Living In This Hell: Visit wanders through the lonely desert on Born Sick and Commanded Well

Sung with so much depth and ultimate meaning, Visit performs with soul-striking passion and desire which will transport many minds into a whole new world of thought on Born Sick and Commanded Well.

Visit aka Tyler Burba is a Vancouver, Washington-born indie alt-country/rock singer-songwriter and teacher who grew up singing at gospel competitions.

Burba continued his studies at European Graduate School, where he is completing his doctoral work on visual ecstasy and synesthesia. He received a Master’s degree at EGS after completing a Master’s thesis on ecstatic listening, which was later published by Atropos Press as “On Becoming Music: Between Boredom and Ecstasy” (with a piece by Peter Price). He received a second master’s degree in Ethnomusicology from Hunter College in 2018.” ~ Tyler Burba

Falling ill and bravely crossing that river no matter what, Visit has returned our ears to a previous time so we may remember the struggle of preceding generations.

Born Sick and Commanded Well from Vancouver, Washington-based indie alt-country/rock singer-songwriter Visit is a profoundly reflective soundtrack to crawling away from the town with no hope. Lathered in so much quality and featuring lyrics which shall widen the mind, we find a cinematic release to soak many memories inside.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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