JKLN shows us the tears and blood that have spilt onto the terrorized streets with, ‘Welcome to Ukraine’

As the undeserved slaughter continues when the shaken world needed peace and understanding instead of terrifying carnage, JKLN has dropped a song that should shock many who are still wondering why this happened with her latest release, ‘Welcome to Ukraine‘.

JKLN (pronounced Jacqueline) is a Kyiv, Ukraine-born, Athens, Greece-raised, Berlin, Germany-based indie electronic artist and music producer.

Combining deep and dark electronic dance productions with dreamy pop-inspired vocals JKLN has crafted a sound that blurs the lines between different musical worlds.” ~ JKLN

With a menacing tone that seems to somehow take you onto the battlefield to witness the sad destruction, JKLN is rather magnificent with a powerful performance that shall have your heart palpitating with fear as you imagine the absolute butchery that has taken place without cause.

Welcome to Ukraine‘ from Berlin, Germany-based indie electronic artist/music producer JKLN is a thunderous release that is packed with mystery and a heavy beat that shall awaken you rather quickly. This Ukraine-born artist has understandably been affected by the current war and sends us an epic soundtrack, to invite us inside the despair that has killed and displaced millions who deserved much better.

Showing us her music progression that has reached a world-class level, this is a reminder that the world isn’t fair sometimes but through music, we can understand the story a bit better if we open up our ears.

Hear this top new single on Spotify and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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