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It’s True: Dylan De Bono can’t believe its all over on Lost without You

Saying goodbye to his girlfriend in the most sincere way possible, Dylan De Bono is in a reflective gaze which will hold the hearts of many who have lost someone romantically on Lost without You.

Dylan De Bono is a Malta-born indie pop artist who has brought in the excellent skill set of Macedonian musician guitarist Kristijan Volchev on this ear-enhancing track.

The first collaborative song with Kristijan Volchev, who also produced the song. I was in the process of making arrangements to leave my home country of Malta to go on a long world tour to promote my new album Loose Wire. Although exciting, this period was very heartbreaking for me, having to say goodbye to my girlfriend at the time.” ~ Dylan De Bono

After delighting us with a terrific interview to remember forever, Dylan De Bono sings with a real passion you just can’t buy. Natural all the way and taking us down a romantic path that is no longer available no matter the past tenderness, this is a must-listen single.

Lost without You from Malta-born indie pop artist Dylan De Bono is a modern-day classic which will be felt deeply by millions of lost souls. Taking us through an emotional journey which will pull on many heartstrings, taking us all into the precise moment when everything changed forever.

Sometimes love needs to fly away in order to be in the right place.

Turn this up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Interview: Dylan De Bono leads us into the story behind Lost Without You

Teaching us more about his new single Lost Without You after previously gliding us through space on You Got Me so High, Malta’s Dylan De Bono kindly let us into his mind inside this mesmerizing interview. We find out more about a powerful open mic connection, a massive world tour and a medical career.

We appreciate you joining us. Hello from A&R Factory. Please let our readers know where you’re from/based and what the last song you played was.

My pleasure! Great to be a part of this. So, I’m from Malta! Let’s see … the last song I played was … John Mayer, ‘You’re gonna live forever in me’.

Please tell us more about Lost Without You.

Sure. So, ‘Lost Without You’ is the first collaborative song with Kristijan Volchev, who also produced the song. I was in the process of making arrangements to leave my home country of Malta to go on a long world tour to promote my new album Loose Wire. Although exciting, this period was very heartbreaking for me, having to say goodbye to my girlfriend at the time. Not only did I find this very difficult for me personally but I also felt the heavy burden of hurting my sweet girl by leaving her behind. So, I’m trying to reassure her in the song, that she will always be loved and missed no matter what. That’s life, man. Sometimes you just have to make tough decisions to arrive where you want to be. The song is essentially a pop song by genre, although it is spiced with juicy guitar licks and 70’s esque guitar solos. So, maybe you can call it an ‘alternative pop’ song. We kept the song very minimalistic, driven by a soulful vocal melody and an RnB inspired electric guitar line.

How did you first connect with and what is the collaboration with Macedonian musician guitarist Kristijan Volchev like?

So, I met Kristijan at an open Mic event over a year ago and we hit it off. He needed a singer for one of his gigs and we really hit it off. Since then we’ve been playing gigs together several times per week, so as you can imagine we became very good friends and we know each other’s abilities quite well. Kristijan started to support me in my own concerts promoting my album and even joined me on some of my European tour dates. Eventually, the musical partnership we had naturally developed into exploring songwriting together. Again, we found that we make a very complimentary partnership. It’s based on trust and mutual respect. Writing together has been smooth, fun and inspiring. So, since ‘Lost Without You’ we continued to write other songs, which we are very excited to share in the near future.

Is there a particular song you hear and wish you’d written?

Good question! Definitely ‘Everybody wants to rule the world’ by Tears for Fears. Such a good guitar riff and terrific melody. But it’s tied with David Bowie’s ‘Life on Mars’ – simply genius. I’m attracted to interesting pop music, that’s what inspires me.

Your current world tour. How has it been, where have you gone, any highlights or things to rather do next time?

So far I’ve toured Eastern Europe, including Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. We’re off to ‘Macedonia’ in May, then back to London. I will go to the US this summer, then Asia, including Japan and South Korea in September.

So far, it’s been the biggest adventure of my life. Nothing helps new people to discover your music like touring does. There is just something so unique and special about the relationship an artist can create with his audience, which surpasses anything in the online or virtual world, especially in the small, intimate venues that I am playing. Of course the performances are always such an adrenaline rush, but honestly, the highlight is the new friendships I am making along the way, and this is really fueling the success of the experience.

Do you miss being a doctor or will you return to this job when you return?

That’s a hard question to answer. I dedicated a huge chunk of my life to my medical career and I’ve tried to balance being a doctor and creating music my whole life. I was a happy doctor. I liked my job. I loved my colleagues and supervisors. In fact, I miss them the most. But at the moment, I’m so motivated and dedicated to my musical career, that I don’t dwell on it very much. I feel I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing at the moment. In the future, who knows?

Lastly, what can you tell us about Loose wire?

Loose Wire! This is my first solo album, which I released last November. I’m so proud of it! It was always a life dream or you can say an obsession to release a full album and get it on Vinyl. I feel Loose Wire really represents me as an artist and as a person. It is very autobiographical. I wrote the songs, alongside producer David Vella, over a 3-4 year period. At the time I was going through the learning process of building myself up again fresh from a breakup which emotionally disturbed me quite deeply. The album is about heartbreak, self-exploration and living a bit on the wild side to forget about the heartbreak, as you do after a relationship ends. So a lot of people can relate. There are alot of wild stories in the songs. So one can say it’s an electro-pop concept album. We tried to make it a bit edgy, dark and sexy yet we tried to balance this with quirkiness and a good sense of humour, which really fits my personality. The best examples of this are the tracks ‘Feeling Shit Right Now’ and ‘I Can’t Say no (When You Go Down)’. The album is out on all platforms of course, and if anyone wishes to purchase an LP, they can just drop me a line on Instagram and I will send it out!

Hear more on Spotify.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Malta’s Dylan De Bono sends love to the Ukrainian girl who made his heart happy for the first time on ‘You Got Me so High’

Taken from his debut solo album ‘Loose Wire’, Dylan De Bono sends much respect to a kind girl who taught him the true meaning of what love actually was on the space-filled hit single, ‘You Got Me so High‘.

Dylan De Bono is a Malta-based indie-pop/retro-futuristic solo singer-songwriter who was formerly in the local pop group, Royals.

The result is a personally inspired, sonically cohesive body of work – dark, seductive, edgy, yet interspersed with honest vulnerability. A combination of 80’s pop influence and modern club hits define the sound of the album.” ~ Dylan De Bono

Showing us that romance can be so simple if you let it flow in your veins without any extra baggage, Dylan De Bono has dropped something rather extraordinary here in a time of need for millions of anxious souls.

The release date of this video coincided with a very dark time in our world and for that reason, I was hesitant to release. However, I wrote this song about a girl from Ukraine. A girl who showed me what true beauty is. I release this song as both a tribute to her and also a tribute to the Ukrainian nation which she represents – A nation of beauty.” ~ Dylan De Bono

You Got Me so High‘ from Malta-based indie-pop/retro-futuristic solo artist Dylan De Bono, is a quality release that will put you in a frame of mind that shall shake your core like a washing machine. A story of that love that wasn’t allowed in a time that shocked the world, as we are treated to an artist who sings with such true emotion. With a catchy beat that takes you to a higher place, this is something to embrace as we all desire that calm will be restored soon, in a country that needs all the hope it can get at the moment.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more news via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Oh No! – Royals’ Dylan De Bono is ‘Feeling S**t Right Now’

‘Maltese singer-songwriter’ isn’t a phrase you get to use all that often as a music reviewer, but when it comes to Dylan De Bono it’s one that we can fully expect to become much more common in 2021 and beyond. As one half of pop duo Royals, Dylan’s no stranger to musical acclaim, but with this – the first single from forthcoming solo album ‘Loose Wire’ – De Bono brings us an absolute belter of an electro-pop banger.

Dark yet humorous, edgy and sexy, with one eye on that perfect pop mix of accessibility and catchiness whilst avoiding cliché or ‘throw-away-ness’ (is that a thing?) and the other on an absolutely spot on understanding of dancefloor groove and pop-radio immediacy (aided, no doubt, by the writing and production collaboration with maestro David Vella), ‘Feeling S**t Right Now’ is a superb melting pot of clubby dance stunner and autobiographical songwriting, a mix of 70’s disco, 80’s club classic, and totally up-to-date electro-pop killer. Prince and Bowie mix with the Pet Shop Boys, Years & Years, and David Guetta here, to produce what may be one of the first ‘spot-on’ pop songs of 2021. The sound of the summertime might have just landed.

Check out the official video for ‘Feeling S**t Right Now’ on YouTube, and follow Dylan De Bono on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes