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Korfian overcomes his stifling doubts on the heavy new track ‘Sabotage’

Sabotage by Korfian

After the intensity of his previous Cardinal-inspired single ‘White Smoke’, Korfian returns with his original aplomb-packed ambience that never ceases to stun even the most open-minded on his latest ear-rattler, ‘Sabotage‘.

Korfian is an Athens, Greece-based alternative artist and graphic designer, Spyros Psarras, who assembles that type of sound which is perfect for dramatic movies that need a compelling soundtrack.

The project began in 2015 after a personal breakdown and got released in the form of a 4-track EP named Baroque in 2017. A year after, Baroque is followed by the 5-track Event Horizon led by Territorial, a signature Korfian anthem about possessiveness and obsession.” ~ Korfian

With a vocal ability that sets him far apart from his peers, Korfian is a magnificent artist that always makes songs that are away from any sort of cheesy fad and only seems to create that sizzling kind of firey melody you’ll find hard to forget.

Sabotage‘ from the multi-skilled Athens, Greece-based alternative artist Korfian, sends a shiver down our bodies as this is honest music at its most creative. This is the story about finding that belief that has been locked inside you so deep, you had to pull it out with all the muscle you could muster up all at once. He sounds composed, ready to strive higher than before and with this comprehensively inspired form, to send the world something to truly be excited by. He has certainly succeeded with his musical skill to dazzle those who are looking for something different to listen to.

Listen up to this new single on Bandcamp and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Clocks Are Standing Still: Angils wonders deeply in the darkness on ‘Time Still’

Following up on their previous release called ‘Arising‘, Angils yearns for things to speed up so that they may live in peace again with the latest single that is sung with much fervent vigour on ‘Time Still‘.

Angils is a Greek indie-rock band. Recorded at the well-known Lizard Sound Studios in Athens, this is an introspective track that has certainly been made with high quality in mind for the seasoned listener.

Showing us inside his mind as he tries to get into that happy light-filled place where he wants to be thriving inside, Angils gives us an old school experience that is a timeless track we can all lather in reflectively. There is much to like about such a riveting track that keeps you on tenterhooks the whole way through and feels like it belongs in a dramatic movie.

Time Still‘ from the Greek indie-rock band Angils, is a vividly-described song that has been made with classic energy that is filled with deep vocals and quality guitar solos that reminds you of better times. This is the type of nostalgic wonder you have been waiting for, as it grips you close and shakes all that slumber off your body. You will probably be playing this again and again, as you turn the volume up and let it heal your whole soul from any self-doubt you may be encountering.

Hear this deep audio on YouTube and see more via the Twitter music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Always Believe: Matt Marlow finds his soul again from within to truly shine like a ‘Light’

After enduring such a potentially soul-crushing year as the emotional pain was at an all-time breaking point due to so many sudden tragedies, Matt Marlow decided to do something about it and fearlessly ventured into making music that conclusively helped his heart see the ‘Light‘.

Matt Marlow is an Athens, Georgia-based indie-pop solo artist and dawg dad who sings with that gritty determination that only comes when you want it enough.

It’s crazy what can happen when you believe in yourself. That’s what this kid is all about. From a shitty 2020 being alone due to Covid, losing both grandpas, his dog, and the end of a relationship, I was lost and depressed, to say the least.” ~ Matt Marlow

Matt Marlow shines a bright light on what happened in the past and how he had to fight so hard to dig himself out of a quick-sand hole so deep, that it almost took him under forever. After losing so many close ones – he can now smile and be happy again – as he has found that creative outlet that was missing his whole life.

Light‘ from the Athens, Georgia-based indie-pop solo artist and massive Braves baseball fan Matt Marlow, is such a beaming revelation that only brings joy to all those who are lucky enough to witness this excellent track. It’s incredible to think that this is a relative newcomer who is only finding his feet in this world, as he brings a smile to many faces who have been through so much hardship lately. This is an absolute gem that is sung with so much true grace and love, that is unquestionably one of the best pop releases so far in 2021.

Check out this quality song from a truly exhilarating artist via Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Following The Pattern: Korfian returns with Catholic Church-inspired ‘White Smoke’

The unique Korfian is back with a hypnotizing new single all about the story of the Cardinal on a song that will have you thinking within on ‘White Smoke’.

Korfian is the music project of indie recording artist and graphic designer, Spyros Psarras who is based in Athens, Greece.

With influences such as Zola Jesus, Woodkid, Florence + The Machine, Ladytron and iamamiwhoami, you can feel his tense beat style of music, as you know you are witnessing an artist who makes music to satisfy his creative urges, not to be involved in any type of fad.

You feel his vocals wash over you, as he takes us through a lesson in history with his storytelling ability and knowledge about the subject. The lyrics open the door and lead you in, as the haunting melody flashes intensely into your eyes.

White Smoke’ from Korfian is the song that will have you in a gaze, as you think about your own beliefs and religion. This is a song that feels movie-like and will be in your mind for a while, as you try and take it all in.

Stream this new song on his YouTube and follow the IG for more release news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dust to gold: Greek band Pulse. raise our heartbeat with the terrific ‘Red World’

Taken off their latest eight-track album recorded with a real purpose in mind, Pulse. illuminate our minds with the vividly stunning effort called ‘Red World‘.

Pulse. are a Athens, Greece five-piece alternative indie-rock act with a clear vision for making music to help bring us closer together, in this polluted world full of garbage and divisiveness.

Inspired by the different cities they have been to over the years, you can certainly feel the British-fused sound lighting up their three guitar core and strong vocals, that only transmits a welcome edge that is so sharp and mighty.

This is the story of finding that person you used to be, through a special lover that lights up your mind again. The world is red right now as it burns to the ground and by meeting that mind-changing human, you can find the open door again and flourish like you should.

The electric guitar sizzle captures your body into a different type of trance you are used to, as their energy has your heart beating extra fast to their whirlwind sounds of magnificence.

Red World‘ from powerful Greek five-piece gems Pulse., is a translucent sound of meaningful emotions from a riveting band that play music to bring this planet happiness, away from all the bad things going on. This is a sterling effort that sprays only sunshine through the cloudy skies.

Hear this top track on Soundcloud and see more info about future live shows soon on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A thing for battle scars: Georgia’s Sarah Mootz misses their parents and ‘The Dog’ on heartfelt breakup story

With a lusciously classy voice that is so lovable you just want to hug her, Sarah Mootz is supremely self-reflective on the passionate story about being used in a relationship she regrets on ‘The Dog‘.

Sarah Mootz is a spirited Athens, Georgia indie-pop songwriter, who sings passionately with that inner desire to teach others to be themselves and to embrace their quirks and flaws, whilst always being authentic and real, no matter what the small-minded say.

Her honest vocals strike your heart instantly as you remember being in her place before, with someone that is only with you for one reason and as soon as its done, you just miss their family and that’s it. You feel like it was actually a waste of time romantically but at least you made a new friend in the pup and had a strong connection with their parents. Lyrics about not listening to your Dad adds so much to the story, when you are young you always think you know better but should of trusted their instincts.

The chorus so marvelously catchy and you can’t help but feel for her, as you close your eyes and remember those times when you thought you were with the right person. Her lyrics are so touching and the splendid soundscape takes you into a different world, while feeling sad at times but knowing that she will find her true love, through the darkness after all.

The Dog‘ from the syrup-tipped voice of Georgia’s Sarah Mootz, is a true story of being with someone that didn’t love you as much as you cared for them. The harsh but valuable lesson has been learnt and it might make you a bit colder for a while, but hopefully the warmth will come back into your heart, so you can love like you should again. Those battle scars always heal over time and make you stronger.

Hear this wonderfully authentic single on her Spotify and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sayii January put tranquillity and soul back into contemporary Hip Hop with “Eastside Hills”

Sayii January

Many cities are renowned for the Hip Hop artists they produce, but if you step outside of New York, LA and Detroit, you’ll encounter beguilingly distinctive Rap artists such as Sayii January.

Their latest single Eastside Hills captures the culture of their hometown of Athens, the sunny tonal warmth hits with intoxicating ambience while Sayii January’s evocatively melodious harmonic bars find perfect synergy with the deftly-crafted beats.

The old school jazzy sound may be a commonly-found nuance in contemporary Hip Hop, but when listening to Eastside Hills, it may as well have been the first time you get to drink in the trickling organic notes around the steady tempo of the Trap beats.

After hearing Eastside Hills, it is safe to say that if anyone can put Athens on the map for Hip Hop, it’s Sayii January.

You can check out their sensually approach to their sound for yourselves by heading over to iTunes now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Emerald Dream release latest Rock single Acheron Galaxy

Infusing that old school Rock essence through the latest piece ‘Acheron Galaxy’ by Emerald Dream, it’s manic, it’s loud and it’s an insane piece of music.

Starting off with the thunderous shreds on the guitar, adding in that hard-hitting drum beat as the instrumentation serves pure loudness as the volume is amped up and everything becomes a bit more chaotic, adding in a fast pace tap on the piano keys to intertwine with the melody.

Everything about this piece gives the lovers of Rock and Roll what they want, the vocals have a gruff sounding tone to them, speeding up a lot as the tune on the piano keys gets faster and faster, than dragging out the instrumentation and the vocals to create that suspenseful rhythm as everything kicks back into full volume, insane guitar solos, the forceful band on the drum and hitting every piano key perfectly, everything joining together in the best way.

Now if you haven’t checked this one out by Emerald Dream then you must.

Listen to Acheron Galaxy by Emerald Dream by heading on over to Youtube now.

Review by Karley Myall