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In the music zone: Newark Hip Hop artist Jimii drops ‘The only thing you gettin from the project for now’

The mysteriously elusive Newark Hip Hop artist Jimii is back with the breathlessly excellent ‘The only thing you gettin from the project for now‘.

Here is a musician who is chasing that money bag and isn’t up for any pointless waste of time at the moment. He is busy getting his music mastered and is on a mission right now to be great. He can taste it and wants the whole meal.

With a consistent flow that slowly builds up pace and swerves in with a skid that moves the block with a shake that is noticeable, we feel this young emcee’s special sauce on the mic. He is that underground King that hasn’t been crowned yet. His style is that of a man who knows that he need to do and he will move mountains for it to happen.

Jimii teases us on ‘The only thing you gettin from the project for now‘. You feel like his is an emcee that is biding his time, building his loyal team, perfecting his lyric delivery and when the time is right post-covid, he is going to get his chance at a festival and stamp his name over everyone’s faces. When you have that extra hungry and are willing to be patient, you can achieve anything you want.

Stream this Hip Hop banger on Soundcloud and see the IG story for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Getting that whole bag: BoldBeats is going ‘All Out’ to get that cheese and feed his family

Taken off the brand new eleven track album ‘Paradigms‘, ‘All Out‘ from Hip Hop artist BoldBeats, is a song all about going for what you want in life, and not accepting anything less.

Tyrone Rhodes aka BoldBeats is a native of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and is a producer, singer, rapper and songwriter who is extra motivated to get all that green to provide for who he cares for. He has been around music his whole life and was born into his father’s music entertainment company. This is a man who is making his own lane too as he wants to be known for what he has achieved, which is highly admirable. With this extra self-motivation and constant awareness, he is a multi-talented creativity who can rip it on the mic.

His rap flow breezes though so smoothly and its hard not to like his vibe. With a style that is on a MVP level, he smashes through the doubters with a quick-fire energy that is so catchy on the ear. The story about getting money is put right at the top of priorities and he won’t be held down by any lady either. He is on a mission to make as much cash as possible and then move onto bigger and better things, whatever that may be.

BoldBeats goes ‘All Out‘ on this hot new Hip Hop track that has hit written all over it. His straight forward style is easy to like and play real loud. When you know what you want in life, petty things don’t matter anymore and you stay in a zone that lots of people that you once knew, will never understand as you are beyond mainstream.

Stream and support via his Spotify and see more about this rising artist on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Looking so fresh: Houston emcee Andre shows his growing wisdom on the stylish ‘Beard’

Indie Houston Hip Hop artist Andre has a goal to spread peace and inner connection through music. He certainly blesses our sad hearts with a fun new single called ‘Beard’.

This is track 11 of the new full album ‘Difference Between Characters’, The warped atmospheric layer is crusted to the top of this fascinating start like a tasty treat. This new track follows on from the previous song ‘Vacation’ and is all about getting back to work as the relaxing time is over and gone. It’s time to get back to the hustle but first, you need to look good. After sorting out the sore head from a few too many adult beverages of course.

The beard is looking fresh now and the baby face days are over, you want to look older and wiser to impress the ladies. This is a track about just going for it now and cruising around the town feeling so good after a cut from the skilled barber.

Being an indie artist is the way forward as Houston’s Andre shows us the fly style that you need to impress on ‘Beard’. Looking all grizzly and caveman-like isn’t going to showcase him at his best so this is his statement track to inspire as all to groom a bit better. After all, when the time comes and you meet that special one, you want to look good to give you your best shot.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see more via Andre’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Show Stopper’ is the new bouncy Hip Hop track that features King Prince (ft Mystikal)

Taken off the new full album called ‘King Prince the Goat‘, this is such a hot track you will need to jump into a freezing lake just to cool down your sweaty body.

King Prince (ft Mystikal) are back and they shred the bars with the supremely catchy new track called ‘Show Stopper‘ and this is a track to savor and play again and again.

With its sultry lyrical delivery, a chorus that features a man on a huge comeback after many years of legal trouble, this is a banger of a track that needs our attention.

Show Stopper‘ is that flashy rap track with lots of bright lights and clever lyrics. You can feel the redemption here, these are two rappers that want to be right at the top of the game and this song is a start. With a style that is energetic and entertaining, these are two emcees with plenty to prove and you can feel the hunger here as they bite hard on this opportunity. King Prince (ft Mystikal) bring us the lit Hip Hop that 2020 needed with a song that is much like the title.

Click here for the Spotify page to hear this new Hip Hop banger.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Underground rapper Armour shreds the bars on politically-charged ‘Tik Tik Boom’

Underground rapper Armour shreds the bars fully on his new track ‘Tik Tik Boom‘.

Armour is an American singer-songwriter, rapper and poet. He is brilliant here on this new single. After releasing ‘Can’t Pierce Armour‘, ‘Knight In Shining Armour‘ & ‘Newz Flash‘ recently, he is on a tear in 2020. With a gloomy beat that soon kick-starts into place and the engine hums nicely here on this fine song.

Tik Tik Boom‘ is all about the looming fires that have burnt our world and in particular, the USA. The politics in the country are messy at best. The current system is not working and changes need to happen as soon as possible. The rain is falling down hard and the things are going to explode soon as we are on the tip of even worse things.

The lyrics and fire delivery starts off with fire here and Black Lives Matter is discussed here. The beat swarms and the vocals become even grittier as the song just gets better and better. This is a powerful Hip Hop statement and one that all fans should check out. This is a fairly new name in the game but this is a real talent with a wordsmith attitude. ‘Tik Tik Boom‘ is a top track from Armour.

Head through to the Spotify page.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘What Now Freestyle’ from Newark emcee Shabazz Talib is one of the best flows of 2020

Taken off the new EP from 2020 ‘Cheers to the Past‘, this is a formidable freestyle-type song that is such a bouncy listen.

What Now Freestyle‘ from emcee Shabazz Talib is one of the best flows of 2020 without doubt. This is a real story that is portrayed through a man who now knows what he wants. He is done over thinking about the world and just wants to make music and be happy.

The Newark, NJ native is in full form here. His flows are tight and the wordsmith is in an imperious mood here. He is sick and tired of dusting off those cobwebs off the past and doesn’t want to get bitten by those pesky spiders. He wants to be in a clear mind so that he can project his best work now. The past is in the past. The future is here.

What Now Freestyle‘ from the Newark emcee Shabazz Talib has one of the best beats and flows of the year on this one. In such a saturated market full of rappers, this is something fresh and real. It’s made for those true fans who appreciate a proper song for once and no mumbling garbage. This is what Hip Hop in 2020 should sound like.

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Head to the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen