I’m Used To It: NYC rapper DK Verano destroys the competition on Better Know Now

After engraving us inside his mission to view a masterpiece his mind couldn’t previously comprehend on PICTURE PERFECT, DK Verano is on absolute fire with his latest street banger Better Know Now.

DK Verano is a New York, USA-based hip-hop artist who has the kind of lyrical firepower which will convulse the core of many souls who need a new hero to believe in.

Lacerating open a barrage of brilliantly executed lyrical wizardry, DK Verano is rather formidable on this laser-sharp gem of a track. There is a rather impressive fusion of well-balanced carpentry to marvel at here, as we nibble on a stomach-filling entre to eat all self-doubts away with.

Better Know Now from New York, USA-based hip-hop artist DK Verano is a top-quality experience to turn up loud and explore with much enticement plastered all over our awestruck eardrums. Smashing our previously weary hearts and giving us a real thunderbolt to sip on happily, this is the type of single to turn up vociferously. Right now.

Listen up on Spotify. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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