Kane Winehouse shows the fight needed to stay above the cruel carnage on ‘Calm During the Storm’

Keeping his emotions real and guiding his soul away from the fires that can burn you out forever, Kane Winehouse is so grateful that he is alive right now on ‘Calm During the Storm‘.

Kane Winehouse is a Leicester, UK-based indie hip hop artist who has impressively made it out of the matrix and continues to develop spiritually.

Raw and rejuvenating, he uses his writing process as a way of healing through his own hardships and wants to take his listeners along for the journey.” ~ Kane Winehouse

Praying for tomorrow and sensing that he is so lucky to be alive and wants to take advantage of this fact, Kane Winehouse sends a toast to all those actual warriors who have stuck by his side even when the winds blew many away into the darkness. There is an underground brilliance here that is rather incredibly ear-warming and takes you back to the streets where real music lives.

Calm During the Storm‘ from Leicester, UK-based indie hip hop artist Kane Winehouse is one of the best songs with a proper message you might hear all year. There is a calming nature on offer from an enlighten figure who has emerged from the floor. With a letter to the world that should inspire many to keep the faith, this is a track to nod your head with and turn up real loud.

When you believe you can win, anything is possible no matter the current climate.

Hear this fab new single on Spotify and check out the progress on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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