Live Wright Releases Punchy Rap Track “Give It All”

Live Wright is a young rapper from Philadelphia with a strong passion for good music, expressed through a tight and punchy rap flow that is full of determination and a strong attitude. With a passion for heartfelt lyrics concerning the struggles and ups and downs of life, Live Wright focuses on creating music that is relatable and powerful. In his latest release “Give It All” he in fact directs all his energy in delivering a message of strength and determination through a flow that is somewhat aggressive with energy and a beat that gives the song a distinguishable powerful character.

“Give It All,” as the name implies, is all about reaching to the top and making a difference by striving and literally giving it all. The track initially starts off with the introduction of the solid backdrop and beat which features quite a dark and heavy tone and groove. This gives the song a tough character which really goes well with the message while it also sets up the atmosphere for an even more intriguing lyric. Throughout the song Live Wright’s flow can be called slightly aggressive with a strong rhythmic drive which brings out the message even more. “Give It All” is indeed a true testament that proves Live Wright is ready and determined to make a difference through his music.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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