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‘Beliefs’ from Men Without Qualities

With a thunderously vigorous Punk-Rock kind of opening, this is straight away a listen that needs to be respected. This is a band that have morphed their qualities together, and the many years of experience shows. With a different style that is like no other, they have built up a team that share their common view on life. Released off Record Label The Cortina Collective, Sweden’s Heavy-Rock outfit Men Without Qualities mesh their music to satisfying levels for our enthusiastic ears on their new single called ‘Beliefs‘.

”Men and women without qualities usually depend fully on the outer world to form their characters. Lack of any profound essence and ambiguity as a general attitude to life are their principal characteristics.” – Men Without Qualities

The sound is something mixed from the past and the future, the vocals are so real and digs deep into your core beliefs. The fascinating story delves into our inner psyche, and is a riveting listen that will have you staring at the sky and wondering how to improve yourself, and be better. The vocals are raw and the band take us on an exciting ride into the unknown. This makes your heart beat a bit faster, and is a bit scary at the same time.

Beliefs‘ from the intrinsically intriguing Men Without Qualities is a song that might take a few listens to truly appreciate. This is the whole point of the release I believe, the band are beyond any type of fad or popular style. They make music that is meaningful, and this is a quality that more young musicians need to add to their armor. Making your own lane and driving through it, is the way music evolves, and inspires others.

Hear this fascinating listen on their Spotify and find out more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Taking flight to rock our hearts: Canadian solo act Midnight Sparrows show electric energy on ‘Should We Wait? (Until the End of the World)’

The fearsome and heavy start wakes you up from your slumber as you are suddenly alert and ready. What are these thunderous sounds that have lifted me up? The electric guitar is exactly the tonic in the gin that you want right now as the powerful vocals stride in so confidently, as solo Vancouver artist Blair Bellerose’s Midnight Sparrows, fly right to the bottom of the story on ‘Should We Wait? (Until the End of the World).

Their energies transfix you as your sleepy feet are tapping like a knock at the door, your blood is flowing a bit quicker as this is quite the Alt-Rock journey that belies bewilderment. This creation is clearly at one with music fans like a true zen-master as he is humble, and puts each part of his heart into this new single.

This is about working if you are going to wait for what you want or to grab it and never let go. A real message in a world that is a bit scared and perhaps waiting for the smoke to clear, instead of getting going and doing what you need to do.

This is an exhilarating soundscape from Blair Bellerose’s creation Midnight Sparrows, as he steps up the plate and swings hard to get that home run. He’s wanted to be a solo artist for a while now after years in the shadow of a band, this is his time to shine now.

Turn this up on Soundcloud to hear what good music should sound like.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Formed during COVID-19: The Band Esther drop debut single ‘Run’ off ‘The Pandemic EP’

A flourishing start is portrayed with the tapping of the drum sticks that gets us in the right mood. We are then lifted into an Alt-Rock world that has carefully clear vocals which are so sweet on the ear. New 5-Piece Mississippi outfit The Band Esther show us their vulnerable side with ‘Run‘.

This is all about wishing that the special one that you care about would stop hiding away from you, when you really want things to work out and for you to be together. Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants and you can’t forget it about it so quickly. The desire and love is there and that should be enough. In this unnecessarily complicated world however, sometimes that is just not enough.

With a spectacular sound that defies their young age as a band, this is a well-thought out single that is full of regret and wonder about what has quite happened. The melodies have you hooked instantly and you can’t help but sing along- always an action that knows you are listening to something really good.

The proudly Mississippi act The Band Esther are excellent on ‘Run‘ and for a debut release, this is an exciting step into becoming well-known around the world. They are a classy outfit, full of energy and precision.

Hear this debut track on Spotify and see more about the band on their Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Scottish singer Donny Ross improves even more on the sharp-edged ‘Stags’

Scottish singer Donny Ross improves even more on the sharp-edged ‘Stags‘ as he cuts through the noise of 2020 in impressive fashion.

Los Angeles based Donny is on a new path and you can hear the excitement in his voice. He has a vision for his sound and the results are rather tasty to the ear.

Raised in the Scottish Highlands, this is a young man that grew up with the legendary sounds of the local music that surrounded him. The traditional Scottish sounds are seeped deep into his soul and this is how he fell into loving music. With his father being a bagpiper, you can tell that this is a family passion and the way of life.

Stags‘ from Donny Ross shows us all that you don’t need to change everything about your style to be successful. Here is a traditional artist that fuses Rock and his own style of music to make an absolute belter of a track.

The riffs are so groovy you might need a lie down. His voice is brooding and mysterious, it feels like you can feel the smoke and sweat from the stage as Donny takes us on an enjoyable journey throughout, as we hear a melodic track that is full of class.

Click here for the music link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Manchester Rock-Art act Sylvette drop the stunningly unique ‘Kelpius (NoShadow Remix)’ with Tom Chapman

With an innovative sound that breathes new life into your cold cup of tea, this is a kaleidoscopic mesh of styles that is quite frankly..absolute genius.

Sylvette are a UK based, Manchester Art-Rock band of supremely creative energies, all smoothly synced into one like music should be made. They are so galaxy-searchingly incredible to listen to. With an indie core that has an added element of exciting electronic waves that are wrapped around this new single so perfectly. With New Order & Bad Lieutenant bassist Tom Chapman featured here on the remix, this is an excellent track with tasty treats to fill up our hungry music senses, with an absolute feast to satisfy us.

This is the type of song that takes you into a new world and you have deja-vu somehow. The UK act are a morph of many different influences and you can’t stop listening. This is what music will sound like in 20 years as this is a band that is so far ahead of their time. ‘Kelpius (NoShadow Remix)‘ with Tom Chapman is an awe-inspiring effort that deserves a place with the best songs of 2020.

Find out more about Sylvette on their Facebook and hear this track on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rock band Cobrahawk return with the powerful ‘Heaven Help Me’

Cobrahawk return with the powerful ‘Heaven Help Me‘ and this is a terrific rock track with a edgy bounce to it. This is exactly the type of song to put on full volume and enjoy.

Cobrahawk is a professional rock & roll band known for their full-paced driving guitar riffs, super pounding drums, matched with raw, powerful vocal melodies. All started in 2013, with the band playing cover tunes under the name of Walking Talking Stephen Hawking. The name was changed to something more PR friendly, and the band began writing original music in 2014. From there, the rest if history really. After a name change, things have been going forward ever since.

You want to be a better person but sometimes have to do things that you don’t want to. Life is crazy right now in 2020 and you want it to all be okay.

With a name like Cobrahawk, you expect nothing less than a real rock tune on ‘Heaven Help Me‘. With such strong vocals, the lyrics are easy to hear and this makes the listening experience that much more enjoyable. This is a heavy track that will please a lot of old and now new fans too.

Click through to the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Farris comes in flaming hot with her ‘Rocket Blaster’

Farris comes in flaming hot with her ‘Rocket Blaster‘ and this is that old school style rock music that has been missing lately.

The Alt-Rock band from the Netherlands are fueled frenetically by excellent globe-trotting singer-songwriter Kathleen Farris and they are on top form here.

This is about putting those guns away and for peace to be the norm again. The world has gone to far from reality, with reality stars being in charge of some powerful countries.

The rock style here is quite marvelous, the constant brooding energy is evident, this is a song with so much meaning. The drums are on full show, the bass riffs are powerfully made and the electricity claws in like a hungry lion.

This is a call for peace by Farris on the new single ‘Rocket Blaster‘. The layers here are quite fantastic, there is so much to uncover on the new single and this is so memorable. With strong vocals and a band that works together, this is a track to turn it up loud.

Click here for the Soundcloud link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New England band We Demand Parachutes rock through with punk steamed ‘Ketamine’

New England band We Demand Parachutes rock through with punk steamed new single called ‘Ketamine‘.

This New England’s emerging Indie-Rock band was started originally as a writing project, with one member deployed overseas with the United States Military, and the other two working in the live sound world. This group blends elements of alternative and “blink-182” era pop-punk with the emotional and incisive lyrics of front man Kevin McCord, drummer Ben Shumaker, and bassist/programmer Seth Richardson.

This is all about needing to have someone close to you to make sure that you are okay always. Life flips up and down so fast and the partying can get a bit much sometimes without that support.

We Demand Parachutes impress on the punk rockin’ single ‘Ketamine‘. This is a party-filled jam full of party stories and overdoses with a few hospital visits. The energy is swarming, the guitars full of focus and are ferociously driven to make this is a wild story. The vocals are punk-rock and the baselines will remind you of some of your favorite 90’s bands.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

NYC band Lower Power are fully-charged on ‘All About Me’

Lower Power charge in with the politically aware new Rock banger called ‘All About Me‘.

New York City band Lower Power rages with fire and self-confessed wild and honest abandon. They speak on the important topics that usually get brushed under the carpet. Issues like gun violence, mental health, war, status of women, the rise to power of evil people that take over with their greedy style are all mentioned here. This is a video that cuts into the real problems that modern day society face, both in the USA and the world.

The story goes that the band came together when Pat met Jon and Ben playing at an 80’s Karaoke gig. Singing at the top of the lungs I’m sure as they are all passionate music fans, first and foremost. Pat asked them if they’d like to play in a punk rock band. they said yes. Pat met Konrad at a bar where he was playing a country gig and asked him if he wanted to play in a punk band. He said yes and the rest as they say, is history. They had two 2 hour rehearsals a month apart. The band went into Konrad’s and recorded the basic tracks in just 4 hours. This shows how energetic the band is and they wanted their music out there as soon as possible to spread their message, far and wide.

Lower Power rock out with the best intentions on their new single ‘All About Me‘. Their video and song strikes a topic that we all need to be aware about.

Click here for the YouTube.

Head through to the Bandcamp to support.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Movie Club show love and support for local music venues on ‘Driftwood’

Movie Club is a minimalist instrumental duo out of Venice Beach, California that was started in 2018. They believe in the power of a strong and simple union between two instruments to cut through the over-saturated, overproduced music of today. They fire in with their new single called ‘Driftwood‘.

Movie Club is Jessamyn Violet on drums and Vince Cuneo on guitar. These two clearly have a strong bond and the music is so awesome as the groovy beat keeps you jumping for joy. They sound tight together and this is that indie-rock music I could listen to all day.

Driftwood‘ is all about showing love and support for the local music venues in LA that have either had to close down or are gathering dust inside. Due to the shocking pandemic and bad leadership, these iconic venues might see an untimely death which is so sad to see. Generations will miss out on these venues and something music be done about it now before it is too late. Movie Club are a great band and I hope that their message is spread far and wide. Live, local and indie music is the heart and soul of the community and must be saved.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen