King Uche marks 2020 with powerful storytelling on Hip Hop’s ‘Crash’

King Uche is a Nigerian rapper who is back with his latest offering to the world on Hip Hop fused up to the max ‘Crash‘.

The vibe is a like cruising in a fly car while pulling up to the party after a crazy day. This is a quite intimidating beat that is an street Hip Hop beat that catches your attention and then end unexpectedly. A smart move as to get our fingers to click follow. This is a dope track that brings us some better music from this often watered down genre.

Alternating between Nigeria and Miami, King Uche is slowly building up a strong team and fans during his journey of discovery. This is an artist that truly believes that he can reach the very top of the game and I like this confidence.

King Uche’s ‘Crash’ is is a top notch Hip Hop track that is up there with the best. With stylish beats and flows like this, the future African King is going to be at a festival near you in 2021.

Stream this new flow-ride Hip Hop track here on Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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