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Interview: Indexisive leads us into the self-growth and Love within

We sat down with the hugely intriguing pro-mental health Charlotte-based multi-genre artist Indexisive recently. We found out about how he got into music, his respect for the sadly departed Javon, videography, Love and we feel genuine appreciation for the legendary Donald Glover. Sit back with a cuppa something warm for this one. Ready? Let’s go.

Welcome and thank you for chatting with us today. Firstly, how did you get your artist name and how did you first get in the game?

I got my artist name cause I was actually a very indecisive person. I didn’t know which genre of music I wanted to really do because I loved so many genres and I thought indexisive perfectly summed up who I was when it came to music. Since I never try to just stick to one genre really, when there are so many sounds to explore.

I actually got into music completely by accident. I actually used to make blogs and comedy videos and was a little bit vine famous when vine was a thing, and ended up wanting to do videography after high school. I ended up shooting music videos for a friend of mine whose no longer with us, RIP Javon. One day while we were shooting some music video footage at a studio he had some extra studio time leftover and asked if I wanted to record something. I thought sure why not and recorded my first song on a lofi beat cause I was really into lofi at the time. This was back in 2015-2016 and back then lofi wasn’t as mainstream as it was today with other people rapping or singing on lofi so my competition wasn’t much. I put out the song and didn’t think anything of it, and a year later after I checked back in and I found out Spotify had ended up promoting it on their playlists and seeing the numbers and followers reaching out to me I figured why not give it a shot, so I owe almost all of that to Jay, may he Rest In Peace.

Please tell us all about your new release?

I wrote Love (threat) because I feel like although Love is such a strong emotion. A lot of people tend to let it cloud their judgement, and there are people out there who know this and will take advantage of it. Some will manipulate you and push you to your mental limits and it’s important to be aware of the person you are actually interacting with, and not the idealized version of them you may have in your head. Putting yourself and your mental first should always be your main priority above all else.

If you could share the stage with any band or solo act, who would it be and why?

Donald Glover for sure, his direction for making his albums more than just music and making them immersive experiences with scripts and a story line through his music videos, or making a screenplay to read while listening to the album in my opinion is incredible. I really wanted to pursues some of these ideas myself but simply didn’t have the budget for something like that at the time.

How would you describe your music to a novice in the game?

I think I would say it’s a between hip-hop at times but extending into alternative, Soul/RB?

I tend to favor more chill music while I’m singing or rapping about certain subjects. But I do have some songs in the vault which are extremely hard rap typically delving darker subjects. But on the other hand I still every once in a while will release a more alternative completely acoustic sounds, so I would say versatile I guess, I feel like every artist should be.

Are you happy with your move to Charlotte NC and what is the scene like there?

I love Charlotte as a city and always have, I just wish more artists or athletes or celebrities who made it big stuck around to actually help the scene grow versus moving out of state. But I have made that a bit of a personal mission of mine to try and help the music scene locally in Charlotte to grow a lot more.

The scene here isn’t as big as I believe it could be but I definitely think we can get it there.

What do you think you’ll miss most about Miami?

Definitely the connections and shows. I met so many big artists and there are so many music opportunities there around every corner it’s almost hard not to do music there. But I always do try to visit when I can.

Last, what are your hopes and dreams for the future?

I would just love to be able to do music full time and go on tour really and meet anybody who listens to my music in person. As much as I love seeing my numbers go up online, it doesn’t mean nearly as much to me as meeting my fans in person and being able to connect with them. I actually make an effort to try and message every person that follows me so I feel like meeting people online I’ve talked to before would also be amazing.

Hear more on Spotify.

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The Ashes Will Hold Us: HADEE feels that sleep-crashing waterfall brewing closer on Kerosene

Locked away inside a distant memory and waiting for the special moment it rises high in the mind again, HADEE yearns for that close contact on the beat-heavy new track to find the path called Kerosene.

HADEE is a Miami/LA-based indie alternative pop/rock solo artist who explores the reckless themes of romance and its evanescent nature in this spellbinding experience.

It started out as an instrumental idea I had made a couple of years back. It was a bassline that I had then developed, but I couldn’t seem to think of the right words for this one idea. I had almost accepted that it would never become a full song. Fast-forward to this past summer, I had found the original recording of the instrumental, and that’s when the chorus melody we hear in the song came to mind. This allowed me to further get into the storyline and arrangement, so I could create a decent demo.” ~ HADEE

Saturated with excitement and sizzling with a vigorous blend of brilliance to swim deeply into, HADEE is on top form with a stunning track made with dazzling power and precision.

Kerosene from Miami/LA-based alternative pop/rock solo artist HADEE is a rather extraordinary track for many reasons. It glows through the speakers and takes us into a whole new burnt-packed planet. There is intoxicating energy brimming with splendour here, from a fiercely talented performer who is ready with the lighter to spark up our lives.

Listen up on Spotify.

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Psychosomatik showed their psych-rock ‘Roots’ in their progressively electric single.

Psychosomatik by Psychosomatik

Miami psych rock pioneers Psychosomatik warmed up the vintage overdriven tones to match their sun-bleached climate in their latest progressively surfy single, Roots.

If Pavement saw a little more sun, I’m entirely convinced that Brighten the Corners would have emanated the same colourful radiance of Roots, which hit the airwaves on March 13th. The influences of The Doors and The Beatles are also easy to note in the kaleidoscopic grooves of the release from the independent duo, which amalgamates influences from a wide range of artists and genres to orchestrate a sound that couldn’t be more authentic.

Experimentalism and accessibility don’t always come hand in hand; it stands as a testament to Psychosomatik’s songwriting chops that Roots is a hit that you’ll want to dig deep to immerse yourselves in from the first hit. The vibe couldn’t be sweeter.

Roots is now available to stream and purchase on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Florida’s DJ Blitz breaks down the windows on Taking Over Future 3

With a sensory overload which might trigger many sentiments usually saved for a blockbuster movie, DJ Blitz destroys all fragility with a rather laser-swooshing effort to turn up when the day is dull, Taking Over Future 3.

DJ Blitz is an in-demand Miami, Florida-based electronic producer, songwriter and acclaimed DJ who loves it when thousands are bending the floors of dance floors everywhere.

At the age of 16, Blitz knew that he wanted to be a DJ after hearing a song titled “Alone” by one of his influences, Producer / DJ Marshmello.” ~ DJ Blitz

Fleeing the trenches and gaining steam like a runway train throughout, DJ Blitz justifies the hype with the type of performance to wake up early for. With a dominant production and so much to be inspired by, this is a rather sledgehammer-like display for those who love it rather barrage-filled.

Taking Over Future 3 from Miami, Florida-based electronic producer DJ Blitz is a rather weighty experience to cherish for anyone who needed to knock the dust off. Lathered in a powerful vortex of menace, while the hardcore soundscape tears down the frantic and grows up the innocent ears left.

This is one for those clubheads who are still on the sweaty dancefloor.

Listen up on SoundCloud. See more on IG.

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Lyfe Interview: Showing us inside Miami on Tonight I want to Sing This Song

Portraying so much mature insight and thoughtfulness in bucket loads, Lyfe sat down with us recently so tell us all about his exciting journey through many forms. We find out about the 3 morning pages routine, gratitude and the mind-numbing galaxy in Silicon Valley.

We appreciate your time today. Where in the world do we find you, and how do you usually start your day?

Lyfe: I am based in Miami, Florida. I actually have a very strict routine. Every day I wake up, I write the 3 morning pages where I write anything that comes to my mind. Kinda like journaling, but at the same time, releasing any thought or emotion in my mind. Then I follow with the 10 daily blessings of gratitude, where I write things I am grateful for. As an example, I could write “that I am grateful for this interview because it gives me the chance to tell my story to more people”. Then I follow with an alpha wave meditation, to try to get my mind right to pursue my objectives!

You were born Antonio Trincao. How did your character Lyfe start and when did you know it was time to make music?

Lyfe: My birth of “Lyfe” came when I moved to Miami in January 2021. After 4 years in Silicon Valley, living a very intense lifestyle as a tech entrepreneur, I did a 5 day tech detox in Miami, that made me connect with God and the Universe. It came naturally to my mind as a divine thought, the name Life, but with the twist of using with the “y”, so that triggers my fans to question “their why in their lives”. When I was doing the 5 day tech detox, I was writing about a variety of things such as “what are my dreams”, “what are my fears”, “what do I love to do”, “what am I ashamed of”… And then when I looked back to my life, and my story I realized that my happiest moments were always music. Either when composing music after working, or surprising customers by playing songs that I made to share the culture of the company, or even virtual concerts that I organized… So I thought for myself, well Antonio “You know how to make money”, “you know how to launch a product”… Why don’t you launch yourself as an artist? And that was where I decided to pursue music. Important to say that my teenage years and then college, I was performing in a musical group called “Azeituna”, where I did shows in theaters all over the world, and at one point performed for 150,000 people. So this was going back to my roots.

Please guide us through your latest single called Tonight I want to Sing This Song which drops on the 16th December.

Lyfe: “Tonight I want to Sing this Song” represents my generation’s desire of bringing back the 70s and 80s to our daily lives. After watching movies like Elvis, and Bohemian Raphsody, there is a nostalgia that has been brought back, and I want to embody those eras in our current days. I am an immigrant entrepreneur and music artist that moved to America to pursue his dreams, so the launch of this song is also a testament to all the dreamers and hustlers out there that are trying to win, and pursue their dreams. This song tells the story of you going out with your friends, celebrating all of your victories and find the person you love on the dance floor, and dancing with the most soulful sound of the 70s with the touch of the 80s.

Venice Music is holding it down. Please explain to us how you got connected together?

Lyfe: I actually discovered Venice, through Troy Carter, and I discovered Troy during my tech entrepreneur years. So randomly I was checking his IG profile 3 months ago, and I discovered that he was launching Venice. I got in touch and got to apply, and I am distributing “Tonight I want to Sing This Song” through them. It’s really cool because they have a great community, on-going weekly events to teach us about the music business, and I have been fortunate to learn a lot in the last months.

You’re well-known for your virtual concerts. Please tell us more and why it’s so important to keep loyal fans engaged?

Lyfe: So I think virtual concerts are really what allows you to go beyond what is possible in real life. From a design, scene, effects perspective, I believe that fans should have the power to contribute in show development. One of the concerts I did was outer space, in a stadium with 50,000 avatars, video streamed. Then fans could plugin with their phones or laptops, and the visual experience was just unbelievable. In the near future, I want to have fans contributing for stage ideas, scene ideas, so when I develop my real life tours, I have them leave their mark on the performances they watch!

Can we find you at a live show soon or do you have a tour cooking for 2023?

Lyfe: Absolutely! The first show was 2 weeks ago at The Anderson in Miami, and I am cooking already the next show in Miami, hopefully for the new year’s eve! In 2023, I intend to start touring the US, and perform in cities like NYC, Nashville, LA, and Austin, and eventually make my way to London where my father lives.

Last, how do you feel the music industry could be better to look after its artists?

Lyfe: It’s a battle between the individual versus the institution, but I believe that the power is on the side of Lyfe. 🙂

Pre-save here for quick access on the 16th of December. See more on the journey come to life on IG.

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Christian Corsi pulsates a mysterious web of intrigue onto our shaken hearts with Dark Magic

Showering a beaming light of hair-raising and sinister tunes to awaken our senses alive again, Christian Corsi leads us into those secretive alleyways which might cause paralyzed pulses to vibrate frantically on Dark Magic.

Christian Corsi is a Colombian house music producer and DJ who now lives in the much-loved party capital Miami and makes those sweltering beats you fall in love with.

Taking us far inside a wild night that could change everything previously intended, Christian Corsi is fearless on Dark Magic and will send a lightning bolt of electricity into the veins of many who love songs with lots of intrigue.

Mood-altering to the core and layered with a breathtaking atmosphere that may put ice in the souls of many hidden spirits, this is a turn-me-up-now or miss out kinda track.

Dark Magic from the Miami-based Colombian house music producer and DJ Christian Corsi shall send a shiver down the spine and reignite our party boots. Baked in a high-pressure chamber that will startle the sleepy awake, this is that 4am anthem which shall stir the consciences of everyone on that drenched dance floor tonight.

Hear this action-packed single on Spotify and check out the IG page.

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Swimming In Her Ocean: Jspino locks deep into her eyes on Need You

Released directly from his debut 6-track project called Summer’s Just In, Jspino just knows that a hot connection is only getting started despite the pesky ghost of the other guy on Need You.

Jspino is a Miami, Florida-based indie pop solo singer-songwriter who shows us so much freshness that is flowing within his creative veins.

Sending the temperatures simmering into another stratosphere completely, Jspino is simply first rate on a super body of work that might cause heart palpitations. Taking us on a ravishing ride where he knows his skills need to be up there with the best, in order to get the human who he certainly desires. Performed with a desirable ambience, this is a kiss-filled song that might cause a blush to appear on our faces.

Need You from Miami, Florida-based indie pop solo singer-songwriter Jspino is most likely the most romantically seductive song you shall hear today. Or tomorrow. Or even in your lifetime. Gosh, there is so much steamy energy involved that some might have to have a glass of cold water.

When you want something to happen so badly, you might surprise yourself by what you can achieve.

Check out this new song on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

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SiHow The Doctor shows us that there’s more to life than that bag on ‘Came A Long Way’ (prod. by UrBan Nerd Beats)

Showing us his elevated mentality that shall surely warm your heart beyond the complacent coldness of current times, SiHow The Doctor stamps our soul awake with an inspiring message to relocate what we thought before with ‘Came A Long Way(prod. by UrBan Nerd Beats).

SiHow The Doctor aka Simon Howard is a Santa Cruz, California-born, Miami-based indie hip hop artist who is also a Psychology Professor at the University of Miami.

Draws inspiration for his music from his musical influences Dead Prez, Nas, and J.Cole, his diverse lived experiences going from “EBT to PhD,” being a social psychology professor, and traveling. His music is an auditory extension of who he is as a person: multifaceted, multidimensional, and authentic.” ~ SiHow The Doctor

With a pedigree that is so encouraging to those who are looking for leaders to show them the right way, SiHow The Doctor opens up his story of life with a calming blend of eye-opening lyrics that leads us to that helpful light.

Came A Long Way(prod. by UrBan Nerd Beats) from Miami-based indie Hip hop artist SiHow The Doctor is a song all about winning at life when so many others are wishing for the downfall to arise. With smartly written raps that might have you dreaming of that new life that seems impossible if your eyes have been closed, this is a message of note that the entire world needs to hear loud.

Nothing beats hard work and belief if you want it enough.

Heat your speakers on Spotify and see more via IG.

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3way P.K opens up the door to that fresh ‘Ice Baby’ mentality

Demonstrating his stylish ways that are always going to cause a 2nd look, 3way P.K raps with his signature dynamic style that has you turning the volume up to ear-splitting levels of enjoyment with his ‘Ice Baby‘.

3way P.K is a Miami, Florida-born indie Hip hop artist who makes that fly kind of music that gets the team on the dance floor and brings a a cool vibe to the night.

Slicing his piece of the massive pie that ensures that he can feed his family without any issues, 3way P.K glows with his charm and flows like someone who is only headed for the top of the mountain.

Ice Baby‘ from Miami, Florida-born indie Hip hop artist 3way P.K is a single that will have your mind alive with all the possibilities to dress rather stylishly if you put the work in. Rapped with a full-flow technique that is bundled with fashion-savvy vigour and with straight up lyrics that have you listening deeper, this bass-heavy single produced by EzBeatz, is a speaker-bouncing experience to lift your vibe up with.

With a self-assured attitude, it feels like we are witnessing a new hero in the crowded rap scene.

See this flash music video on YouTube and check out the IG page for more buzz.

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Underground Miami rapper Foxxamilli shows us his winning mentality on ‘4-0’

Dropping a lyrical storm that sends the streets into absolute raptures, Foxxamilli is at his best with a barraging display on his latest track that shall have you remembering how the underground is alive if you know where to look with, ‘4-0‘.

Foxxamilli is a Miami, Florida-based indie Hip hop artist who raps with his team on his back and shows his melodic expertise on each one of his releases.

All I have is my brothers when it comes to this music. I’ll do anything for them. I do everything for my squad.” ~ Foxxamilli

Blasting through our creaking speakers that need to hear the truth about how it really is, Foxxamilli has dropped a substantial track, and it feels like he is only just getting started. With an insightful vigour that shows us what is possible, this is a single to play loud when you are driving around and keeping an eye out for those who want your downfall.

4-0‘ from Miami, Florida-based indie Hip hop artist Foxxamilli is a monumental display that shall get you easing the bass up onto full, to a full picture that is packed with a world that has him prevailing where others failed. With a cypher-like technique, this is a thunderous single that will have you taking another shot even if you have missed before, to get that 3-point mentality back into your armour.

Hear this new track on SoundCloud and see more on the Twitter page.

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