-crafted music can certainly be used to fly away from the hate. Skyrocketing high into the sky and leading us into a better perspective, we find a single waiting to be unwrapped rather quickly and with meaning.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Been A While: Sadbxylee x Eryn Nicole drifts through on that self-love journey while Rain Falls

Seeing that cloudy outlook even if you want to actually be happy, Sadbxylee x Eryn Nicole pours through and helps us see what is actually important on Rain Falls.

Sadbxylee is a Long Island, USA-based Lo-Fi artist/music producer/audio engineer who is joined by Canadian-based Lo-Fi hip hop producer/composer/songwriter Eryn Nicole.

Knowing now that time flies and the smiles will be hidden until you learn to love yourself, Sadbxylee and Eryn Nicole are quite splendid together and send through a scent that is rather incredible to witness. Forging through with so much introspection, this is a lovely effort that has been clearly made with care.

Rain Falls from the incredible Lo-Fi wizards Sadbxylee x Eryn Nicole is a rather terrific song that will send you into a whole new galaxy altogether. With serene vocals and a breathtaking soundtrack to get your veins ready for more, this is a stunning release, which is exactly what our thrilled bodies had been waiting for. There is a pulsating power at play here which will get your eyes alert and ready for finding that content place we are all seeking.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Long Island RnB artist Amornay seduces our senses awake with her romantic call to action, ‘You Want Me’

With an alluring blend of vocal beauty to open up your mind to the romantic possibilities that are ready for action, Amornay is on top form with a love letter that can’t possibly be ignored with, ‘You Want Me‘.

Anaysha Robinson aka Amornay is an emerging Long Island, New York, USA-based indie RnB solo artist and actress who makes a lovable combination of body-tingling vibrations to lather inside.

Using an authentic and creative approach to breaking herself as a new artist.” ~ Amornay

Amornay has the kind of voice that has your stomach breathing butterflies – as there is so much sexy energy on offer – that will bring unforeseen smiles to your whole soul. With a story about wondering why your ideal lover curiously hates that they love you, this is a single that might resonate with those who have perhaps fallen in love with the wrong person.

You Want Me‘ from Long Island, New York-based indie RnB solo artist and actress Amornay is a sizzling song that will get your heart rate up to sensational levels of fascination. Her lyrics are honest and her vocal tremendously captivating, as her ravishing style takes you into this candle-lit moment that might steam up your ears.

When you know that someone you like is into you, anything is actually possible if you feel the same and can keep the connection alive despite their doubts.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Underrated New York Hip hop artist Dan Duece knows that he will make it despite the past on ‘Life Story’

Produced by Metrobeats, Dan Duece leads us into the past and his future with excellent bars that have you admiring his grit and determination to get away from that drug-fueled life that has taken many good souls away forever on ‘Life Story‘.

Dan Duece is a Queens, New York-born indie Hip hop artist who after being sucked into a world that threatened to destroy all of his skills, has made a movie-like comeback.

Giving us a real picture that isn’t fake and made up like so many other rappers do, Dan Duece speaks the truth and has dropped an underground track that will have many nodding their head in admiration at his efforts. Slicing away all the self-doubts and getting his life into a reality that can actually lead the way to success – is what we encounter here – and this is a heartwarming moment to truly support.

Been doing this for a long time on and off was a way different game when I first started now older and a lot more wiser.” ~ Dan Duece

Life Story‘ from the Long Island, New York-based indie Hip hop artist Dan Duece, guides us through the world of a quality emcee who almost died. He was low for a while but rose up like the champ that he is now, to get away from a fuzzy-brained atmosphere that will only take you six feet under if you don’t fly away. He raps with an unprecedented vigour that is mightily impressive and shows those who have given up, that it is actually possible to win if you are willing to re-train yourself and find that inner determination.

Reaching those goals and conquering those shoulder-tapping demons, feels so good if you believe in yourself enough. Finding your true tribe who push you to be great, certainly helps you get there too.

Check out this honest story on Soundcloud and see more via his Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Long Island’s Deanna DeMola feels like her whole heart is ‘Dripping Love’

After finding solace in sharing her life and experiences that left her lonely and anxious before, Deanna DeMola drops the heart beating wonder that pounds beautifully into your conscious state with the hot new single, ‘Dripping Love‘.

Deanna DeMola is a Long Island, New York City-based indie alt-pop solo singer-songwriter who forms that meaningful music together that addresses personal and social challenges we can all correlate to.

A few years ago, Deanna began to struggle with depression and anxiety. She felt lost and hopeless, and these feelings only grew over time. Eventually, she found solace in singing and playing music.” ~ Deanna DeMola

Putting her stylish sunglasses on and leading us briskly into this pleasurable swimming pool of love that splashes so perfectly all over your rhapsodised body, Deanna DeMola is quite simply stunning as she shows us what we should be feeling when we find someone so incredibly appealing.

Dripping Love‘ from New York City-based indie alt-pop solo artist Deanna DeMola is a summer single that needs to be played loud and proud all day long. There is sensual energy you feel inside your whole soul that seems to hug you tightly, as you close your eyes and imagine being with that person who makes you feel so giddy when you think of them.

