Vicious Fishes bring their introspective indie bite to ‘That Girl’

That Girl‘ is the brand new indie-blue track from the exciting band with the awesome name called Vicious Fishes.

Taken off the self-tilted album ‘Vicious Fishes‘, the band are in full form here. This is an outfit who are at one with themselves and they play with such a smooth bluesy style that makes you relax. I love how the song breaks up in a 5 minute masterclass.

With the full moon high, you want her to be your girl. You lust for her and just want to be in her arms. The passion is there between you both and the lights are low, with candles in the room. Will this love story end the way you want it to or will you be apart forever?

Vicious Fishes impress highly on this fine new track that certainly cleans the airwaves with beautiful sounds on ‘That Girl‘.

Stream here for the Spotify link.

Click here for the Insta music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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