In the music zone: Newark Hip Hop artist Jimii drops ‘The only thing you gettin from the project for now’

The mysteriously elusive Newark Hip Hop artist Jimii is back with the breathlessly excellent ‘The only thing you gettin from the project for now‘.

Here is a musician who is chasing that money bag and isn’t up for any pointless waste of time at the moment. He is busy getting his music mastered and is on a mission right now to be great. He can taste it and wants the whole meal.

With a consistent flow that slowly builds up pace and swerves in with a skid that moves the block with a shake that is noticeable, we feel this young emcee’s special sauce on the mic. He is that underground King that hasn’t been crowned yet. His style is that of a man who knows that he need to do and he will move mountains for it to happen.

Jimii teases us on ‘The only thing you gettin from the project for now‘. You feel like his is an emcee that is biding his time, building his loyal team, perfecting his lyric delivery and when the time is right post-covid, he is going to get his chance at a festival and stamp his name over everyone’s faces. When you have that extra hungry and are willing to be patient, you can achieve anything you want.

Stream this Hip Hop banger on Soundcloud and see the IG story for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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