Love should be simple after all, not an endless barrage of emotional rollercoasters.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kelly Vargas grows sick of all those lies on her sensually elegant new single, ‘Short Ride’

Showing us her loveable hopeless romantic soul that burns bright as she wishes that things were so much more genuine than what is out there currently, Kelly Vargas opens up the curtains and shows us what she is dealing with presently as she looks for that true love on ‘Short Ride‘.

Kelly Vargas is a Costa-Rican-American Los Angeles, California-based indie-Pop/RnB singer-songwriter, recording engineer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist.

With her silky smooth vocals that send your exposed spine in an anxious state that needs some love from all the disappointment of before, Kelly Vargas is absolutely gorgeous on this superb candle-lit track that has you wondering if she will find that ideal partner. Each note is so crisp and calm with so much tenderness intertwined into this story, on a catchy beat that has you closing your eyes and imagining that sweet person who cares for you no matter what.

Short Ride‘ from the Long Island, New York-born indie-Pop/RnB artist Kelly Vargas, is a quite stunning single from a determined young woman who is looking for that real love that makes your heart beat faster and brings a grin to your face. In a world that seems to be all that that quick fling mentality that only leads to a cheapening of something precious that should be much more than a one-night thing, this is a reminder about the tender souls who desire and deserve so much more.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Guess Its My Fault: Mickey Gold opens up about his recent struggles on ‘My Mind Is Made’

As he gently shows us into a scar-filled world that so many of us can relate to, Mickey Gold faded away for a while as he worked on brushing away the mental demons forever with his new single called ‘My Mind Is Made‘.

20-year old Long Island, New York-born Mickey Gold is a Brooklyn, New York-based indie pop/rock/electronic recording artist and music producer who fuses in hip-hop with a tasty blend of Lo-fi.

One night, I was in a depressed state, just burnt out basically. Using music as a coping mechanism, I made a song. My intention wasn’t to write a story but it became one.” ~ Mickey Gold

With a true account all about mental health and performed from two perspectives on the trauma from that deafening silence, Mickey Gold leads us into a picture that many will find eerily familiar. This is a natural storyteller who isn’t afraid to open up his heart, to a world that can wrap you full of plastic until you struggle to see where you need to be.

My Mind Is Made‘ from the Brooklyn-based music producer and artist Mickey Gold is a soul-healing new single for anyone who needs to hear the truth. You can feel like you need to hide away for a while to deal with your issues when actually the best way is to be around those who truly care about you. Meshing your soul together to make everyone stronger should be the plan, as keeping yourself locked away just makes it all worse.

Sung with real insight into a feeling that millions deal with each day, this is a superb track to play when you need inspiration away from the cold darkness and into the warm light again.

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I Should Let Go: Chris Milo keeps on holding onto those vivid ‘Memories’

As he glances into the dusty mirror and wonders why they pretended to love him in the first place, Chris Milo gazes intently and wishes that he hadn’t wasted his time as he still thinks of them whilst comprehending that he shouldn’t on ‘Memories‘.

Chris Milo is an 18-year-old Long Island, New York-born indie-pop multi-instrumentalist, music producer, actor, and much-respected dancer.

In addition to singing, Chris is also an accomplished dancer, having appeared at numerous, international Latin ballroom competitions. He has also appeared in independent films as well as performed on numerous main stage theatre productions in the New York area.” ~ Chris Milo

With a voice so uncorrupted and carefully-written lyrics which are so strikingly unpretentious that it leaves you remembering their name forever, Chris Milo shows us why he is so highly regarded as one of the most exciting young acts to truly keep a close eye on globally. His crisply calm style feels like the first bite of the tastiest meal you have ever eaten, that soothes your palate and entrenches a time in your life that you will find hard to forget.

Memories‘ from the well-liked Long Island, New York-born indie-pop multi-instrumentalist, music producer, actor, and dancer Chris Milo, is a nostalgic single from a young man who can’t get his ex’s picture out of his mind. He feels like he needs to move on but somehow struggles to, as he wonders if they will ever leave his consciousness. The vividness was so real for him, as he feels like a fool who was lied to by a soul-grabbing greedy human who had evil intentions.

Sometimes love just doesn’t make sense and is unfairly cruel, teaching us a valuable lesson to be so careful on who we let see our precious energy.

See this descriptive video on YouTube and find out more news via his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Talk To Me Nice: New York rapper Rush Tyg shows us his intentions with bouncy new single ‘Top Opp’ (feat. Problems)

With the enthusiastic team ready to show us their moves and the video steaming with that late night party atmosphere, Rush Tyg opens the door for us to see the new school New York style, on the hard-hitting new track called ‘Top Opp(feat. Problems).

Rush Tyg is a fast-rising and highly motivated Long Island, New York rapper who flows with that street swag that is full of inner confidence and stories of doing what’s necessary to stay relevant in this fickle world.

This hot new video is full of that vest for success in his wild climate of confusion that can take your life real quick if you look at the wrong person in an undesirable way. They spark the fuse in your mind, as the energy is electric and with the confident attitude of just going for it, as life is short and you need to enjoy it too with your true friends close by.

Top Opp‘ (feat. Problems) from Long Island, NY rap artist Rush Tyg, is a rush of blood to the head that excites and fascinates through this rugged track of intriguing melodies. He raps with such gusto and belief in his abilities, as you get the feeling that he could be rising the ranks of this bloated genre that requires lots of patience to truly make it.

Check out the style on YouTube and follow his journey upwards on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen