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Before The Lights Go On: Cardiff’s Columbia drop lyric video for lively new single ‘Meet Me at Dawn’

Bringing us their top shelf sound with a zestful story about those temptations in the early hours after a night out, Columbia are dynamic on their new single called ‘Meet Me at Dawn‘.

Cardiff, Wales-based Columbia bring us that terrific rock n roll sound, as they light up the skies with that stunning and effortless delivery that reminds you of good times, as they mesh a captivating experience for the soul to deliciously immerse into with a huge smile on your eager face.

As we enter the story of a world where the night has finished but you want to be with them when you go home, even if you are both not really into it. You sense that they are in another place and this crushes your soul, as something keeps you going back even if you know you probably shouldn’t peruse this.

They thunderously stroll in with loads of confidence on a vigorous single packed full of powerful solos and passionate vocals that is a breathtaking listen, full of world class appeal.

Meet Me at Dawn‘ from excellent Cardiff indie rock band Columbia, is a bluesy riff-lovers dream – as this is a song that shows you that the heart wants what it shouldn’t want sometimes – as you just don’t want to be alone in this unsocial world full of self-doubt and anxiousness.

See the tremendous lyric video on YouTube and see their IG for future gig news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cut Me Down To Size: Watford alt-rock outfit Sinka look for their ‘Messiah’ on powerful new single

Feeding our knowledge-thirsty minds with that ultimate desire to explore more than what we can currently see, Sinka take the search to another level on the speaker-busting new single called ‘Messiah‘.

Sinka is a West Herts College-educated three-piece alt-power rock act, who tear down the school break room with that hungry reckless abandon, as they tease us with a taste of their new album ‘Take Me To The Skies’, which is set for release on 16th April 2021.

The pulsating story of finding the anointed one rampages through the speakers, looking for the truth and achieving true meaning by asking for the truth out up there, so that you can know for sure. This is the mission on this ferociously guitar-filled smash on the soul, as the vocals lift you up into another dimension.

Messiah‘ from the impressive and well-respected Watford, UK alt-rock act Sinka, is that real wake up call in the morning to get you out of bed on those gloomy days, when all you want to do is hide from the world.

Finding purpose should be the goal of us all, so that we can find that elusive inner peace that blankets so many eyes around us.

Hear this top shelf single on Spotify and find out more about their plans on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Solutions are tomorrow’s news: Manchester’s Urban Theory open up our curious minds on truthful ‘A Poet’s World’

Leading our overly-stimulated minds to shy away from the mainstream thinking that only adds to the gloom, Urban Theory scribble down courageous clues for us to enamor ourselves with, on the wonderful star-gazer called ‘A Poet’s World‘.

Fast-rising Manchester, England-based four-piece indie-punk band Urban Theory, fuse together delightfully that extra thoughtful music, that takes you to a new place so you can reassure yourself, that everything is going to be okay again.

With their first released single of the year, they sound especially hungry and show intimate intent with a stunning array of thunderous soundscapes, that simmers in hot like a steaming induction cooker. They have that raw power and are impressively self-aware, as they have seen so many around them lose their way. Their message is to wake up the masses with that sonic boosting vibes, that stomps you in the soul so nicely.

Recorded by the talented team at Bury’s Edwin Street Studio, this is one of three singles planned for 2021 as the band take things up a notch with a pure single, that makes your body move and groove with delight and thoughtfulness, all somehow at the same time.

A Poet’s World‘ from Manchester’s riveting indie-punk/rock outfit Urban Theory, is that special type of song that has you thinking about the current world and how broke the structures really are. Whilst we don’t have all the answers, avoiding the cracked steps of today is vital so you can maze safely into tomorrow, with your head held high looking at the stars to rest your weary mind.

Hear this excellent track here on their Spotify and find out more via the band’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She breaks free: Newcastle upon Tyne legends The Questionnaires show us that class is permanent on ‘The Illustrated Woman’

The Questionnaires show that years of experience and training does indeed matter, on a special song taken off their long-awaited album ‘Atlantic Ridge‘ and this is a spectacular single that has undeniable class that is called ‘The Illustrated Woman‘.

The Questionnaires are a North East, UK-based band lead by the lyrics and direction of Steve Hall and Jane Wade. A multi-genre group with elements of alt-folk, alt-country, soft rock and pure pop wrapped with so much authenticity, this dynamic group meshes in some of Tyneside’s most well-respected musicians to formulate a mixture of that quality golden sound, that you hardly hear these days.

Featuring a full six-piece band plus four guests to make this a truly memorable old school experience, you can’t help but smile and appreciate a quality band like this. From the classy vocals that put your anxious body at ease, to the drums, electric and acoustic bass guitars, violin, piano, organ (and probably more hidden instruments)- this is a something that the whole family can enjoy.

