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Dublin’s Guilherme Cosme drops hauntingly terrifying visuals for, ‘Amber’

With the exploration of trauma and perseverance through this heavy visual experience that is only meant for adults, Guilherme Cosme shows us deeper inside his overflowing mind with his new release and music video for, ‘Amber‘.

Guilherme Cosme is a Brazil-born Dublin, Ireland-based experimental psychedelic singer-songwriter and the lead vocalist of the Irish rock band, Mary Bleeds.

Initially insecure about his abilities, Cosme kept his music to himself until his early 20’s when he found the courage to share it with other musicians. Although all his early work was in his native Portuguese, as a writer he loved the cadence and phonetical textures of English. He moved to Ireland to immerse himself in the language and never looked back.” ~ Guilherme Cosme

Taken from his new album that is set for a release later on in 2022 and is called ‘Persephone and the Ghost Brother‘, Guilherme Cosme opens up the creaking door and bravely shows us inside his dark thoughts that many will recognize. This track is explosive and takes you by surprise at first, as he cannons a story that will open up your eyes and make you ponder everything you thought possible.

He wrote these songs as catharsis while struggling with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. With the new record, Cosme hopes to reach out to those who struggle with similar issues and to raise awareness of the pain and suffering many face in silence.” ~ Guilherme Cosme

Amber‘ from Brazil-born Dublin, Ireland-based experimental psychedelic Avant-garde musician Guilherme Cosme, is a video that will either scare the skin right off your body or lead you in closer. He has created something so rare here that is filled with heartfelt emotion and obvious pain, that needs to be expressed before it breaks him into tiny pieces. Music is his medicine and this is shown brightly here, from an artist who is like none other.

See this new music on YouTube and follow how his music career transpires on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Brazilian pop band New Unity escape the confusion from the current illusion on ‘Words’

As they swim quickly away from the utter perplexity that has engulfed something that was so strong before, New Unity wonders why it had to end this way on the emotional new single about those final ‘Words‘.

New Unity is a Brazil-based indie-pop band that rides against the normal tide and do what they feel is right to get their art out into the world.

We are trying something else, different from what people are used to here.” ~ New Unity

Gliding high to get away from the demanding vibes that threatened to wrap around their priceless soul, New Unity has such calming vocals and a sound that will have you in such a ruminative mood – as you look up into the sky for guidance – on how to handle such a tough situation.

Words‘ from Brazil-based indie-pop act New Unity, is a single that might cause you to pause and think back to when you were in a position where you cared so much but had to escape from something that wasn’t real anymore. The passion is so vivid here from an outfit that performs with sure a caring attitude and shows us that sometimes you have to do what is right for your heart to truly be happy.

Listen in to this new single on YouTube and see more on the IG channel.

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I Need Help: Mtt wonders where he would be without this special soul on debut single ‘Myself’

As he thinks deeply about the past that haunted him before meeting someone who somehow changed his whole mindset, Mtt feels like he can’t live properly without this angel who has saved him from disaster on ‘Myself‘.

Mtt is a Brazil-born, New Zealand-based indie-pop solo singer-songwriter and music producer who uses his fitness regime to sharpen his mind.

I’m currently working on an EP that I want to release in a few months that is going to take my music to a bit of a heavier side.” ~ Mtt

Taking us on a ride that mirrors the emotions of so many who feel like they can only achieve their goals with one particular person who is their guide in life, Mtt leads us into his mind which he hopes can be unlocked by himself soon as he feels so lost when alone.

Myself‘ from Brazil-born, New Zealand-based indie-pop solo artist and music producer Mtt, is a vividly described story about feeling like you are under a spell from someone who helps you become the best version of yourself each time you are around them. Sung with vigorous energy from an artist in a deeply personal story that has him shivering at times, with a nostalgic beat that has you swaying your whole body to this debut track all about trying to comprehend what is actually going on.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more of the energy via IG.

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Nostalgic Vibes: Brazil act The Daily Spreadsheets drop ‘Call It A Day’

After taking us on a trip through the 90’s with the previous single from July 2021 called ‘I Walk Alone‘, The Daily Spreadsheets are back with more exciting adventures on the new track named ‘Call It A Day‘.

The Daily Spreadsheets is the musical alias of 40-something Brazilian indie solo rock singer-songwriter Henrique Neves.

With smoothly toned vocals with that real grit and a funky riff to get you off your cozy seat, this is a tasty release that takes you back to a time which was far more simpler than current days. He has a vibrant style, the energy is high and there is a air of nostalgia here with an honest singer-songwriter who it feels like is at the peak of his powers.

Call It A Day‘ from the Brazilian solo indie rock artist Henrique Neves aka The Daily Spreadsheets, is a feel-good-track made with a glittering edge, filled with that Brit-Rock style from yesteryear and mixed with a modern twist to satisfy our hungry palate. This is a new single to fully immerse into, as he sings with a flourishing style that has you thinking about the oceans of life. A perfect weekend song to play loud after a long week, this is a thoroughly riveting listen.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’ll Be Outside Soon: Fresh multi-talented Brazilian musician Gregorio enthusiastically drops debut single ‘Say It Loud’

As he sings brightly about the current closed-door time he wishes would end quickly so that he may venture outside again to breathe in that sweetly flavored air of freedom, Gregorio excitedly impresses with his dashing debut track about looking for the bright days again on ‘Say It Loud‘.

Gregorio is a new Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-based indie dance/pop singer-songwriter, trumpet player, keyboardist and guitarist. He makes that positive-spin music that is all about getting the tasty groove going, so that your flame is hot and steamy for a great day.

His lyrics tend to revolve around subjects that are meaningful to him while also being true to others. Even though his main instrument is the guitar, he became adept at many others including drums, bass and keys, allowing him to make his own arrangements for his songs.” – Gregorio

You sense that he is ready for more – as he innocently swirls inside our discontent minds to flip the negative tone around completely – with a skillful smile he swaps out the mood of the cloudy day, and you feel that he has such a positive mindset that is lovely to consume.

Say It Loud‘ from the emerging Brazilian indie dance/pop singer-songwriter Gregorio, is the season-changing single that opens up the door and throws away the key, as he wants to be outside and never to be inside again unless he desires. This is a fun song that shows so much enthralling promise, with a flourishing embrace on our tired hearts.

This is a new name that we need to watch – as he turns time with a stunning effort here that is sure to invoke such delightful memories – of those happy and free times that shall return.

Hear this exciting new single via Spotify and see more on his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Find Your Spirit: Brazilian rock act Deepmoon urges us to free ourselves on ‘Save Yourself’

Taken off their latest four-track EP named ‘Dark Glass (One)‘, Deepmoon delve deeply into the real feeling of knowing what needs to happen next on ‘Save Yourself‘.

Deepmoon is a powerfully struck Brazilian four-piece rock band who are highly influenced by British bands from the 80’s. They love to create that heavy sound that strikes hot into your music palate like a warm cup of coffee, as it has you feeling uplifted for the day.

Their mood is so relentless, as they stalk the night and have us on our toes. This is a band that have seen it all before and have been through the highs and lows — their music is thrilling and with so much skillful decisiveness — as they know who they are.

You feel the strong lyrics, exhilarating sound and breathtaking vocals wash all over you like a boiling shower that refreshes your mind, as you see more clearly now and know exactly what to do next.

Save Yourself‘ from the experienced Brazilian four-piece band Deepmoon, is a story that tells us to break away from the normal world and to be at one with yourself, as that is the only way to be truly free. The mind needs to breathe in order to be at your creative peak — which is exactly what you need — to be whoever you want to be.

Stream this terrific new single on Spotify and see more on the IG.

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Garage Rockers AlterModerns impress on debut track ‘Day Off’

This is a strong debut outing from AlterModerns on their brand new rock track Day Off’.

Released off This Could Prove Fatal, this is a psychedelic rock bouncer with powerful energy. They have a terrific vibe and rip through on this 1 minute firestorm. The vocals are fantastic and the guitar smash in, you listen closely and just want to dance around on this one.

For a debut, this is all about doing fun things on your day off. You want to play as work has been hectic. This is that fun song to turn up real loud to wake up the neighbors. The garage rock style is for all to see and this new Brazilian act really strut their stuff on this rocking single.

AlterModerns from Brazil might just be your new alarm call with Day Off’. Putting this on your phone will certainly get you up and that is the beauty here. This is a new band that have just teased us on what they are capable of. Bring it on.

Click here for the Soundcloud link.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

São Paulo’s The Zasters and their pets release excellent wine infused DIY Video ”Meltdown”

Produced, mixed and mastered by Rafa Luna and edited with the help of Jules Altoé, this is the new DIY Music Video from Brazilian indie rockers, The Zasters.

COVID-19 has reached a tipping point and this fantastic song has just expressed the feeling of millions so eloquently. We are all a bit fed up are starting to lose the plot. We feel very numb inside and need wine. Lots of it. I love the realness of the video and you can see the personalities of Brazilian indie rockers The Zasters shining brightly here.

I’m a huge fan of the awesome guitar riffs, solos and energetic drumming throughout. This is an uplifting track with a great vibe that gets the head nodding happily. With singer Juliana Altoé leading the way with her terrific vocals that I can’t stop listening to, ”Meltdown’‘ encapsulates 2020 to a tee.  The DIY video is well made and I like how they have expressed the numb & dumb feelings we are going through as a planet. I’d love to watch The Zasters live and hopefully they are able to tour soon and jam. That is what they do and very well too.

Check out this fantastic DIY Music Video right here on YouTube.

For gig info be sure to head through to Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Brazilian Bass boost by Cardinal’s ”Leviathan”

Barely two months old and based in Belgium, Cardinal are an exciting electronic act that is hot on the scene. Created during COVID-19, they have just released their 4th single called ”Leviathan”. It’s a bass hungry beat with hardly any vocals and pumps out the speakers to satisfying levels.

A real hard house kind of song that would be popular while playing to packed dance floors at 3:30am in the morning, with sweaty revelers during a summer party. This is guaranteed to be played loud and proud.

Cardinal from Belgium drops their 4th single called ”Leviathan” and it’s an eye-popping surge back down memory lane on this one. With Brazilian hard house beats and a trance feel, they have created a sound that is already popular but have added their own twist to proceedings. Being a new act, they have some catching up to do but with the speed of their releases, are making up for lost time.

Stream more of this instrumental right here on their bass boosted YouTube channel so you can fire up your day.

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Karol Conka Announces New Single Release ‘Lala’

We tend to regard pop music as being on one side of the music spectrum – shiny and reletivley new, whilst world music, traditional cultural sounds are at the opposite end. Karol Conka is on a mission to unite the two factions. This Brazilian firebomb effortlessly blends rap, R&B, pop and the traditional sounds of her homeland and the result is spectacular. She became “Karol with a K” at her first high school show and since dropping her debut album Batuk Freak in 2013 has gone on to take the rap world by storm.

And whilst visually she has a striking and memorable outward image with shocking pink hair and an iconic bling style, it is her lyrics that are causing the most attention. Driven to write about self-esteem and female empowerment, Karol shows that there is more to her than the glitz and glamour of her outer projection. But it all starts with the music and LaLa in particular captures her perfectly as she weaves her Brazilian musical heritage through pop beats and sultry dance grooves. Karol Conka, an artist proving that it is possible to be both big and clever.

Facebook / Twitter / Website

Words: Dave Franklin