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Lyfe Interview: Showing us inside Miami on Tonight I want to Sing This Song

Portraying so much mature insight and thoughtfulness in bucket loads, Lyfe sat down with us recently so tell us all about his exciting journey through many forms. We find out about the 3 morning pages routine, gratitude and the mind-numbing galaxy in Silicon Valley.

We appreciate your time today. Where in the world do we find you, and how do you usually start your day?

Lyfe: I am based in Miami, Florida. I actually have a very strict routine. Every day I wake up, I write the 3 morning pages where I write anything that comes to my mind. Kinda like journaling, but at the same time, releasing any thought or emotion in my mind. Then I follow with the 10 daily blessings of gratitude, where I write things I am grateful for. As an example, I could write “that I am grateful for this interview because it gives me the chance to tell my story to more people”. Then I follow with an alpha wave meditation, to try to get my mind right to pursue my objectives!

You were born Antonio Trincao. How did your character Lyfe start and when did you know it was time to make music?

Lyfe: My birth of “Lyfe” came when I moved to Miami in January 2021. After 4 years in Silicon Valley, living a very intense lifestyle as a tech entrepreneur, I did a 5 day tech detox in Miami, that made me connect with God and the Universe. It came naturally to my mind as a divine thought, the name Life, but with the twist of using with the “y”, so that triggers my fans to question “their why in their lives”. When I was doing the 5 day tech detox, I was writing about a variety of things such as “what are my dreams”, “what are my fears”, “what do I love to do”, “what am I ashamed of”… And then when I looked back to my life, and my story I realized that my happiest moments were always music. Either when composing music after working, or surprising customers by playing songs that I made to share the culture of the company, or even virtual concerts that I organized… So I thought for myself, well Antonio “You know how to make money”, “you know how to launch a product”… Why don’t you launch yourself as an artist? And that was where I decided to pursue music. Important to say that my teenage years and then college, I was performing in a musical group called “Azeituna”, where I did shows in theaters all over the world, and at one point performed for 150,000 people. So this was going back to my roots.

Please guide us through your latest single called Tonight I want to Sing This Song which drops on the 16th December.

Lyfe: “Tonight I want to Sing this Song” represents my generation’s desire of bringing back the 70s and 80s to our daily lives. After watching movies like Elvis, and Bohemian Raphsody, there is a nostalgia that has been brought back, and I want to embody those eras in our current days. I am an immigrant entrepreneur and music artist that moved to America to pursue his dreams, so the launch of this song is also a testament to all the dreamers and hustlers out there that are trying to win, and pursue their dreams. This song tells the story of you going out with your friends, celebrating all of your victories and find the person you love on the dance floor, and dancing with the most soulful sound of the 70s with the touch of the 80s.

Venice Music is holding it down. Please explain to us how you got connected together?

Lyfe: I actually discovered Venice, through Troy Carter, and I discovered Troy during my tech entrepreneur years. So randomly I was checking his IG profile 3 months ago, and I discovered that he was launching Venice. I got in touch and got to apply, and I am distributing “Tonight I want to Sing This Song” through them. It’s really cool because they have a great community, on-going weekly events to teach us about the music business, and I have been fortunate to learn a lot in the last months.

You’re well-known for your virtual concerts. Please tell us more and why it’s so important to keep loyal fans engaged?

Lyfe: So I think virtual concerts are really what allows you to go beyond what is possible in real life. From a design, scene, effects perspective, I believe that fans should have the power to contribute in show development. One of the concerts I did was outer space, in a stadium with 50,000 avatars, video streamed. Then fans could plugin with their phones or laptops, and the visual experience was just unbelievable. In the near future, I want to have fans contributing for stage ideas, scene ideas, so when I develop my real life tours, I have them leave their mark on the performances they watch!

Can we find you at a live show soon or do you have a tour cooking for 2023?

Lyfe: Absolutely! The first show was 2 weeks ago at The Anderson in Miami, and I am cooking already the next show in Miami, hopefully for the new year’s eve! In 2023, I intend to start touring the US, and perform in cities like NYC, Nashville, LA, and Austin, and eventually make my way to London where my father lives.

Last, how do you feel the music industry could be better to look after its artists?

Lyfe: It’s a battle between the individual versus the institution, but I believe that the power is on the side of Lyfe. 🙂

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Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Christian Corsi pulsates a mysterious web of intrigue onto our shaken hearts with Dark Magic

Showering a beaming light of hair-raising and sinister tunes to awaken our senses alive again, Christian Corsi leads us into those secretive alleyways which might cause paralyzed pulses to vibrate frantically on Dark Magic.

Christian Corsi is a Colombian house music producer and DJ who now lives in the much-loved party capital Miami and makes those sweltering beats you fall in love with.

Taking us far inside a wild night that could change everything previously intended, Christian Corsi is fearless on Dark Magic and will send a lightning bolt of electricity into the veins of many who love songs with lots of intrigue.

Mood-altering to the core and layered with a breathtaking atmosphere that may put ice in the souls of many hidden spirits, this is a turn-me-up-now or miss out kinda track.

Dark Magic from the Miami-based Colombian house music producer and DJ Christian Corsi shall send a shiver down the spine and reignite our party boots. Baked in a high-pressure chamber that will startle the sleepy awake, this is that 4am anthem which shall stir the consciences of everyone on that drenched dance floor tonight.

Hear this action-packed single on Spotify and check out the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Swimming In Her Ocean: Jspino locks deep into her eyes on Need You

Released directly from his debut 6-track project called Summer’s Just In, Jspino just knows that a hot connection is only getting started despite the pesky ghost of the other guy on Need You.

Jspino is a Miami, Florida-based indie pop solo singer-songwriter who shows us so much freshness that is flowing within his creative veins.

Sending the temperatures simmering into another stratosphere completely, Jspino is simply first rate on a super body of work that might cause heart palpitations. Taking us on a ravishing ride where he knows his skills need to be up there with the best, in order to get the human who he certainly desires. Performed with a desirable ambience, this is a kiss-filled song that might cause a blush to appear on our faces.

Need You from Miami, Florida-based indie pop solo singer-songwriter Jspino is most likely the most romantically seductive song you shall hear today. Or tomorrow. Or even in your lifetime. Gosh, there is so much steamy energy involved that some might have to have a glass of cold water.

When you want something to happen so badly, you might surprise yourself by what you can achieve.

Check out this new song on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

SiHow The Doctor shows us that there’s more to life than that bag on ‘Came A Long Way’ (prod. by UrBan Nerd Beats)

Showing us his elevated mentality that shall surely warm your heart beyond the complacent coldness of current times, SiHow The Doctor stamps our soul awake with an inspiring message to relocate what we thought before with ‘Came A Long Way(prod. by UrBan Nerd Beats).

SiHow The Doctor aka Simon Howard is a Santa Cruz, California-born, Miami-based indie hip hop artist who is also a Psychology Professor at the University of Miami.

Draws inspiration for his music from his musical influences Dead Prez, Nas, and J.Cole, his diverse lived experiences going from “EBT to PhD,” being a social psychology professor, and traveling. His music is an auditory extension of who he is as a person: multifaceted, multidimensional, and authentic.” ~ SiHow The Doctor

With a pedigree that is so encouraging to those who are looking for leaders to show them the right way, SiHow The Doctor opens up his story of life with a calming blend of eye-opening lyrics that leads us to that helpful light.

Came A Long Way(prod. by UrBan Nerd Beats) from Miami-based indie Hip hop artist SiHow The Doctor is a song all about winning at life when so many others are wishing for the downfall to arise. With smartly written raps that might have you dreaming of that new life that seems impossible if your eyes have been closed, this is a message of note that the entire world needs to hear loud.

Nothing beats hard work and belief if you want it enough.

Heat your speakers on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

3way P.K opens up the door to that fresh ‘Ice Baby’ mentality

Demonstrating his stylish ways that are always going to cause a 2nd look, 3way P.K raps with his signature dynamic style that has you turning the volume up to ear-splitting levels of enjoyment with his ‘Ice Baby‘.

3way P.K is a Miami, Florida-born indie Hip hop artist who makes that fly kind of music that gets the team on the dance floor and brings a a cool vibe to the night.

Slicing his piece of the massive pie that ensures that he can feed his family without any issues, 3way P.K glows with his charm and flows like someone who is only headed for the top of the mountain.

Ice Baby‘ from Miami, Florida-born indie Hip hop artist 3way P.K is a single that will have your mind alive with all the possibilities to dress rather stylishly if you put the work in. Rapped with a full-flow technique that is bundled with fashion-savvy vigour and with straight up lyrics that have you listening deeper, this bass-heavy single produced by EzBeatz, is a speaker-bouncing experience to lift your vibe up with.

With a self-assured attitude, it feels like we are witnessing a new hero in the crowded rap scene.

See this flash music video on YouTube and check out the IG page for more buzz.

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Underground Miami rapper Foxxamilli shows us his winning mentality on ‘4-0’

Dropping a lyrical storm that sends the streets into absolute raptures, Foxxamilli is at his best with a barraging display on his latest track that shall have you remembering how the underground is alive if you know where to look with, ‘4-0‘.

Foxxamilli is a Miami, Florida-based indie Hip hop artist who raps with his team on his back and shows his melodic expertise on each one of his releases.

All I have is my brothers when it comes to this music. I’ll do anything for them. I do everything for my squad.” ~ Foxxamilli

Blasting through our creaking speakers that need to hear the truth about how it really is, Foxxamilli has dropped a substantial track, and it feels like he is only just getting started. With an insightful vigour that shows us what is possible, this is a single to play loud when you are driving around and keeping an eye out for those who want your downfall.

4-0‘ from Miami, Florida-based indie Hip hop artist Foxxamilli is a monumental display that shall get you easing the bass up onto full, to a full picture that is packed with a world that has him prevailing where others failed. With a cypher-like technique, this is a thunderous single that will have you taking another shot even if you have missed before, to get that 3-point mentality back into your armour.

Hear this new track on SoundCloud and see more on the Twitter page.

