I Want You Now: Brisbane RnB artist Pachinko dreams happily of the fascinating ‘Laneway Girl’

As he longingly gazes into the beautifully peaceful forest to hopefully find the mysterious girl who he endlessly seeks, Pachinko passionately looks for her sweet smile in the hazy fog of this strange world that can sneakily hide you away easily on ‘Laneway Girl‘.

Pachinko is a Brisbane-based Australian-Vietnamese indie RnB singer-songwriter, and former hip-hop dancer. He is a rising artist with heaps of easy-to-hear potential, and sings with a crisply clean style which is such a pleasure to witness.

Influenced by the likes of Frank Ocean and The Weeknd, Pachinko explores the notions of the human condition with an affable aura. It was upon graduating high-school where Pachinko took the plunge to start creating Alternative R&B music, transitioning from shower singer to artist.” ~ Pachinko

His cleanly sung voice is such a glorious listen and you find yourself so impressed with his fantastic vocal delivery which serves an ace the whole way though. The passion to find her has consumed his ever-thinking mind, as he wishes she would ignore the small-minded distractions to be with him, where it is safe and calming for the soul.

Laneway Girl‘ from the Australian indie RnB artist Pachinko, has your mind racing with ideas as you wonder where that love of your life is. You worry that they are lost into the cloudy world of falseness that can change even the smartest – as you remember them so vividly and hope you will see their pretty face again – so you may finally have that romantic moment you wish for fondly.

Hear this daydream-filled single on Spotify and see more on his IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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