This is the story about how a woman has set herself free from being stuck inside as she knows herself so much better now. That ultimately rewarding feeling is so special and one that you only know when you feel it. From being inside the glass and not being happy with what you are doing, is an inner stomach-churning moment that you know you need to get out of and when you do- it feels like you can fly to the moon. Doing what you know you are capable of, is the only way to feel that genuine contentment in life.

The Illustrated Woman‘ from Newcastle’s The Questionnaires is a truly classic song from a rare, proper band that put their heart and soul into every note on this single. This is an experienced act that deserve respect in an often fickle music world that either makes you or breaks you in an instant.

They have proven that they wiser heads can still put on a show and that real musicianship takes years of practice and to master your instruments, you’d better be willing to put in the effort otherwise you won’t be timeless.

Support these terrific musicians on YouTube and see more on their FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Be kind to that healing heart: Indigos untwist the sad soul with ‘Don’t Blame Yourself’

Taken off their upcoming album ‘Always. Whenever‘, Indigos rock into the front door with the riveting new single of hope that tells us not to ‘Don’t Blame Yourself‘.

Indigos are a reinvigorated original three-piece indie alt-rock band from Cheltenham in the UK. They brilliantly make that swashbuckling atmospheric music that has your curious heart beating at so many knots, the skipper will need to lay down the anchor.

His voice echos through your inspired speakers and the bellowing thunder from the guitars and drums leave an impression that will be hard to shake off. This is a band that are born for festivals and after being limited in what they could perform before as a cover act, this horrid covid-19 lock-down has opened up the gates to three men who know what their path is now. To make their own music and never look back.

Even if you have made mistakes and been with the wrong person, we can indeed do better and not be too harsh on ourselves. The right person is there, we just need to be patient and not just be with anyone as that weakens the soul. Looking back for excuses isn’t going to wait, instead we need to seek where your heart will be safe and looked after.

Don’t Blame Yourself‘ from Cheltenham alt-rockers Indigos is a diamond in the rough that has just been found. The palpable enthusiasm thrust into their soundscape roller coaster is very apparent, as you feel that they have a taste for original music now and might never go back to being a cover act.

Their charismatic blend of ear-blessing music has your body moving gloriously, as you heal yourself from the past and look to the future-just like life should be.

Check out the song on YouTube, hear them on Spotify and see more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Late night hope: The Art Crimes Band bring the candles to guide us brightly on ‘In the Dark of the Evening’

After persisting through this endless lock-down to get their music recorded, South -West Ireland act The Art Crimes Band, bless sour hearts with a jazzy number to truly hold onto ‘In the Dark of the Evening‘.

Six-piece Cork City-based jazz, funk and soul group The Art Crimes Band, make that type of music that hugs your close and doesn’t let go. They perform as one unit and after swapping the bar gig cover scene to be a fully fledged original band, they are certainly flourishing with a fantastic flair about them on their revitalised music journey.

Their genuine flow is such a lighter click to the evening and you feel their authentic vibe right away. Her stunning vocals transforms all that you feel and makes everything better. With the sexy sax adding so much heartfelt energy to proceedings along with the sweet keys and intricate guitar, you feel a calm healing transformation lather all over your soul, as you close your eyes and let everything unfold naturally.

This is the story above of wanting to hold their hand during these cold days and to not let go. With all that is going on in the world, the desire to be close with that special soul and never leave is so apparent. We crave that human touch and being told not to, is so tough to do right now- as we are wired for exactly the opposite.

”The single addresses mental health and the effects of isolation. The song’s lyrics offer a message of hope, love and friendship”.- The Art Crimes Band

In the Dark of the Evening‘ from Irish jazz-fusion act The Art Crimes Band, is a genuine song that is full of quality musicians all over this track. This is a peaceful escape from this dark and miserable world that is begging for healing to be happy again. Music like this certainly helps to keep the mood light and anxiousness away.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

From college mates to making music during lockdown: Gardner Leonard drop new single that speaks out about sexual assault on ‘Mine’

West Midlands based alt-rock duo Gardner Leonard tell it how it is on the emo rock ripper ‘Mine‘.

Daryl Gardner & Rhiannon Leonard combine to form a team that makes incredible music and has been inspired due to this horrible pandemic. After knowing each other from college days, Daryl approached Rhiannon and from there, the chemistry fused to a level that Walter White would be proud of. Taken off the upcoming ‘Milquetoast‘ album that is out on the 15th January, this is an emo roller coaster ride that shakes your skin off your bones.

They synergy is electric here like a Duracell battery as the power starts up and clicks your brain into action. The disappointment is so clear on the ears as she was once with him but it ended and he wanted her one more time even though she said no. This must of been a shocking feeling and is completely wrong and not what anyone in the world deserves. The feeling of being used like a piece of trash must be hard to bear and this is a guy who will have karma strike him down hard, the sooner the better.

Her voice is so honest and brave as the story unfolds and you feel her pain. The edgy guitar energy streams in as your heart drops a lot, wishing that no one ever has to deal with this ever again.

Mine‘ from West Midlands band Gardner Leonard is a true story that is brilliantly described and performed from a duo that mesh so perfectly together, their friendship and respect for each other is clear to see. Speaking up about about wrong things that shouldn’t ever happen might make you unpopular with some, but as long as you keep it real in life, real friends will always have your back.

Stream this hot new track right now on youtube and see more on FB and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Shine on and go for your dreams: The Crom make an instant classic with ‘Outside Your Window’

The Crom neatly wrap up an inspirational indie-rock story for us to savor and play to those who need a fresh perspective on ‘Outside Your Window‘.

The Perth, Scotland-based four-piece alt-indie band have such an optimistic outlook and their style feels like a 90’s outfit who have been frozen in time. The magnificent melodies transfix your curious mind and you can’t help but sing with them and enjoy each second of this.

With their debut album set for an April or May 2021 release, this is an exciting act that are on a magnificent mission to spread their message to all corners of the globe.

His voice is so effortless and smooth, each word grabs your attention and is complemented by a sound that starts of atmospheric and only rises to the clouds from there.

Your goals are actually achievable but it takes hard work and self-motivation to get there, otherwise you will be just talking about it for years. Looking closely outside through the window with your eyes wide open and manifesting your visualizations, helps you work out your game-plan worked out and from there, you need to walk through the door and get it done.

Outside Your Window‘ from Scottish indie-rock band The Crom is an instant classic and an inspirational story of how you can do what you set your mind to, if you want it enough. Shine like a star and never look back.

Hear their positive mindset on Soundcloud and see the music journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding a way to survive no matter what: Wirral Heavy Metal Rockers Riptide Messiah rise up again from the dust on ‘Still Human’

Riptide Messiah send us a heart-boosting message of hope and grit on their excellent new single named ‘Still Human‘.

With their upcoming self-titled EP, which will be released this month; big things are on the way for the Wirral-based four piece band Riptide Messiah– who are on a mission to get their music known the masses during this pandemic. For them, this is the only way to keep busy and help others out there during this horrendous time.

Music is the savior to all problems and they make a hard-hitting sound that breathes new life into your ears to spark them to life and get you motivated again.

”Cold, numb, drowned in grief.”- Riptide Messiah

Their rawness and edgy sound helps them stand out from the crowd and the driving energy rips your shirt off here. His vocals are a tremendous shot to the cold face to that clears your doubts and gets you jumping in the air to get all frustration out. This is a band that are clearly in tune with each other and this is a song that deserves love.

We are all still human no matter what our current circumstances are and this is the time to reevaluate ourselves and build up our armor to be indestructible if this even happens again. Things may seem dark but the light is there if you look deep enough for it.

No what happens in our lives we need to find a way to rise up again. This pandemic has been absolutely terrifying but if we can find others that are willing to go to battle with you and be there in tough times, the bond is like blood and will be there forever.

Merseyside Heavy Metal act Riptide Messiah prove that brotherhood is alive and well on ‘Still Human‘. They were formed from the ashes of the frost-bitten floor and will only be stronger now as they have achieved something that many others haven’t been able to. The band have made quality music with a real self-aware message, during a time that shows who are willing to do whatever it takes to get their message out there; to inspire fellow citizens of the world that are cold and need heat-filled motivation to face an uncertain tomorrow with a new mindset.

Enjoy this new wave British Metal single on Spotify and see their story of social media via IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Genre merge-benders: Manchester fast-risers Maruja stomp down the house with ‘Rage’

Maruja are back with a powerful new song and the 4-piece act certainly deliver a track that is full of ‘Rage‘.

Manchester’s Post-Punk Jazzy Alt Rock crew Maruja certainly make ferocious music that growls like a hungry Lion that skipped lunch. The highly rated newcomers passion is easy on the ear and tremendous to vibe with, as the UK band smash through with their electric energy that might cause power outages from all the piping hot electricity.

The ominous opening sets a benchmark that swerves in with an alto sax sound that adds so much intrigue to an already catchy track as the mood is set in stone with a newly sharpened knife. The bass and drums feel like they been injected with superpowers as it meshes with the strong vocals that bellow out, reflecting the moment and getting the frustration out with the shaking mic taking a battering.

This is the story about having that extra acidic fire in your blood flow, your vision goes black as something or someone takes over your thoughts for a few fleeting moments. The raging bull inside you has blows a gasket and your teeth clench so tightly as you think about that person that has engulfed your feelings and you aren’t at all yourself right now.

Sometimes we lose ourselves for a while and we need strong friends to hold us back, calm us down and help us to see reason. Manchester’s Maruja are quite excellent on the powerfully constructed ‘Rage‘ as their uniquely brilliant music heats up a freezing lockdown December.

Head through to the Spotify page for this banging tune and see their story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen