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Oxfordshire sound designer Mosa has unveiled his poetically postmodernist score, helicopter

Game composer by day and sound designer by night, the Oxfordshire-based artist Mosa evidently has a talent for creating immersive worlds. If anyone can exhibit the intrinsic beauty in melancholy, it is Mosa; his latest single, helicopter, is the ultimate testament to his ability to build poetry and a bitter-sweet neo-classic electronica score from scorned emotion.

Juxtaposingly creating an even balance between etherealism and visceralism, helicopter is an achingly artful aural memoir of ennui. The postmodernist reflective piece enmeshes you within the lyrical and vocal vulnerability, while the intricately weaved cinematic layers conceptually depict curtains closing. It is the ultimate consolation for outliers through the sonic resonance and affirmation that whatever you’re sinking into has sunk many of the beautiful minds that came before you.

Helicopter will land on February 3rd. Get onboard via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

It Feels Like Years Now: Oxford rock band Dirty Money feel like they are sinking with ‘If’ (Dirty Mix)

If (Dirty Mix) by Dirty Money

Recorded at SAE Oxford in July this year, Dirty Money reminisce about that past life as things haven’t been the same since your former lover left abruptly on ‘If(Dirty Mix).

Dirty Money is an experienced high-octane Oxfordshire, UK-based indie rock band with a tremendous dynamic force flowing in the veins of their easy-on-the-ear soundscape.

Dirty Money completed its line up formation in February 2021. Born out of the demise of their previous band Chemical Pulse, guitarist Mark Walker and bassist Ross Hutton set about creating a new band with the purpose of creating original songs.” ~ Dirty Money

He sings with such a lighter-fueled spark that lights up this potent track which will have you thinking about that special person you thought you would be with forever. This lively UK band back him up with a punchy vibe that has you nodding your happy head the whole way through. Their strength-filled energy is highly noticeable and there is so much to like here, as their compelling sound is rather transfixing and full of that rare flair we all love to submerge heartily into.

Anchored by their deep influences from rock, metal, punk, and so many other genres, what comes out is a powerful rock quintet that delivers high energy performances with an emphasis on engaging audiences.” ~ Dirty Money

If(Dirty Mix) from the Oxfordshire, UK-based indie rock band Dirty Money, is the story about wishing that they would come back to you. You have been sinking like slippery quick-sand lately and wonder if the ex is happy in their new life, as you can’t help daydreaming about their sweet lips right next to yours.

Made with a consistently edgy energy which flows terrifically in your mind, this is a real underground gem all about wanting that special person back in your life again.

Turn up this rocking track on Bandcamp and see more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Believed In Me: UK singer Stu Read apologizes for not being there on ‘I’m Sorry (For The Worry)’

As he sings passionately with such sadness and much regret, Stu Read tells us the heartbreaking story of not being around when he knows he should of been on ‘I’m Sorry (For The Worry)‘.

Stu Read is a soulful Oxfordshire, England-based indie pop/folk singer-songwriter and music producer. He has an ability to strike your heart with a stunning array of vocal skills, that reaches notes you thought impossible.

This song is all about reflecting on loss. Its a man who is looking back, and wishing he could have the time all over again, as he mourns losing someone who cared for him, knowing he could have cared more for them. This song slowly builds, meandering through reflection, and climbing to a final apology.” – Stu Read

I’m Sorry (for The Worry)‘ from the deeply-textured Oxfordshire-based music producer and indie folk/pop singer-songwriter Stu Read, is a harrowing tale of feeling that you should of, and could of done much more. Standing tall now and trying to make up for the time lost, he makes amends terrifically with a lovely song that will have you reaching for those tissues.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jamie Felton Releases Feel Good Pop Song “Grab My Hips And Sway”

Jamie Felton is a multifaceted music artist from Oxfordshire who does not only sing and play the guitar. He writes, arranges, records and produces his tracks himself and is also capable of playing a variety of instruments as well. This guy is truly amazing at what he does and his passion for music shines through and is noticeable by anyone. His latest release “Grab My Hips and Sway” features a high energy arrangement and a tuneful melody that you will not be forgetting any time soon. This song is not just a feel good song though. It features an interesting arrangement and a surprise at the end with a horn section building up the climax and final chorus.

With some very rhythmically active guitar parts and a cool sense of melody the song starts off simple and evolves into a party. One of the most interesting aspects though, is Jamie’s vocal tone quality and his performance style. With a tone colour that is very suitable for rock and roll and soul, he creates a pop sound that it unlike any other. This guy definitely knows how to make music ideas in his head come to life, and the fact that all his music is made by him from start to finish proves that he is ready to have a solid career in music. Listen to the song and watch out for more !

-Sarah Marie Bugeja