Bosnian Trouble – Trouble’s Brewing!

Bosnian Trouble has got it good. In fact his lifestyle is poppin,’ so much so that he has dedicated a song to the very fact. Rap music has always been interested in celebrating the achievements and gains in life just as easily as it reflects on the struggles and strife that it takes to get there and Lifestyle Poppin’ is a one man party tune. He revels in the dope and the girls, the material gains and the image, and why not its what rap does best, always has and always will.

Lifestyle poppin’ is a slick blend of old-school, grooving hip-hop, confident street level rap and skittering electronic vibe. Okay, we have all heard something similar before, sort of, it’s built on a certain familiarity, for sure, and sticks faithfully to the rap canon of cool flow and edgy content but it is also cohesive, glossy, stylish, and sophisticated, as the unique melodies get compressed through a hypnotic but edgy streetwise delivery. Not only is he trouble, he’s a major threat to the rap scene..that’s a good thing, right?

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