It Feels Like Years Now: Oxford rock band Dirty Money feel like they are sinking with ‘If’ (Dirty Mix)

If (Dirty Mix) by Dirty Money

Recorded at SAE Oxford in July this year, Dirty Money reminisce about that past life as things haven’t been the same since your former lover left abruptly on ‘If(Dirty Mix).

Dirty Money is an experienced high-octane Oxfordshire, UK-based indie rock band with a tremendous dynamic force flowing in the veins of their easy-on-the-ear soundscape.

Dirty Money completed its line up formation in February 2021. Born out of the demise of their previous band Chemical Pulse, guitarist Mark Walker and bassist Ross Hutton set about creating a new band with the purpose of creating original songs.” ~ Dirty Money

He sings with such a lighter-fueled spark that lights up this potent track which will have you thinking about that special person you thought you would be with forever. This lively UK band back him up with a punchy vibe that has you nodding your happy head the whole way through. Their strength-filled energy is highly noticeable and there is so much to like here, as their compelling sound is rather transfixing and full of that rare flair we all love to submerge heartily into.

Anchored by their deep influences from rock, metal, punk, and so many other genres, what comes out is a powerful rock quintet that delivers high energy performances with an emphasis on engaging audiences.” ~ Dirty Money

If(Dirty Mix) from the Oxfordshire, UK-based indie rock band Dirty Money, is the story about wishing that they would come back to you. You have been sinking like slippery quick-sand lately and wonder if the ex is happy in their new life, as you can’t help daydreaming about their sweet lips right next to yours.

Made with a consistently edgy energy which flows terrifically in your mind, this is a real underground gem all about wanting that special person back in your life again.

Turn up this rocking track on Bandcamp and see more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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