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Break out of your digitally paralysed repose with A VOID’s latest single, The Gutter

After gaining international airplay, featuring in seminal Spotify editorial playlists, and hitting the most prestigious venues in Europe, the Paris-born, London-residing three-piece, A VOID, are currently at work on their third studio album with the Grammy-winning producer Shuta Shinoda.

Their latest single, The Gutter, serves an evocative aperitif to the highly anticipated LP. By encapsulating the essence of the alt-90s while refusing to allow influence to inhibit their creative song crafting, A VOID became one of the refreshingly rancorous entities in the UK’s expansive alternative scene.

The song kicks off with an unfiltered rawness reminiscent of Hole and the Distillers. This visceral yet tonally dreamy introduction sets the stage for what’s to come: a Vercua Salt-esque chorus that delivers a heavy artillery earworm in the form of pounding hooks.

As the track progresses, it introduces angular guitar work that echoes Interpol to add layers of complexity and showcasing the artist’s ability to blend influence and ingenuity into authenticity. Rather than paying tribute to the past, A VOID remain relentless in their determination to breathe new life into the familiar.

The overarching artfulness of the track doesn’t overshadow its integral linchpin; the powerful chords struck through the lyricism which reflects on the stagnancy screens can sucker us into This lament on fear of failure and frustration with procrastination speaks for the vast majority who watch the hours and days slip by in a malaise despite best intentions.

Produced by Shuta Shinoda (Daughter, Spiritualized, Ghostpoet) at Hackney Road Studios and mastered by John Webber (Bowie, Echo and the Bunnymen, Yungblud), The Gutter transcends and subverts all expectations in its artfully grungy beguile as it playfully leads the listener down Lynchian rabbit hols with instrumental drops.

The Gutter was officially released on November 18th; stream it on Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Dead Writers delivered an instant post-punk classic in their latest single, Among Spirits.

Staying true to their moniker, Dead Writers delivered poetry that scarcely feels of this century in their latest single, Among Spirits. If Oscar Wilde himself resurrected to write post-punk lyrics, they wouldn’t be as up to scratch as the arresting lexicon in this cutting track.

Right from the intro, the cavernous guitar notes hook you into the emotionally layered single that alchemically fuses melancholy with defiant bursts of energy that emulates the kind of euphoria that only those who have fought for it can truly understand.

When the chorus hits, Dead Writers prove that they have the rare ability to make morosity anthemic, and things get even sweeter in the instrumental interlude. Against the bitter-sweet piano melody, the guitars start to blazon the track with virtuosic rock n roll licks that feed Manic Street Preachers-Esque nuances into the mix.

Paradoxically, the vocals contain their suave indie-rock poise throughout the switch-ups between the evocative dark timbre that will be a hit with any fans of the Cure and the strident rock vocals that could easily fill a stadium. By all accounts, the London-based debonair powerhouse delivered an instant post-punk classic with Among Spirits.

The official video will premiere on October 29th; you can check it out for yourselves via YouTube.

Artist Links: Website, Facebook, Instagram. 

Review by Amelia Vandergast

‘Old Dreams’ from London band Foreign TV is an ode to old school love

Old Dreams‘ from London band Foreign TV is an ode to old school love and the great moments that those give you in your veins.

This is a band with a unique style, you just know that they have made this song with their own sound and they don’t try and sound like anyone else in the world.

This is that laid-back vibe as you think about that special person in your life and how her hair flows, how she walks and talks. You are madly in love and this could be the one. Each thought you have is about her and you wish you could see her everyday for the rest of your days.

London band Foreign TV impressive massively with their new song ‘Old Dreams‘ and this is such a lovely track. With a UK rap style that is mixed into an indie track without pretentiousness. This is the type of track to enjoy late at night when you are relaxing after a long day. A top track that is such a worthwhile listen.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

London’s Catalina Skies returns with summer vibes on ‘Hey’

UK band Catalina Skies brings us a summer-packed song that brings your party to the beach with ‘Hey‘.

London-based Catalina Skies play an edgy style of indie pop that makes them impossible not to dance to. Their catchy choruses make them impossible to forget. I love everything about this summer track that strums the earlobes just right. The long solos make you reminisce and then the UK band lets it all loose with a brand of music that makes me feel happy.

It’s a sound that’s jam packed with stick-in-your-head guitar riffs, rolling drum solos and touches of synthesizer keys. Fusing this with strong, gritty vocals, enticing harmonies and unique lyrics, Catalina Skies mix their musical storytelling with fun beats and high-energy melodies. This is a band that like to keep things in such a cool rhythm that makes them standout.

Everything started when Craig met Chris at their work drinks and immediately launched into debating the greatest lyrics ever written, to which one of them outrageously claimed ‘Ice Cream’ by Australian band, Muscles. In spite of this drunken dispute, they uncovered a joint love for music’s incredible narrative power and decided to setup a jam. Joined by Sean along the way, the rest is history.

This is the perfect summer song with a bouncy happy vibe that is so welcome in 2020. I feel like going to the beach and watching bands with this awesome energy and message. London’s Catalina Skies’ ‘Hey’ is a wonderful addition to our tired souls.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Here is the Facebook page for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

London’s Alt Rock secret The Lightness Of Being release smashing track ”Can’t Keep”

The Lightness of Being is a 4-piece strong baseline filled band based in lustful London and they roll in the front door with ”Can’t Keep”. The band seems to make earth shattering alternative rock songs and mix them together like a sticky piece of gummy glue. The boys main influences are The Deftones, Queens of the Stone Age and everyday life in wet yet inspiring London City.

Can’t Keep” is about keeping lies inside and how unhealthy it is. The sound is so powerful and the band smash through with their signature brand that is great to hear. London’s clubs will be anticipating a huge crowd when they play live again. This is a wild ride and I enjoy each second while listening to ”Can’t Keep” from The Lightness Of Being”.

Set for release on the 3rd July, stream this track now on the growing Soundcloud music channel.

Head through to the Facebook page of this high-powered rock band with a point to prove.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rum Buffalo – Screama Preacha featuring Kathika: Rhythmically Filthy, Cinematically Flamboyant Prog Swing Hop

Rum Buffalo

If rhythmically filthy yet cinematically flamboyant Alt Rock is your bag, you may want to make room on your playlists for Rum Buffalo’s flamboyantly transfixing Prog Swing Hop single “Screama Preacha” featuring Kathika.

The progressive track utilises an impressive horn section which will reinvoke any love you harbour for Swing music. Yet, Screama Preacha is anything but archaic. The tensile friction within the soundscape allows this highly innovative mix to ooze seductive contemporary appeal as it evolves through offerings of Cinematic Indie Rock, Nu Metal, Funk Rock and Jazz.

Usually, you’d need to look to Mike Patton for offerings of such arrestive aural innovation, but Rum Buffalo has proven with Screama Preacha that they possess plenty of their own uniquely alchemic appeal.

The lockdown may have hindered Rum Buffalo’s summer plans, but they’ve got plenty more tracks in the pipeline io release throughout 2020.

Head on over to their website where you’ll find links to their releases and social media.

Review by Amelia Vandergast