I’ll Be Outside Soon: Fresh multi-talented Brazilian musician Gregorio enthusiastically drops debut single ‘Say It Loud’

As he sings brightly about the current closed-door time he wishes would end quickly so that he may venture outside again to breathe in that sweetly flavored air of freedom, Gregorio excitedly impresses with his dashing debut track about looking for the bright days again on ‘Say It Loud‘.

Gregorio is a new Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-based indie dance/pop singer-songwriter, trumpet player, keyboardist and guitarist. He makes that positive-spin music that is all about getting the tasty groove going, so that your flame is hot and steamy for a great day.

His lyrics tend to revolve around subjects that are meaningful to him while also being true to others. Even though his main instrument is the guitar, he became adept at many others including drums, bass and keys, allowing him to make his own arrangements for his songs.” – Gregorio

You sense that he is ready for more – as he innocently swirls inside our discontent minds to flip the negative tone around completely – with a skillful smile he swaps out the mood of the cloudy day, and you feel that he has such a positive mindset that is lovely to consume.

Say It Loud‘ from the emerging Brazilian indie dance/pop singer-songwriter Gregorio, is the season-changing single that opens up the door and throws away the key, as he wants to be outside and never to be inside again unless he desires. This is a fun song that shows so much enthralling promise, with a flourishing embrace on our tired hearts.

This is a new name that we need to watch – as he turns time with a stunning effort here that is sure to invoke such delightful memories – of those happy and free times that shall return.

Hear this exciting new single via Spotify and see more on his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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