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I’m Used To It: NYC rapper DK Verano destroys the competition on Better Know Now

After engraving us inside his mission to view a masterpiece his mind couldn’t previously comprehend on PICTURE PERFECT, DK Verano is on absolute fire with his latest street banger Better Know Now.

DK Verano is a New York, USA-based hip-hop artist who has the kind of lyrical firepower which will convulse the core of many souls who need a new hero to believe in.

Lacerating open a barrage of brilliantly executed lyrical wizardry, DK Verano is rather formidable on this laser-sharp gem of a track. There is a rather impressive fusion of well-balanced carpentry to marvel at here, as we nibble on a stomach-filling entre to eat all self-doubts away with.

Better Know Now from New York, USA-based hip-hop artist DK Verano is a top-quality experience to turn up loud and explore with much enticement plastered all over our awestruck eardrums. Smashing our previously weary hearts and giving us a real thunderbolt to sip on happily, this is the type of single to turn up vociferously. Right now.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

PNC-FAM keep it real throughout on their latest heavy Hip hop track, ‘THRU MY EYES’

Following up from their previous single ‘D3MON$‘ from 2020, PNC-FAM show what they have felt and seen in this crazy world that can be rather harsh if you walk the wrong road on ‘THRU MY EYES‘.

PNC-FAM is a Norristown, Pennsylvania-based indie Hip hop outfit who makes that really raw street-filled rap about life as they see it.

Smashing a hole through the door and showing us they mean business after many detours, PNC-FAM guide us through the dog-eat-dog mindset that has kept them alive when others thought they would be gone years ago. With a sturdy style that keeps you locked in if you like hardcore music, this is a reminder that you need to find a true warrior to stand alongside when the going gets rough.

THRU MY EYES‘ from Pennsylvania-based indie Hip hop crew PNC-FAM is a heavy song from a team that has seen what life offers if you are locked behind bars. After seeing who was actually loyal or just pretending to be as they stuck around during the good times, this is a true story which will urge us all to reflect about who we keep company with.

Rapped with vigorous intensity and a pulsating shudder into our souls to learn from – this is a track that shall have you imagining deeply what it’s like to survive the wild streets and come out alive while others are six feet under.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Houston rapper Evvo wonders why they can’t be together on, ‘Y’ (feat. Colegend)

Showing us where the truth is when there is so much confusion in this strange world, Evvo is back with a new street track that has you nodding your head with the catchy beat leading you in the right direction on, ‘Y(feat. Colegend).

Evvo is a Houston, Texas-based indie Hip hop artist who keeps things underground in all of his tracks and blesses the mic with another creative display.

Slicing the competition over with devastating effect, Evvo takes us into a story that is packed with emotion and real talk, that will compel you to take a closer listen as you get the full picture. There is a confident demeanour on offer that has you putting those fresh shades on, to make sure that you look as fly as possible to impress that human who you feel is the right match.

Y(feat. Colegend) from Houston, Texas-based indie Hip hop artist Evvo demands attention with his latest release that is all about wondering why you can’t be with this special human who you feel is perfect for you. Rapped with a mellow style but maintaining a stylish vigour, this is a single to reflect with as your crew support you on your romantic journey.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Atlanta’s Bundy Foxx returns with her latest heavy underground track, ‘Coffin’

Sending us into a world that has her chasing that bag that is enthusiastically calling her name, Bundy Foxx shreds the mic with her new release all about taking what is hers on, ‘Coffin‘.

LA JEFA aka Bundy Foxx is an Atlanta-based Hip hop artist and entrepreneur who makes hardcore tracks that are loaded with streets stories and fierce lyricism.

Bundy uncovered her passion for music when she began writing at the age of 5 years old. Emerging from a background of talent, she has grown incredibly and quite rapidly as a writer ever since.” ~ Bundy Foxx

Coffin‘ from Atlanta-based Hip hop artist Bundy Foxx, shows us a talented woman who is only interested in raising her game. She has grown tired of the small-talkers and is only interested in extending her bank balance to the ceiling. Her raps are straight up with no fluff, as she struts her stuff with confidence and shows us what will happen if anyone tries to bring her down to their undesirable depths. Raw and uncompromising, this is a flow-packed track to be inspired by, as anything is possible if you put your whole soul into your chosen craft.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding His Lane: Minneapolis rapper Barry Denzel knows he is on the way to winning with ‘Lottery’

Produced by the skilled L.A. Justice and released through his loyal label Dynasty Records, Barry Denzel strikes it lucky on the catchy new single all about going for it when you know you are ready with ‘Lottery‘.

Barry Denzel is a Minneapolis-based hip-hop artist with so many high ambitions, he is going to need a massive mansion to fit them all in. He raps with a edgy street-born attitude that has shown him the sewers below, that almost had him suffocated before he dragged himself out.

Growing up in Minneapolis, Barry Denzel was always connected to music. With Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Nelly, and Usher being some of his inspirations, he made the decision to develop his skills as a songwriter, learn how to write complex lyrics, and be able to tell his own truths and stories through his music.” ~ Barry Denzel

He vows never to go back to what was in his life before, as he is only interested in success now and having the true crew with him. The world can change so many souls that you thought were real, and its up to you to see it in their eyes.

This is a supremely skilled lyricist with a vigorous flow that strikes your compelled imagination – his stories are so detailed and rather vivid – each sentence has you rather enthralled as his growing self-awareness to the level he wants to reach, is such a joy to watch.

Lottery‘ from the passionate Minneapolis-based Barry Denzel, is his move to the top of the pack. He looks and sound really hungry, as his mindset has taken him further than many thought possible. It feels like the door has just opened for him to walk in, and if he wants it enough, he will see his fortunes change forever in this fickle world.

If you have that one opportunity to succeed, will you take it or not?

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Check out Origin’s dope freestyle ‘Apple Of My Eye’

One of the great aspects of hip-hop and rap is its ability to mix a street vibe with informed and intelligent lyrics, to play the fool but do so with a knowing wink, subvert the listeners expectations and mix the rough with the smooth. This is exactly why Origin’ works so well. It is a balance of groove driven lyricism and skittering beats, it mixes classicism with modernity, deep thought with throw away comments.

Musically it also confounds in the best of ways, tight clinical beats hold everything together but on it is hung smooth distant jazz saxophones and plaintive piano lines. This is the sound of up town sophistication drifting into the workspace of the struggling bedroom artist, of the self-educated street kid with no money but a ton of ambition. It paints a very real picture of the strange collisions and juxtapositions of the modern city and how music itself is often built of such fascinating interactions.