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Running Where The Cash Be: New York emcee Louie Tha Profit shows his triple threat bars with visuals for ‘The Don’

Taken off his latest 6-track release called ‘Born to Win‘, Queens rapper Louie Tha Profit shows us that he refuses to let the past define his journey with ‘The Don‘.

Louie Tha Profit is a Far Rockaway, New York-based Hip-Hop artist with a lyrical skill-set that is certainly up there with the best of his time.

Featuring a tight flow that packed with a smooth ambiance from a criminally underrated musician who seems like is in a good place mentally, he shreds the mic with an outstanding display with that delightfully old school beat attached. Each word is easy to hear and his intentions are clear – on a track that has your head bobbing with admiration – for an artist who is at his underground best.

The Don‘ from the highly confident New York-based rapper and skilled lyricist Louie Tha Profit, is a track all about letting go of the PTSD that this wild music game may unleash onto you. Showing clever basketball-inspired lyrics about comebacks and getting into your lane again so you can shoot the game winning shot of truth – this is an excellent track from a truly top notch Hip-Hop artist – who seems to be only getting better after each release.

See this new music video on YouTube and see his presence on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wanna Know Where My Funeral is: Astonishing UK producer Hizkit drops the futuristic marvel ’99 Lives’

As he flows so wickedly and with so many ideas blustering furiously into his complex mind, Hizkit is back with more intricate lyrics that will have you in awe of this criminally underrated talent on ‘99 Lives’.

Hizkit is a genre-bending alt hip hop producer/artist/creative designer hailing from the UK, who is known for being totally unique and often having a detached sense of lyricism, which allows our mind to be free and interpret his creations as we wish.

”Through his music, he has provided hazy interpretations of certain experiences and personal tribulations, with an often tongue-in-cheek approach to the way he explores intimate topics such as mental health and anti-sociality. ” – Hizkit

His raps with such delight strewn all over his delicious delivery, somehow cleverly coming up with futuristic-sounding flows that has you in shivers of delight — as he webs his way spider-like through this sensational song like an absolutely dialed-in genius — bringing us an epic track that is absolutely remarkable.

99 Lives‘ from the totally original UK-based emcee/producer Hizkit, is a galaxy-altering release with so many skills attached throughout from this once-in-a-lifetime lyricist. He puts it all on the line with bars so real and mind-twisting, they undoubtedly will blow your mind.

Hip hop is only getting better if this is the taste we can expect for the rest of 2021.

Stream this excellent release on YouTube and see on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Knowing your value: Sidney Celeste drops breathtaking Hip Hop single ‘Axis Mundi’

Sidney Celeste drops one of the rawest rap tracks you will hear ever, on the blazing hot ‘Axis Mundi‘.

Louisiana-born, California-based original Hip Hop artist and positive-thinker Sidney Celeste is a talented young man that thinks out the box and has that extra hunger to succeed. He makes music to support his family so his Dad can quit his job and wants to inspire others to follow their dreams. This is an artist to support and this is exactly the attitude this self-centered influenced world needs more of.

His breathtaking rap delivery is so hot you might need a swim in the cold ocean and after-sun lathered to your whole body, to cool the burnt body down after this heatwave. The bars he is able to pull out is quite extraordinary and the scary thing is- he is only just getting started.

Axis Mundi‘ from California’s Sidney Celeste is a fierce journey about making a statement to other rappers around and also vividly showing the sexy story-telling of a Lord who has the ladies doing what he wants. This is a masterful lyricist who seems to be getting better and better, with his full potential not even reached yet. With lots of potential and an arsenal of wordplay yet to be discovered, future success is endless if he can stay focused and map out his whole plan without major distractions.

For some the confidence takes years to build up, but when you have that right sword in your armor, it can make you extremely powerful if you use it correctly for the greater good. Knowing your value and following your dreams is the only way to succeed in this shark-infested world.

Stream this fire track on Spotify and learn more about this fast-rising talent via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

In the music zone: Newark Hip Hop artist Jimii drops ‘The only thing you gettin from the project for now’

The mysteriously elusive Newark Hip Hop artist Jimii is back with the breathlessly excellent ‘The only thing you gettin from the project for now‘.

Here is a musician who is chasing that money bag and isn’t up for any pointless waste of time at the moment. He is busy getting his music mastered and is on a mission right now to be great. He can taste it and wants the whole meal.

With a consistent flow that slowly builds up pace and swerves in with a skid that moves the block with a shake that is noticeable, we feel this young emcee’s special sauce on the mic. He is that underground King that hasn’t been crowned yet. His style is that of a man who knows that he need to do and he will move mountains for it to happen.

Jimii teases us on ‘The only thing you gettin from the project for now‘. You feel like his is an emcee that is biding his time, building his loyal team, perfecting his lyric delivery and when the time is right post-covid, he is going to get his chance at a festival and stamp his name over everyone’s faces. When you have that extra hungry and are willing to be patient, you can achieve anything you want.

Stream this Hip Hop banger on Soundcloud and see the IG story for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Getting that whole bag: BoldBeats is going ‘All Out’ to get that cheese and feed his family

Taken off the brand new eleven track album ‘Paradigms‘, ‘All Out‘ from Hip Hop artist BoldBeats, is a song all about going for what you want in life, and not accepting anything less.

Tyrone Rhodes aka BoldBeats is a native of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and is a producer, singer, rapper and songwriter who is extra motivated to get all that green to provide for who he cares for. He has been around music his whole life and was born into his father’s music entertainment company. This is a man who is making his own lane too as he wants to be known for what he has achieved, which is highly admirable. With this extra self-motivation and constant awareness, he is a multi-talented creativity who can rip it on the mic.

His rap flow breezes though so smoothly and its hard not to like his vibe. With a style that is on a MVP level, he smashes through the doubters with a quick-fire energy that is so catchy on the ear. The story about getting money is put right at the top of priorities and he won’t be held down by any lady either. He is on a mission to make as much cash as possible and then move onto bigger and better things, whatever that may be.

BoldBeats goes ‘All Out‘ on this hot new Hip Hop track that has hit written all over it. His straight forward style is easy to like and play real loud. When you know what you want in life, petty things don’t matter anymore and you stay in a zone that lots of people that you once knew, will never understand as you are beyond mainstream.

Stream and support via his Spotify and see more about this rising artist on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That moment of realization that hits home hard: Chicago producer/lyricist duo SnapDibz drop real Hip Hop truth seeker ‘Dead2Me’

Atlanta native emcee Snap and Chicago producer Dibz have joined forces to power in with lots of excellent lyrics and potent production that has created the new SnapDibz hard-hitting track called ‘Dead2Me‘.

The ominously vivid electric energy that flows up from the dark seas of doom is the way this Hip Hop track starts and you know that this is going to be extra special. This intuition is proved correct this time and the honest lyrics clamp our souls with the story of how someone close wasn’t there when you were drowning, with no way out. That feeling of betrayal is described in detail like a Picasso painting, the picture of how you had your hand up and asked for help, but received nothing but crickets in return; is tough to take and you blame yourself.

His cutting edge lyrics mixed with this perfectly built beat is sharp like a Victorinox knife, that cuts real deep and twists your bones. The anger and regret in his voice bubbles up and can’t ever be popped, as the realization of being betrayed sinks into your brain. The time to heal and take stock of who will really be there for you is now on the top of your agenda.

The realistic truth is, a lot of people are only friends with you as they see something they like, it might not be visible at first but their true colors will show you in due time, no matter how well you think you know them.

Dead2Me‘ from Chicago’s SnapDibz is a truthfully sad reflection of our reality TV based world that has created monsters from merely showing how fake life can actually be successful. The power here on the beat and lyrics should be a stark warning to us all, that we need to be so careful who we let into our sea of life as they can turn the other way when you are struggling to breathe, leaving you to save yourself with no lifeguard around.

Feel the realness on Spotify and follow the max-skilled duo on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding that special soul: Marz Fay is so incredible on the beautiful lo-fi love story ‘Sunsets and Beaches’

You want things to stay the same forever and for her to never leave. South London’s immensely talented self-taught pianist, guitarist, videographer, lyricist, presenter and proudly LGBT musician Marz Fay, sings so beautifully on her new single ‘Sunsets and Beaches‘.

The stunning lofi-fi beat drifts above the lucid sea that simmers above all, as the clean waters shine through as the glorious sunset makes your heart shiver. You feel a sense of peace and calm in your heart after a crazy few months and you start to relax like you are on a perfect holiday.

Soon, her gorgeous vocals lifts the mood around and you feel the quality here as this is quite different from most copy and paste music. Her amazing tone holds throughout and nothing seems to be a strain, her voice seems effortless and natural, just the way truly inspiring music changes your perceptive.

This is the story of that sweet love as we are invited into this authentic story of how things can be so incredible with someone you really trust and care about. You laugh together, gaze into each others eyes all the time, share your hopes and fears and can keep their secrets. This is what true love is, as when you hold each other hands the fish jump in the water next to you and when you kiss each others lips, the stars sparkle from the sky above. Life is so beautifully simple and you remember each second as the time seems to slow down and you feel like you are in a different world.

Sunsets and Beaches‘ from South London’s multi-talented Marz Fay is a song that you can’t forget easily. The crackle of the vinyl adds so much class and her love story lyrics are so romantic. With a voice that is so genuine and sweet, this is my favorite release of 2020 and a tear streams down my cheek as I hope that these two can stay together forever. This is such a stunning song that shows that if you both want it enough, you can be with the person of your dreams.

Hear this lovely song via Spotify and see more of her journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen