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LA trap rapper Lemonstar is back with 2nd single ‘Beverly Hills’

LA trap rapper Lemonstar returns with his 2nd ever single called ‘Beverly Hills‘.

This is all about showing that special person in your life that you are for real. You will go anywhere in town and show her that you should be the main man. You are willing to flex if you need to but that is not really your style. You just want to be with them and cruise wherever to be seen.

Beverly Hills‘ from LA artist Lemonstar is a smooth drive with the homies type of track. The beat is very new school, with the usual trap kind of sound. This song is less that 2 minutes and I like this track a lot. This is a fine track that flows the whole way though and makes you want to dance all night.

LA rapper Lemonstar is on the way up and has a big group of loyal fans already. He is surely set for big things as he has the sound that the youngsters into rap crave. Expect to hear more from this fine young artist.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

King Uche marks 2020 with powerful storytelling on Hip Hop’s ‘Crash’

King Uche is a Nigerian rapper who is back with his latest offering to the world on Hip Hop fused up to the max ‘Crash‘.

The vibe is a like cruising in a fly car while pulling up to the party after a crazy day. This is a quite intimidating beat that is an street Hip Hop beat that catches your attention and then end unexpectedly. A smart move as to get our fingers to click follow. This is a dope track that brings us some better music from this often watered down genre.

Alternating between Nigeria and Miami, King Uche is slowly building up a strong team and fans during his journey of discovery. This is an artist that truly believes that he can reach the very top of the game and I like this confidence.

King Uche’s ‘Crash’ is is a top notch Hip Hop track that is up there with the best. With stylish beats and flows like this, the future African King is going to be at a festival near you in 2021.

Stream this new flow-ride Hip Hop track here on Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen