IDK Releases Psychedelic Alt Rock Track ‘Empty Pits’

IDK’s moniker might stand for “I Don’t Know”, but this talented act sure knows a thing or two about great psychedelic vibes. Their recent single, Empty Pits is a phenomenal indie song with gritty vibes and psychedelic textures that make me think of artists as diverse as The Black Angels or The Flaming Lips, just to mention a few.

“Empty Pits” has a nice vintage feel to it as a single, yet it encompasses a modern vision with a largely eclectic feel.

On “Empty Pits”, IDK set out to find the right balanced compromise between chunky guitar riffing, catchy hooks and great song-writing, with a particular focus on the sound and feel of their performance as a whole.


From psychedelic vibes, to folk and indie rock, IDK showcases a wildly diverse discography, originating from the experimental and innovative mindset of this project

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