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Right Now: Nigerian rapper Oscar The THOG drops new single ‘Bounce’ (ft. Don Pietro)

With an African party vibe that certainly has you listening closer in absolute fascination, Oscar The THOG drops that late-night after-the-party new single called ‘Bounce(ft. Don Pietro).

Onwe Oscar aka Oscar The THOG is a Enugu, Nigeria-based trap artist. He is young in the game and still finding his way, experimenting with different styles for the time being, while he finds the treasure-filled road he wants to rap down.

Bounce is a trap song in its basic elements. With a touch of EDM and lively dance vibes to it which make you want to jump up and make that booty bounce.” – Oscar The THOG

His style is super confident as he tells her exactly what he wants and right now, his mind is made up as the heart is beating so fast and doesn’t ever want the night to end. The raps are intensely thrown down and this is a new school quick-fire rap track, that gets to the point quickly.

Bounce(ft. Don Pietro) from the Nigerian trap rapper Oscar The THOG, shows us a lights-off moment when you are with that special person in your life. This is a strictly 18+ track with a mature audience sticker attached – as we are introduced to a new artist who flows in with a very self-assured attitude – that is easy to spot as he makes his name known to all trap fans.

Hear this new track on Soundcloud and check out his IG music page for more blazing visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nigeria’s Bibicentric rises up to deliver a modern day gem on ‘Monophobia’

Bibicentric aka Bibi is a sweet-voiced Nigerian singer who has just released the glorious gem that is ‘Monophobia‘.

Monophobia‘ is the debut EP to come from the Afro-soul artist with a voice that is transcendent. Rich with R&B vocals and cool jazz styles, ‘Monophobia‘ is sensual and laid-back with deep emotions and true stories from her life. ‘Monophobia‘ takes on love, both good and bad and also family life.

Working with bassist Godwinscat and producer General, with features from Obasax and Happy Quartet, the debut EP from Bibicentric is a deeply personal introduction to the fine R&B singer. She takes her chance and wins on this release. Her voice is so pure and you can feel the emotion when she sings.

There is very little swag here and she focuses on the music. This is a welcome addition to 2020 and the beauty flows over each song, much to my hearts content. After starting her music career at the tender age of 15, you can just hear that this is an artist who in the zone and ready to explode all over the world.

The highlights for me on the album is ‘What Love Feels Like‘, ‘Toxic‘ and ‘Mama’s Prayers‘. These three songs strike hot and are vibrantly sung. They fully showcase Bibi’s voice and dazzle the speakers. There are no bad songs on this EP however and everything is so well done.

Bibicentric impresses highly on ‘Monophobia‘. This is a fine EP that deserve lots of love globally due to her stunning voice and excellent production. Nigeria’s finest has just arrived to take over.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Stream the new album here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

King Uche marks 2020 with powerful storytelling on Hip Hop’s ‘Crash’

King Uche is a Nigerian rapper who is back with his latest offering to the world on Hip Hop fused up to the max ‘Crash‘.

The vibe is a like cruising in a fly car while pulling up to the party after a crazy day. This is a quite intimidating beat that is an street Hip Hop beat that catches your attention and then end unexpectedly. A smart move as to get our fingers to click follow. This is a dope track that brings us some better music from this often watered down genre.

Alternating between Nigeria and Miami, King Uche is slowly building up a strong team and fans during his journey of discovery. This is an artist that truly believes that he can reach the very top of the game and I like this confidence.

King Uche’s ‘Crash’ is is a top notch Hip Hop track that is up there with the best. With stylish beats and flows like this, the future African King is going to be at a festival near you in 2021.

Stream this new flow-ride Hip Hop track here on Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen