London’s Catalina Skies returns with summer vibes on ‘Hey’

UK band Catalina Skies brings us a summer-packed song that brings your party to the beach with ‘Hey‘.

London-based Catalina Skies play an edgy style of indie pop that makes them impossible not to dance to. Their catchy choruses make them impossible to forget. I love everything about this summer track that strums the earlobes just right. The long solos make you reminisce and then the UK band lets it all loose with a brand of music that makes me feel happy.

It’s a sound that’s jam packed with stick-in-your-head guitar riffs, rolling drum solos and touches of synthesizer keys. Fusing this with strong, gritty vocals, enticing harmonies and unique lyrics, Catalina Skies mix their musical storytelling with fun beats and high-energy melodies. This is a band that like to keep things in such a cool rhythm that makes them standout.

Everything started when Craig met Chris at their work drinks and immediately launched into debating the greatest lyrics ever written, to which one of them outrageously claimed ‘Ice Cream’ by Australian band, Muscles. In spite of this drunken dispute, they uncovered a joint love for music’s incredible narrative power and decided to setup a jam. Joined by Sean along the way, the rest is history.

This is the perfect summer song with a bouncy happy vibe that is so welcome in 2020. I feel like going to the beach and watching bands with this awesome energy and message. London’s Catalina Skies’ ‘Hey’ is a wonderful addition to our tired souls.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Here is the Facebook page for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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