Kloyd’s “Balearo” Will Keep You Moving

There is an art to the introductory sequence. To set a tone while promising there is more on the horizon and building to a climactic delivery knowing that it will be up to the audience whether or not the payoff is worth the wait, it’s no easy task. Kloyd keeps us in suspense wit Balearo, slowly building from almost sinister noises to a smooth dance track that is built from a remarkable variety of different timbres. Kloyd knows just how to implement different elements into a cohesive beat structured with rising and falling transitions that range from rough noise to ambient reversed sounds.

This is a track that needs no major climax, only the introduction and reintroduction of the beat. It keeps you moving from the first kick to the last and that’s how you know the payoff is worth every pang of anxious feeling during build-ups. In fact, it’s this pattern of suspenseful build and release that makes this song stand out even more so than it is the eclectic instrumental combinations. Kloyd plays with structure, tone and patch repertoire in ways that make this track a one of a kind dancing experience. This track will not fade into the rest of a DJ set. Balearo will get everyone’s attention from intro to outro.

-Paul Weyer

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