It’s True: Dylan De Bono can’t believe its all over on Lost without You

Saying goodbye to his girlfriend in the most sincere way possible, Dylan De Bono is in a reflective gaze which will hold the hearts of many who have lost someone romantically on Lost without You.

Dylan De Bono is a Malta-born indie pop artist who has brought in the excellent skill set of Macedonian musician guitarist Kristijan Volchev on this ear-enhancing track.

The first collaborative song with Kristijan Volchev, who also produced the song. I was in the process of making arrangements to leave my home country of Malta to go on a long world tour to promote my new album Loose Wire. Although exciting, this period was very heartbreaking for me, having to say goodbye to my girlfriend at the time.” ~ Dylan De Bono

After delighting us with a terrific interview to remember forever, Dylan De Bono sings with a real passion you just can’t buy. Natural all the way and taking us down a romantic path that is no longer available no matter the past tenderness, this is a must-listen single.

Lost without You from Malta-born indie pop artist Dylan De Bono is a modern-day classic which will be felt deeply by millions of lost souls. Taking us through an emotional journey which will pull on many heartstrings, taking us all into the precise moment when everything changed forever.

Sometimes love needs to fly away in order to be in the right place.

Turn this up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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