London’s QURE destroys all fragility with weighty electronic piledriver ASTER

Edging the crowd on with something so thunderously entertaining, QURE lacerates the tires with a sensationally stimulating techno beat-slammer to knock all shyness away inside with the finger burner that is, ASTER.

QURE is a well-established London, UK-based indie electronic music producer and DJ with a rave-like single to get truly excited about.

Aside from music production and disc jockeying, I am also an aspiring audio engineer.” ~ QURE

Sometimes you hear a track and it invokes so many memories which were previously forgotten about. ASTER from the underground legend QURE is an exceptional entry into any playlist imaginable.

ASTER from London, UK-based indie electronic music producer/DJ QURE is one of the most powerful songs likely to be heard in 2023. Gosh, there is a hardcore component here which will thrill many, and scare others away under their blankets again.

Steaming through the curtains like a runaway iron, we find a truly ear-popping single to elevate all moods like a natural booster.

Listen up on Soundcloud. See more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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