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Miami-based modern RnB duo Soulpax finds that place to keep the energy alive on ‘Moonbeams’

With a magnifying lens looking at ways to keep this incredible love alive as long as possible while gazing above for inspiration, Soulpax brings us a stunning new single that has a groovy vibe and features gorgeous vocals to uplift your mood on ‘Moonbeams‘.

Soulpax is a Miami, Florida-based indie modern RnB and Dreamy Pop duo who make a crisp blend of world-class soundscapes that raises you off your seat and into a better place.

Couples with their songwriting, Soulpax focuses on cultivating an immersive and interactive live show that will make even the shiest venue goer want to jump into the crowd and shake their hips.” ~ Soulpax

There is so much to love about a band that use their close connection with each other to make something so beautiful on this soul-grabbing experience. Soulpax fuse in a mood-transforming blend of delightful melodies that has your heart beating like a determined lover, who knows now what is needed to keep this love from burning out like a lost candle in the wind.

Moonbeams‘ from Miami, Florida-based indie RnB/Dreamy Pop duo Soulpax, is a track all about attempting to keep this flame lit bright no matter what. There is an elegant nature on offer that takes you into a wonderful world that is away from all the doom and gloom, gliding you high and to a fabulous location that has you finding true comfort as one.

When you both want it to work out, the power you possess is mightier than you can even fathom.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see their travels via IG.

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Juiice Spinna resists the purple urge on pill-filled new single, ‘Diamond Mines’

As he pops another one down his soaked stomach to make sure that the party is going to be even wilder than he thought, Juiice Spinna shows us into his world away from the purple temptation with his visuals for ‘Diamond Mines‘.

Juiice Spinna is a Miami-born, New York-raised indie Hip hop artist who makes the type of vibe that is completely original and packed with real-life stories.

The music is my way of telling you what I’ve experienced, what thoughts constantly race through my mind on a day to day basis and it’s what I want to hear.” ~ Juiice Spinna

This is a rapper who opens us up to a world that is away from the norm and has been constructed in a way that many will relate to many who chose to break from society for a few hours at a time. Juiice Spinna spits stories that are loaded with exciting accounts, witty lyrics, and a bouncy beat that shall have you admiring someone who is truly being himself and not trying to act like anyone else.

Diamond Mines‘ from Miami-born, New York-raised indie Hip hop solo artist Juiice Spinna, is a magnetic video that has us supremely engaged by a thought-provoking artist who has made a cult name for himself due to his storytelling and doing things his way. Taking us on a ride that has you seeing inside a mind that is currently under the influence of a power that can take your consciousness into a different place, we find a rapidly-projected release that will certainly shake up the underground.

Check out the visuals on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Just Wanna Feel: Javii finds the other side in the healing sunshine on ‘Good Good Good’

As he darts away from the suffocating darkness that caused him to change from the person he wants to be, Javii jumps off that ride and climbs into a much better place where he feels like himself again with ‘Good Good Good‘.

Joel Javier aka Javii is a Miami, Florida-based indie singer-songwriter who sings with a groovy ambience that gets your whole body and mindset moving as one.

Music became a way for me to turn all the negative energy from past life-changing experiences into something positive and creative. The more I create and play music, the more I fall in love with it.” ~ Javii

Taken off his brand new 4-track EP called ‘Sunlight‘, we are let into this inspiring tale from a revitalised Javii who blends in his smooth vocals – that is complimented with a delightfully succulent beat – that takes your powerful mind away from all the self-doubt that shaded you before.

Good Good Good‘ from the Miami, Florida-based indie singer-songwriter Javii, is a therapeutic track that so many of us can certainly sink our teeth into. After all the dark days that took our vital enthusiasm away at times, this is that resurrecting effort that shows that there is indeed a way out of the gloom and into the sun again. When you want to self-improve, there is always a way that illuminates your soul awake again.

Check out this top new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

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Late Night Ride: Remy Prosper returns with the sumptuously delivered ‘U Don’t Know’

After previously having his music placed in Netflix’s “Grand Army” and the CW’s “Black Lightning”, Remy Prosper slices off a sizzling single off his 5-track EP release called ‘Supernova‘, with the hot track to raise your temperature called ‘U Don’t Know‘.

Remy Prosper is a tremendously well-respected Los Angeles, California/Miami, Florida-based indie composer and music producer.

His distinct sound and production style stems from a wide range of influences. From classical baroque music to Quincy Jones and The Beatles, Remy’s music background has always been eclectic.” ~ Remy Prosper

You sense that this is a top track to lather calmly inside, with a delightful and elegant style that has you feeling so reinvigorated by the quality brought forward. Streaming into your curious mind with much class – this is a sensual song to be truly enamoured by – as each second just seems to get better and better.

U Don’t Know‘ from the Los Angeles/Miami-based composer and music producer Remy Prosper, sends a shiver through your spine that you might have forgotten existed. There is a ravishing beat here that totally captivates you on this deep house gem of note, that is the perfect Friday night track to truly sink your whole body into. Made with a crystalized feeling you just can’t shake off, there is much to love about a track that will truly have your heart beating so much faster.

Check out this top new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

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